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Zhe'ning knew that Ouyang Ze wouldn't really hurt his young master, but he couldn't let Leh Zifei be taken away either. With just a glance, all the bodyguards surrounded Ouyang Ze.

Since the road in front was blocked, Ouyang Ze wasn't in a hurry. He just sat on the ground and trembled. leg. Hanging. son. Lang. He then glanced at the bodyguards around him and looked at Zhe'ning.

"Zhe'ning, are you as confused as him? "Mo Leeshen will regret it sooner or later. Aren't you afraid that something might happen to Fei inside? When the time comes, he'll ask you for someone?"

"Young Master Ouyang, please don't make things difficult for us!"

Zhe'ning's face. "If you don't mind, just open your mouth." Kiss, he did not know what would happen in the future. In any case, since he let this ancestor of his in today, he had to sorrowfully wake up tomorrow!

"Hehe …" "Is that so?"

Ouyang Ze lowered his head and looked at his watch. He felt that it was about time. His phone, which had fallen to the ground during the fight, vibrated a few times. A text message came in!

He threw a glance at one of the bodyguards, who immediately picked him up and respectfully passed him the item.

He took it and opened the text message sent by Tan Rui:

Young Master, it's done! It had flown out of the air jurisdiction of State Z and was now over Russia! He would reach his destination in seven hours! In addition, Miss Leh's left eardrum had ruptured, but she insisted on leaving first before treating it.

Seeing the last sentence, Ouyang Ze's lips curved upwards. Life congealing …

Fei, you must be safe and sound! He had to!


Zhe'ning knew that Leh Zifei was rescued after Mo Leeshen woke up.

At this moment, he suddenly realized that regardless of whether Ouyang Ze went to the backyard or not, he would still feel sad!

"Where is he?" These were the first words that Mo Leeshen said when he woke up.

"Young Master Ouyang has already left! We didn't let him get close enough to be jailed... Miss Leh's place. " Zhe'ning almost bit his lips. He clicked his tongue.

"Idiot!" Would he not allow others to do as they pleased? Secretly. to save them? "

Mo Leeshen knew that he was tricked by Ouyang Ze this time. That guy didn't want to get the person from his hands at all, but wanted to hold him back and let someone else save him!

Damn it, I actually fell into his trap!

"CEO, you're right... Miss Leh really didn't care at all? After all, Miss Leh said she was pregnant with you... I'll go to the backyard and make sure that Miss Leh is really saved! "

Mo Leeshen silently pressed down. Under the pressure, Zhe'ning's voice became softer and softer. Finally, he changed the topic and ran away!

Mo Leeshen listened to him. Did he really not care about Leh Zifei anymore?

When he saw that her ears were bleeding, his heart hurt. He just didn't want to admit it. He didn't know how to face it, so he hurriedly left the study!

If she hadn't poisoned his grandfather, perhaps he would have forgiven her! However, there were no 'ifs' in this world. There were only consequences! Mo Leeshen, you can't be soft-hearted! Leh Zifei deserved it!


After evading for a while, Zhe'ning quickly came back from the backyard. He bowed his head and said: "It's a mistake on your part, Young Master, please punish me!"

Mo Leeshen closed his eyes. Depth. He took a deep breath and said, "Forget it, that old fox Ouyang. Even I have to be careful when dealing with him, let alone you!" "What's the situation with Liu Zhiyan …"

Sooner or later, Leh Zifei, this is just the beginning! I will let you know that hiding is useless! You owe my grandpa, so I will repay you little by little …


The passage of time flowed like the passing of time. Many people and matters had unknowingly changed.

In these five years, everything he had experienced was enough to change his outlook on life, his worldview, his values, as well as his beliefs, nature, personality preferences, emotional life, everything!


In FortCollins, an ancient and serene manor in the livable city of M. Waves. Dressed in white. It was cold. Bringing along Leh Zifei, she placed her hands on her hips and wailed incessantly for the girl in front of her. No matter how she coaxed her, it was still a headache for Little Princess, Xiyan, who refused to eat!

"Darling, the reason Mommy named you Xiyan was because she hoped that you would cherish her words like gold and speak wisely. She wanted to say that you were Mommy's darling, but she didn't make you cry all day."

Leh Zifei's heart ached as she looked at her daughter's red and swollen eyes and that hoarse voice of hers.

Five years ago, with the help of Ouyang Ze, she had managed to hide in E Country and temporarily stayed with his political crony. However, the crony had lost the election a few months later, and then there had been a large parade in E Country.

By chance, she helped Linda, the owner of the manor, and they got along really well. Linda invited them, and since she didn't have a good place to stay, she decided to stay and take care of the chain of hotels for Linda in return.

At the same time, Linda, after learning of her situation, used the contacts in her hands to wipe away any traces of her presence in M Country. Every year, she would go back to E Country to review her ears, and Linda would take care of all her worries for her!

She was also fortunate enough to have two children in China, the lively and tearful Eldest Princess, Li Xiyan, and the reserved Young Noble, Li Haoyu!

It was just that because of the incident during the initial stages of pregnancy, although Little Xiyan was born first, she was born into the Xiantian realm. sex. Heart failure, light weight, almost premature death. Although he had meticulously nursed her for so many years, her body still couldn't be compared to other children of the same age, and she also loved to cry. Seeing her crying so fiercely, she was truly afraid!

However, Leh Zifei still felt that her current life was blissfully perfect, even though she was single. Kiss. Mom, even though Little Xiyan needs her to invest too much energy.

If he didn't see the domestic news report that morning, the vice president of the Rong City Chamber of Commerce was suspected of using his position. He could not accept it. If it was bribed and investigated, Leh Zifei felt that she would be able to live a peaceful life here!

Although she was not in the country and had no contact with everything in the country, she still paid attention to her older brother, Zirann, and Mo Leeshen!

Brother became the vice president of the Rong City Chamber of Commerce half a year ago, with a bright future ahead of him. She was a little beauty in the show business. With Ouyang Ze's protection, no one dared to have any ideas about her!

Mo Leeshen, on the other hand, was bravely developing his own career. Day. It was as if Zhongtian had long forgotten the existence of someone like her!

Everything seemed perfect, but this perfection was broken by the news. Leh Zifei knew that this was the devil summoning her. It was time to go back and take on all the so-called crimes that he had forced on her!

Four years ago, he was already so ruthless to the point of not caring about the two children. Now, it would only be even more ruthless!

She had to go back, and at the same time, she couldn't let Mo Leeshen discover the existence of her two children …

Leh Zifei turned her head. It was the adopted daughter of Linda, a sixteen-year-old Bella (Bella), a mysterious elf who looked like a small ghost.

"Oh, look!" MissLi, what did you do to Little Princess? How pitiful you are! "

As she spoke, she picked up the snacks on the table and headed towards Little Xiyan. It was unknown if Little Xiyan was attracted by her or the snacks, but she immediately stopped crying.


Leh Zifei snatched the snacks from Bella's hands and glared viciously at her.

"If you give her more snacks, she will lose her health! Health! "Health!"

She emphasized that the world was vast, and her daughter's health was the heaviest!

This Bella, always going against her, really pisses her off!

"Wa, wa, wa …" It seemed that Little Xiyan was more concerned about snacks. When she saw that her snacks had been robbed, she cried!

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