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CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C6 The Way of Change
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C6 The Way of Change

"One shouldn't be so inflexible, one must be flexible! All roads lead to Rome. If you want Little Princess to not cry, it's actually very simple. If you pay attention, you will find that she just likes the cute and eye-catching packaging of snacks, not really likes to eat this stuff! When you saw me teasing her with snacks, she really ate it. Her eyes were always falling on the cartoon design of the package. "

Bella ignored Leh Zifei's anger and passed another bag of snacks to Little Xiyan like a magic trick. As expected, Little Xiyan stopped crying and hugged the snacks to her chest while giggling!

Leh Zifei was deeply shocked. Her own daughter was not as knowledgeable as a sixteen year old girl!

A single sentence woke the dreamer. All these years, he had been too confused and didn't know how to change his mind!

Since there are some things that cannot be explained, then don't explain them. Learn to put them down, resist them, and balance them!

Find the enemy's weakness, see the weakness behind the enemy's strength, and use it.

This way, he would be able to fight back, and protect everything he cared about!


Mo Leeshen, I won't sit still and wait for death. Since you are already so heartless, even if I am disloyal, so what?


In the afternoon, Linda and Little Haoyu came back. Looking at Little Haoyu's face which resembled Mo Leeshen's, Leh Zifei could not tell what she was feeling.

"I'm going back."

With five simple words, Linda looked at her in surprise. "Have you thought about it? Have you really decided? "

"En!" Leh Zifei nodded. If she didn't go back, her brother would be in trouble. She was the one who got into trouble with Mo Leeshen, so her brother shouldn't have paid for it.

"Alright, I will give you all the help you need. In exchange, help me take care of the hotels and KTV in Hua City. How about it?"

She had to have something to rely on when she returned.

"Alright!" Leh Zifei looked at the beautiful woman in front of her. She was forty years old, but there was not the slightest mark left on her by the passage of time.

"Where to? Yu Country? I want to go too! "

Bella rushed down from the stairs like a fairy. She squatted down and hugged Little Haoyu, smacking him on the face and causing Little Haoyu to roll his cold eyes.

Leh Zifei and Linda couldn't help but laugh. Little Haoyu's personality was too different from his peers. Bella, on the other hand, was treated coldly again and again, and was still full of enthusiasm.

"Dear Linda, I have never been to Yu Country before. Can you let me go with this stupid woman?"

The jubilant Bella always spoke in such a unique manner.


"You can go when you get your diploma!"

Bella was the orphan of a business partner of hers many years ago. She had promised that person that she would be groomed until she was strong enough to take over that person's family business, then she would tell her everything and send her back home.

"Can we discuss it?"

Bella was' unrelenting in her evil intentions', holding onto her last sliver of hope.

Linda shook her head and Bella went upstairs sulkily.

"Bad guy, I'll go with Little Princess, humph ~"

Little Haoyu watched the three of them interact in silence until Bella's figure disappeared from the door of the children's room on the second floor. Little Haoyu watched the three of them interact in silence until Bella's figure disappeared from the door of the children's room.

"Mommy, I want to go back with you!"

His attitude was firm. Everyone thought that he didn't know anything at the age of four, but in reality, that wasn't the case.

"Big sister still has four treatments, she's the closest to you, you stay here with big sister, Mommy will go and settle down first, when big sister's treatments are over, Mommy will come back to pick you up, okay?"

Although she said that, Leh Zifei was clear that she would never let her two children go back and live under Mo Leeshen's demonic claws.

"..." "Mommy's got to do what she says. Liar nose gets longer."

Little Haoyu frowned in confusion.

"Did you see Mommy's nose grow any longer?"

Leh Zifei asked with a smile.

"No, Mommy didn't lie, she didn't lie to Haoyu."

Little Haoyu said seriously.

"My good son, when Mommy isn't around, you have to stay with your sister and listen to your Aunt Linda, okay?"

Leh Zifei's eyes were slightly hot. She thought about everything that would happen once she returned. Goodbye, I don't know when!

Thinking about Mo Leeshen's ruthlessness back then … It could also be that he wouldn't be able to see it again if he made a wrong move!

Linda saw Leh Zifei's pain and silently sighed in her heart. In this world, isn't there anything more heartbreaking than being misunderstood, hated, chased, and even not letting two of your children go?


That night, Leh Zifei and her son slept in the same bed. Under the orange light of the lamp, Leh Zifei watched the two children sleeping peacefully.

The next day, Leh Zifei left before the child woke up, she did not have the courage to face such a heart-wrenching separation.

The children were still so young, and they needed her so much, yet she entrusted them to someone else and returned home alone …

Even though there were servants in the manor, Bella still stayed behind to look after the children and didn't send her there.

At the airport, Linda says goodbye to her:

"MissLi, remember, you don't dare to do anything in the Yu Country. I will always provide you with a safe haven, and even if it is for the sake of your children, you cannot despair, and cannot be extreme!"

"I know, I won't! Thank you, Linda, how lucky I am to be able to make friends like you in this life! "

In order to not expose her whereabouts, Leh Zifei first flew to E Nation, and after checking her ears, she boarded the direct flight to Yu Country.

And her flight from M to E was perfectly wiped out by Linda.

After more than ten hours of flight, the plane landed. Leh Zifei stepped onto this unfamiliar and familiar land that she thought she would never set foot on ever again!

His feet stepped on the firm ground, but his heart was still floating without a trace!


Everything was as she had expected. As soon as she stepped out of the airport, she was stopped.

"Miss Leh, the CEO has been waiting for a long time! "Please!"

"Special Assistant Zening, it's been so long since we last met. You're still as unreasonable as ever!"

With a taunting tone, Leh Zifeiyu stretched out her hand to brush away the hair that was falling to her ears.

"I've been on the plane for more than ten hours, and I'm very tired right now. Why don't you let me have a good rest first?"

"Miss Leh, how long have you been on the plane? The CEO has been waiting for you, so please go ahead!"

Zhe'ning reminded Ye Zichen out of the kindness of his heart. He opened the back door of the car and stooped down slightly to make a gesture of "please".

However, Leh Zifei would not accept his hidden good intentions. She really wanted to return the favor, but when she thought about Leh Zipei's situation, she could only endure it!

Zhe'ning sat in the front seat with the driver at his side. He observed Leh Zifei in the rearview mirror for a long time. Finally, he couldn't hold back his curiosity.

"Miss Leh didn't even bring her luggage, does she not intend to stay in the country for long?"

"You think I came back for a vacation?"

Leh Zifei rolled her eyes at him lazily.

"…" Zhe'ning expressed his confusion.

"Your CEO shouldn't have that kind of patience. Letting me, who harmed his grandfather, make him lose the ruthlessness and cruelty of the only family in this world, and make him live for too long, right?"

This was a sensitive topic and the CEO specifically asked him to install a monitor inside the car. But now that the audio and video was synchronized to the CEO's computer, he better not make the topic serious, even though Leh Zifei's return was a serious matter.

Seeing that Zhe'ning had stopped talking, Leh Zifei couldn't be bothered to speak either.

In five years, many people and things had changed.

She was no longer that chattering crazy woman from back then!

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