CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C7 Ouyang Ze's Fury
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CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C7 Ouyang Ze's Fury
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C7 Ouyang Ze's Fury

After about an hour, the car finally stopped. Leh Zifei got out of the car and frowned.

Here, it was neither Mo Leeshen's company nor his villa, but the wilderness. Looking around, there was a small house about 400 meters to the west. This was the only building she could see!

Was he going to imprison him here and torture him?

"Heh …" Is your CEO bankrupt? The place we live in is so dilapidated! "

Suppressing the unease in her heart, Leh Zifei taunted.

Just when Zhe'ning was about to speak, his phone rang. This special ringtone belonged to the CEO!

"Tell her that if she wants to talk with me, she should come to my villa!"

A cold and suppressed voice tortured Zhe'ning's eardrums and heart. He immediately answered: "Yes, CEO."

When Leh Zifei got off the car, Mo Leeshen couldn't see her video, but the content of the girl talking beside the car entered Mo Leeshen's ears word by word.

For the mouth. A lowly woman, he would never have pitied her. Moreover, this person was his enemy that he loathed and hated!

Zhe'ning looked at Leh Zifei and said, "Miss Leh, the CEO said that you want to talk to him about something, so you should walk to the mansion from here. You... The president doesn't have much patience, so you have to hurry up! "

With that, he signaled the driver to drive and sped up the car, soon disappearing from Leh Zifei's sight.

"F * ck, what the f * ck is this!"

Leh Zifei was angry, but after getting angry, she could do nothing but walk.

Leaving aside the fact that she just returned, she couldn't use her phone card in the country, so she had to get a new one. Even if she could use it, she wouldn't dare to go against Mo Leeshen right now.

She knew that before her brother was fine, she was like a piece of meat on Mo Leeshen's chopping block.

Leh Zifei looked at the sky filled with hatred at her feet, then closed her eyes and opened them again. Her eyes were filled with determination. She took a step at a time, following in the direction that Zhe'ning's car disappeared in, one step at a time …

Mo Leeshen, you can torture my body, but don't even think about destroying my will!


Leh Zifei got off the plane at 5 in the morning and was taken to the wilderness at 6 o'clock and then left. According to Mo Leeshen's budget, he could still walk to the villa before nightfall.

However, even until ten o'clock at night, he still did not see anyone.

This damned woman, she still dared to play tricks with him at this time. Did she really think that he wouldn't dare to do anything to her brother?

Zhe'ning saw that Mo Leeshen's anxiety was caused by a worry that he subconsciously ignored. Thinking back to what Young Master Ouyang said five years ago, the CEO will one day regret hurting Miss Leh, so … Was there a sign?

"Cough cough, CEO, why don't we send someone to look for her. She's a girl after all, it's really dangerous to be here at night …"

"Why are you looking for her? Who knows which corner she's at?" Mo Leeshen's words sounded like he was in a foul mood, causing Zhe'ning to be stunned.

"No need to search. If you want to save Leh Zipei, you can only come here!"

Mo Leeshen also noticed that his first sentence was abnormal. He felt that he must have been infuriated by Leh Zifei.

"Yes sir!" Seeing that the CEO had recovered his usual indifference and coldness for the past five years, Zhe'ning didn't say anything more, but he had a plan in mind.

A rapid ringtone suddenly rang in the quiet study. It was Mo Leeshen's private number. When he saw the screen displaying "Ah Ze", he couldn't help but frown.

Since the incident five years ago, this was the first time he called him on his own accord, and it was even on the day that Leh Zifei came back!

"Mo Leeshen, how do you want me to explain it? You can believe that Fei didn't do those five years ago, and those things have nothing to do with her! For you to treat a woman like this is too despicable and too disappointing! "

Ouyang Ze was furious as he hugged the trembling woman who sealed himself away. He had just returned from a business trip and immediately received a video of Leh Zifei being tied up at an abandoned construction site.

If it wasn't for the fact that Tan Rui found the location quickly through the video, Ouyang Ze's heart would have broken into pieces when he thought about the scene of Leh Zifei being pressed onto the ground by a few tough men when he arrived.

That Young Master Ouyang, as a good brother who's a business partner and hasn't contacted me in five years, you, as a business partner, have made this call to me because of my personal grudge with my ex-wife. You also made me very, very disappointed!

He specifically emphasized the words "ex-wife" and "personal grudge". A hint of coldness flashed across Mo Leeshen's dark eyes, and the temperature in the room instantly dropped by a few degrees.

Damn Leh Zifei, I've really underestimated you. As soon as I came back, I couldn't wait to get this line from Ouyang Ze.

"Personal grudges? Do you really think this is a personal grudge between you and Fei? "Mo Leeshen, don't forget how Fei's father died. Honestly speaking, it was you. The entire Mo family owed Fei. But not only did you not know the debt of gratitude, you still repay the debt of gratitude …"

"..." You sold off the Li estate at a low price, killed off Fei and your children, forced her to stay away from her homeland and roamed around the world. Now, you're forcing her to do the same with your brother, even allowing her to have her innocence ruined on the day she returns. "

"Mo Leeshen, use such a cruel method to treat a guy who is so deep. Do you really have no heart for a woman who loves you? "

Thinking about Leh Zifei's suffering, even someone like Ouyang Ze, who stood in the clouds and had seen the bleakness of the world, could not help but feel his eyes turn red.

He interrogated Mo Leeshen harshly, but Mo Leeshen did not care. The corner of his mouth was curled up in ridicule. On his smiling face, his eyes were filled with coldness:

"Leh Qing'ao's death was an accident. No one wanted to harm him, and no one wanted to take his life! But my grandfather was indeed turned into a vegetable by Leh Zifei's glass of milk. For five years, he has been lying there, without any intuition, so quiet that it made people despair. I will never forget that Leh Zifei gave all of this to him! "Ah Ze, I won't give up on you as a brother just because of your attitude towards Leh Zifei. However, the hatred between her and I isn't something that you can change!"

With that, Mo Leeshen immediately cut off the phone and closed his eyes. He took a few deep breaths and told himself to restrain himself and not be angry. Ah Ze was only fooled by Leh Zifei's simple appearance.

"Go find out what happened to Leh Zifei after you left her." Nobody should even think about what Mo Leeshen has never done before!

"Yes, CEO!" Zhe'ning left quickly!


"You … Hey, fuck! "Eggs!"

Ouyang Ze, who was hung up the phone, angrily threw his phone to the side. His worried and pained gaze fell on Leh Zifei's pale face, which was tightly shut. The little girl had closed herself off, so he had to quickly send her to a therapist.

In Hua City, there was a high-end private psychotherapy center. Ouyang Ze stood outside the treatment room and watched from the window as Leh Zifei slowly walked out from her fear after being guided by a psychologist. He felt a wave of pain in his heart.

Stupid girl, why are you so stupid?

Even if you stay abroad and don't come back, or even if you don't contact me, I will still help your brother. Why did you have to come back and let that man have the chance to hurt you again?

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