CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C8 Okay Let's Go Together
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CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C8 Okay Let's Go Together
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C8 Okay Let's Go Together

Other than travelling, he also had one other thing to do for Leh Zipei.

The Yu Country was one of the most valuable things in the world. The two great political powers of this country. The battle between the Party and Mo Leeshen had never stopped. Mo Leeshen's move against Leh Zipei would definitely offend one of them. As long as he worked together with this side, Leh Zipei would definitely be fine!

The door to the treatment room opened and Leh Zifei walked out. "Ouyang, thank you for saving me. I seem to have been giving you trouble all along!"

Leh Zifei apologized. In these five years, she had never contacted Ouyang Ze. However, when she was in danger, the person who saved her without a care for himself was still him, just like five years ago!

"Fei, there's no need to say such polite words between us. If you really want to thank me, then you should treat yourself better."

Ouyang Ze lovingly stroked her hair. With a gentle tone, a faint smile was raised on his warm face. In his eyes, there was a silent and deep feeling that the current Leh Zifei could not understand.

"I will!" Leh Zifei promised that all these years, life had taught her a lot of truths, and she wouldn't do things that would make her loved ones feel good about her enemies.


"Ouyang, can I trouble you to take me to Mo Leeshen's villa?"

The driver was sent away by Ouyang Ze. Leh Zifei's sudden request made Ouyang Ze frown: "Fei, you don't have to beg him. Let me prove your brother's innocence!"

Ouyang Ze's tone was tough. For the first time in his life, he refused Leh Zifei's request.

"Ouyang, I know you don't want me to face that demon, but there are some things that cannot be resolved completely, and I will be restricted for life. These years I've lived enough; I don't want anyone else around me to do the same!"

She would have to endure all the suffering by herself!

"If necessary, I don't mind encountering him!" As long as you live a peaceful and happy life, I'm willing to give it all!

"But, Ouyang, I don't think this is necessary! The reason I came back this time is to investigate what happened that year clearly. I didn't harm his grandfather, and I don't want to continue bearing the blame for this matter. I want to wash away my brother's grievances myself! "

Leh Zifei tilted her head, serious and determined. She looked directly at Ouyang Ze's warm side profile. Seeing the tight lines on his face, she knew that he was thinking and so she waited silently.

"Alright, I'll go with you." After a long while, Ouyang Ze nodded.

"Ouyang …"

"I know what you're worried about. I won't be involved in your conversation with him, but I want to make sure that you can safely leave!"

Ouyang Ze interrupted her. Five years ago, her body was covered with wounds, and he did not want it to happen again.

"Good!" "We'll go together." The terror from that year was like yesterday. Leh Zifei's heart trembled, she was frightened, moved, and her eyes were slightly hot. Ouyang, thank you for your trust and protection from the beginning to the end!

Being able to have a friend like you in this life is the greatest fortune in my unfortunate life!

"Xiaorann is developing very well now …"

There was still some time before they arrived at Mo Leeshen villa, so Ouyang Ze found a relaxed topic to talk about.


No matter how long the road was, there would always be an end, and no matter how far the distance was, there would always be a time when they would get close!

After about an hour, the car stopped outside the villa. Leh Zifei's heart ached as she looked out the window at the familiar yet unfamiliar building.

Five years later, she was back. She was back to this place that held her sorrow and joy, back to the Mo family villa where her dream began and ended!

Ouyang Ze saw that she was obviously in a daze. He seemed to be hesitating and tentatively said, "If you don't want to …"

"No, I have to face it! Let's go in! "

Leh Zifei tilted her head and looked at him with a smile. In Ouyang Ze's eyes, that smile was definitely the ugliest smile he had ever seen in his entire life.

In the study room, the young butler, Chenxiao, knocked on the door and bowed after he finished his report. "CEO, Miss Leh and Young Master Ouyang are here."

"Tell Leh Zifei to come up alone!" Indeed!

"Yes sir!" Chenxiao went out, and in less than two minutes, Leh Zifei pushed open the door and entered.

The instant she saw Mo Leeshen's dark and cold eyes, Leh Zifei had a feeling that they had been separated from each other for a lifetime. This man, her dream before, was now a nightmare!

"Young Master Mo, I'm already here. Can you let my brother go?"

Leh Zifei went straight to the point and had nothing else to say to him.

"I don't have a good memory. Please give me a hint, Miss Leh. When did I tell you that I let Leh Zipei go and get caught? "Also, when did you promise Miss Leh that when you came here, the so-called 'sparing' would happen?"

He liked to see her in pain and helplessness. That way, he would feel great!

He mocked in a teasing manner. The tone and the deep coldness in her eyes made Leh Zifei's heart go cold and her limbs go cold.

"So that's how it is. I foolishly misunderstood Young Master Mo. Today, I have come to ask Young Master Mo how can I help my brother?"

Facing such a scheming man, Leh Zifei could only belittle herself.

However, Mo Leeshen didn't seem to buy it. He mocked without any emotion:

"Leh Zipei's corruption is clear evidence. Why would Miss Leh think that just because of a request from my heartless ex-wife, I would be above the law and do things that are against the law?"

"You …" Leh Zifei's mind went blank. The words "corrupt" and "heartless" were like sharp swords that pierced her heart. The intense pain made her want to suffocate.

"Miss Leh, if you have something to say, please say it. No need to hold it in. If you hold it too hard, my heart will ache for you."

Mo Leeshen stood up and approached her step by step. Leh Zifei's heart ached as she retreated step by step. In the end, her back was pressed against the hard wall and there was no way out.

In front of his eyes was his well-built chest. She was 165 meters tall, but in front of him, she was still a tiny, strong man. sex. Leh Zifei's aura was familiar and unfamiliar, and she seemed to be in a daze.

"Miss Leh, are you enjoying the aftertaste of our happy times?"

A cold voice rang in his ears, one word at a time, cold and mocking. Leh Zifei snapped out of her shock and subconsciously looked up at him with a panicked expression.

Four eyes met, looking at each other for ten thousand years, the wronged stubbornness in her eyes, the helplessness and confusion, his eyes full of cold hatred, his killing intent overflowing to the heavens!

"Young Master Mo, please behave yourself!" At this moment, Leh Zifei clearly realized that she still held some hope for this man even though she deserved to die. Her heart felt so heavy and painful when she saw the undisguised hatred in his eyes.

Leh Zifei, you're disappointing!

"Miss Leh is so young and beautiful, but to her, it's like a request. I don't think any man... Can you help yourself? "For example, Young Master Ouyang!"

Mo Leeshen leaned close to Leh Zifei's ear and whispered the last two words so softly that only the two of them could hear them.

Zhe'ning lowered his head and pretended that he didn't see anything.

Leh Zifei was stunned by his words. Ouyang was his good brother, how could he?

He looked up at him in surprise, but unexpectedly, the two of them were too close. Their lips met in the next moment without any warning. They touched.

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