CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C9 Ouyang Let's Not Meet Again
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CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C9 Ouyang Let's Not Meet Again
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C9 Ouyang Let's Not Meet Again

For the past five years, the two of them had never been in such close contact with the opposite sex.

Zhe'ning lowered his head and sneaked a peek. From his point of view, it looked like his CEO had forcefully kissed Leh Zifei. Zhe'ning thought silently.

The two stayed like this for a long time. Finally, Leh Zifei came back to her senses first. Somehow, she pushed Mo Leeshen's tall body away and wiped her lips with force, as if there was something dirty that contaminated her lips.

Which man could bear this kind of provocation? Mo Leeshen's slightly moved heart instantly turned cold and his face turned dark.

Zhe'ning released his ice-cold aura without reservation and the room's temperature dropped abruptly. He was afraid that his fish would be affected and wanted to leave, but he didn't dare to do it too obviously. Thus, he slowly made his way to the door.

"Get out!" Mo Leeshen's voice was calm and light, but Zhe'ning was clear that the calmer he was, the more furious the CEO became!

As if he had been granted amnesty, he quickly opened the door and ran away. At the same time, he silently prayed for Leh Zifei in his heart.

The instant the door closed, Leh Zifei clearly felt the danger. Compared to the past, this man's heart was truly at ease. The chest was narrow, but it was only a push. Was there really a need to do that?

Mo Leeshen began to walk towards her step by step. Each step felt like they were stepping on her heart. It was heavy, stinging, and terrifying!

Finally, he reached her, and just as he had done five years ago at the corner of the hospital stairwell, he reached out and grabbed her by the throat, but even harder than he had been five years ago, he just lifted her off the ground and held her in the air, holding her by the hand that held her by the neck.

"Cough, cough …" Cough … "Put …"

Pain! Suffocation!

It felt like he was about to die. Bo Yi. Bo attacked Leh Zifei's brain. Due to the lack of oxygen, she felt dizzy and like she could die at any moment!

Little Xiyan and Little Haoyu's cute, innocent, and delicate faces, along with their older brother Tang's, aged and dejected, flashed through his mind.

No, he couldn't just die like this!

Leh Zifei began to struggle furiously. She couldn't break Mo Leeshen's iron pincer like palm, she could only scratch him for his mission, all these years of pursuing made her love Mo Leeshen deeply in her heart. He hated blood the most, as long as she scratched his skin, he would definitely let go!

"You are truly vicious as always!"

Mo Leeshen let go of his arm in disgust when he saw the skin on her arm being torn off. He watched as Leh Zifei collapsed to the ground, exhausted. She breathed in the fresh air in big gulps. Red, there was a scratch on his neck. His heart had that moment of pity, but it was quickly replaced by a strong hatred!

In this world, there were some people who were unworthy of sympathy. Leh Zifei was one of them!

"No, compared to Young Master Mo, I'm still far off!"

Leh Zifei was ironic. Mo Leeshen never intended to let his brother go. He only lured him here to embarrass himself. Humiliating, she was truly foolish. Just now, she actually held some hope for him!

"Leh Zifei, this is not a foreign country." Leh Zifei, this is not a foreign country.

Mo Leeshen's tone was dark and the blood on his arm dripped to the floor, but he didn't care and took a step towards Leh Zifei.

Leh Zifei struggled to stand up, unwilling to lower her head in front of him.

"Is that so? Young Master Mo, don't forget, Yu Country is a society governed by the law. No one can stand above the law and do things that are against the law and discipline! Therefore, I am not afraid of any threat! "

Leh Zifei returned what he had just said, one word at a time!

"Heh …" Do any of you include your brother, who took bribes and used his power for personal gain? "

Mo Leeshen was indeed a venomous snake. He always stepped on people's sore feet when he spoke.

Leh Zifei's heart sank, but she refused to admit defeat. With a smile, she raised her head and said firmly:

"Of course, my brother is one of my people, but he didn't take any bribes. I will definitely investigate everything and return his innocence. I will make those who framed him pay the price!"

With the separation of the political and commercial forces in the Yu Country, the headquarters of the merchant guild would have full authority over the business world.

As the vice president of the Rong City Chamber of Commerce, her brother naturally made many people jealous, wanting to frame him and take his place.

"Leh Zifei, did you know? If I didn't know about your evilness, I would really admire you. It's a pity that no matter how much you pretend, you are just a useless fool. A lotus! "

Mo Leeshen scoffed.

"Hehe …" Young Master Mo praised me like a flower. Where's the ban! "Thank you."

When someone says something bad about you, you have to listen to them. You don't have to be sulky and hurt your own body because of what others have said!

"Leh Zifei, you're really good!"

Mo Leeshen gritted his teeth and almost couldn't control himself from pinching her neck.

"Isn't it to save your brother? Hand over the recording device, ask Ouyang Ze to leave, take off your pride, and be a completely obedient servant here. From now on, you are not allowed to contact him without my permission. I'll give you 30 seconds to think it over! "

Leh Zifei was shocked. He actually knew that she had brought a recording pen!

"Alright, I agree."

Leh Zifei took out a recording pen from her pocket and handed it to him. This was the first point where the incident happened five years ago. If she wanted to find out the truth about that year, she could only start from here!

His request saved her the thought of finding an excuse to stay, but Ah Ze, I'm sorry, you helped me so much, you truly treated me as a friend, always trusting me, I want to distance myself from you!

In the living room on the ground floor, Ouyang Ze sat on the sofa and frequently glanced at the second floor. In front of him, there were several cups that had been emptied.

Chenxiao and Zhe'ning stood aside in silence. They said that they were afraid of neglecting him, so they waited here for his orders. In fact, they were afraid that he would rush up to the second floor and offend their young master just like back then.

When Leh Zifei's figure appeared in the living room, the two of them let out a sigh of relief.

"Young Master Ouyang and I have something to say, sorry for troubling you."

Leh Zifei looked calmly at Chenxiao and Zhe'ning. The two of them looked at each other and finally did as they were told.

Suddenly, only two people were left in the living room. Leh Zifei's expression was serious and she didn't meet Ouyang Ze's gaze. Ouyang Ze vaguely guessed something from this reaction and impatiently said:

"Fei, I can help you!" "Trust me, okay?"

"Ouyang, I'm sorry!" I think... In the future... "It's better if we don't contact them anymore!"

Leh Zifei's voice was choked with sobs. She raised her head and looked directly into Ouyang Ze's eyes. The pain inside the eyes made her fearful.

How she wished that she was deaf and blind at the moment, unable to hear the merciless words that came out of her mouth, and unable to see Ouyang Ze's pain that was close to despair!

"Fei, why would you rather be forced by him? You don't want me to help you, do you? "Why?"

Ouyang Ze lost control of his emotions and hugged Leh Zifei without saying a word. Entering one's bosom … Inside, he held her tightly, as if the slightest bit of relaxation would cause her to float away from him, never to look back again.

Mo Leeshen stood on the second floor and looked into the living room. The scene of love had a cold taunt on the corner of his mouth, and one could not see the emotions in his black eyes!

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