His Heir/C7 Oh my god, I'm Annie!
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His Heir/C7 Oh my god, I'm Annie!
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C7 Oh my god, I'm Annie!

"Mum! Dad!" I scream, tears streaming down my face. I back up into the wall, my eyes wide with horror. In front of me are two wooden chairs, side by side. Ropes tied to the chair dangle from the side and splatters of blood cover the floor. It stains the carpet, turning it an ugly shade of red. My eyes land back on the chairs and I gag.

The wooden chairs are empty.

My parents have disappeared.

I vision them tied up minutes or hours ago and another sob escapes my mouth. Beside me, Tori begins screaming. Her eyes are wide with shock. A sickening thought runs through my mind and I freeze, grabbing hold of Tori.

"Shut up. Shut up Tori!" I hiss, placing my hand over her mouth. Muffled sounds of protest come from her and I hold my breath as I listen out for any noises.

What if the murderer/kidnapper is still here?

"Tori, please, be quiet." I whisper, my hands trembling. She nods weakly underneath my hand and I slowly take my hand off her mouth, the tears on my face drying up.

"Go stand in the corner and don't move, use this if anyone comes near you." I whisper, handing her the lamp from my parent's dresser. Tori nods, her eyes wide and glazed over with fear. She slowly walks over to the corner of the room, gingerly stepping over the blood stains.

My parents blood.

I inhale deeply and head for Dad's wardrobe, pulling it open. My heart is beating wildly as I begin to search through his belongings. His scent is everywhere, ravelled inside the fabric of his clothes and I want to break down crying again but I don't. I bend down and key in the code, pulling open the door of his safe quickly. I turn my head and listen out carefully but the house remains eerily quiet. My hand wraps around the white cloth containing the metal black object, his gun.

"Only use this if you're in serious danger Ruby! This is not a toy, you'll only use this to protect yourself, do you understand? Once you pull the trigger, there's no going back." Dad says sternly, looking me directly in the eyes.

I close my eyes as I remember the memory, my hands shaking as I grip onto the gun.

"Ruby?" Tori whispers from behind me, her voice trembling. I stand up, clutching the gun more confidently.

"Stay here," I whisper to her, giving her a reassuring look. It doesn't work.

"We should call the police," Tori hisses, clutching onto the lamp like her life depends on it. I shake my head immediately -

"No police."

"What? Why? Are you crazy?" Tori whisper-yells at me and I spin around, holding my finger up to my lips.

"No police Tori! Have you forgotten my grandfather kidnapped Mum and held her hostage before shooting her? The police are just as evil Tori. No police." I say firmly, using my free hand to wipe the tears away from my cheeks. She's the only one who knows the real story. Rumours flew around town about my parents but Tori and I are the only ones who know the truth. Some of it. The truth that my parents were willing to tell us.

Tori nods, silencing as she realises I'm being serious. I can't risk calling the police when I don't know what the hell is going on yet. I clutch onto the gun tightly as I inhale another deep breath, heading for the door.

"Ruby!" Tori whispers, her voice full of panic. I turn around to face her and she looks at me intently, her large green eyes unblinking.

"Please be careful."

I nod grimly at her, repeating my fathers words over and over again in my head.

Always keep a firm grip Ruby. Never underestimate the recoil on a gun Ruby.

"Shit Dad, I need you right now," I mumble, kicking open my parents bedroom door with my foot. My hands are trembling and I force my grip to tighten. I can feel my palms sweating as I hold the gun out in front of me, keeping my back to the wall. I feel like I'm in a horror movie where the monster is going to pop out at me at any moment.

I use my free hand to pull open the bathroom door and it creaks open. I don't dare breathe as I take a step inside, searching the room.

It's completely empty.

I continue to do this for every room in the house, my heart hammering inside my chest. I feel like it's going to explode through at any moment. Once I'm satisfied the entire house is empty, I head back for my parents bedroom. As I swing open the door, Tori squeals, clutching the lamp and charging for me.

"It's me! Tori, it's me!" I scream, dodging out of her way. She immediately freezes, the lamp still in mid air.

"Holy shit, you almost killed me with a friggin' lamp!" I hiss at her, yanking it from her hands. She whirls around, her eyes apologetic.

"I'm so sorry. I panicked, I'm so scared Ruby!"

I drop the lamp and place the gun beside me on the dresser before pulling her into me for a hug. We clutch onto each other tightly. I can feel both of us trembling but as minutes pass, the shakes of our bodies merge together. Our grip on each other never loosens and I begin silently crying again. My tears fall onto her shoulders but I don't make an effort to remove them.

My parents are gone. Possibly dead.

"Oh my god, I'm Annie. I don't have any parents, I'm an orphan," I gasp, my lungs tightening as I struggle to breathe. Tori pulls back, holding me by my shoulders.

"I will adopt you my fucking self. You're not an orphan Ruby, we'll figure this out."

"Like hell we will! We're both sixteen Tori!" I protest, my voice wobbling. At that exact moment, my phone begins ringing. Tori screams in fright and I freeze, feeling my heart lurch inside my mouth.

Bad Boys. Bad Boys. What you gonna do? What you gonna do when we come for you?

On a usual day, I would begin jamming out to my awesome ringtone but not today. I slowly take my phone out from my back pocket, glancing at the screen.

Unknown caller.

"Oh my god." Tori and I say at the exact same time, staring at my phone as if it's a bomb about to diffuse.

"Answer it!" Tori says impatiently. I shake my head, throwing my phone into her hands.

"You answer it!"

She throws it back at me and I groan, pressing the answer button. I put it on loudspeaker, goosebumps covering my body.

"Mum? Dad?" I say quietly, waiting for a voice to answer. Silence falls upon us for a few moments and then I hear it.

"Ruby Melvin. It's a pleasure to finally speak to you."

The voice is low, raspy. My eyes widen and I can feel my hands trembling, threatening to drop my phone any second.

"Who is this? Where are my parents?"

"You have twenty one days Ruby. Twenty one days to track down Tobias Melvin and come find your parents. If you don't, Jake and Emily both die."

My blood runs cold.

"You bastard! I will rip off your balls and make you eat them, you son of a bitch! Give me back my parents!" I scream, chills running through my body. Beside me, Tori is frozen in shock.

"Twenty one days. Once they die, I'm coming for you."

And then the line goes dead and I'm left alone, breathing and crying hysterically whilst Tori tries her best to calm me down.

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