His Lovely Obsession/C10 Chapter 9
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His Lovely Obsession/C10 Chapter 9
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C10 Chapter 9


He is in the bathroom shaving his stubble when he heard her cry for help.

So she is finally awake! He told himself.

He wiped his face with the towel before he rinsed his shaver. He is doing things as if he has all the time in the world. She can scream as loud as as she wants. No one will hear her anyway. She can go hoarse from crying and shouting but he doesn't care. He will have enough time to punish her.

He is looking at his reflection in the mirror. He smirked. After tonight, he will finally get her out of his mind and system.

It was a good thing that he used his big bike to go to work this morning. It was easier and faster for him to get what he needed when he left the bar. He just called his trusted driver half an hour ago to pick it up. He parked it a little far from the bar where Stacey works.

He drove Stacey's car while she was fast asleep at the back.

He didn't expect that kidnapping her is as easy as pie. Abducting is not his thing. His hatred for this woman made him do all these. The gold-digger might be drop-dead gorgeous but she is a very bad female who needs to be punished big time.

Maybe this is also the best way to fight his boredom. Before he saw her, his life was boring as hell. Excitement slowly builds up inside him knowing that finally, he will be able to teach her a lesson that she will never forget. He will punish her and he will enjoy her body. He hasn't felt anything like this for a woman before her. He used to feel just a little sexual excitement enough to have an erection and have his release.

But this Stacey Ledesma is really different. She has been the cause of his sleepless nights and sexual frustrations recently. Her desirable body and very lovely face kept on haunting him. He abhors her but he will take her. He always uses protection so he is not worried of getting any sexually transmitted diseases from her. He has to do this so his life will go back to normal. He will take her out of his system after one rough and hard fuck.

He is in a pair of boxer shorts. He came out of the bathroom to check on her. He leaned his shoulder against the door frame of the bathroom. .He crossed his arms on his bare chest as he looks at her.

She is on the bed. He tied her hands on the bed posts. She has a blindfold on. She is still in her jeans and top...but not for long...

She is trying to free her hands.

"HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!" she screamed again.

His eyes narrowed. He uncrossed his arms then slowly approached the bed.

"SHUT UP! If you don't, I will gag you!" he threatened in a low and rough voice. He has to change the way he sounds because he doesn't want her to recognize him. She then stopped wriggling and screaming when he said that.

"Please untie me. What do you want from me? I want to go home. Please... I beg you.. let me go..." she pleaded.

Something touched his heart when he heard her pleading but he scolded himself. This is not the time to soften to her.

She is a tease, a whore, a high-class prostitute, a kept woman! She deserves to be punished! He told himself.

He stared at her face which is half-covered by the blindfold . His eyes went down her breasts , her legs which are still covered by her jeans down her beautiful feet.

How can a warm-blooded man resists such a temptress? More so, a hot-blooded one like him?

"Please.. untie me... " she begged again. Her voice is trembling.

He came near her. He slowly traced the side of her face with his fingers.

"NO!" she turned her face to the opposite direction.

Stacey had goosebumps when he touched her. She silently prayed that he will free her and let her go home. Her body is slightly shaking from fear.

Nick''s eyes narrowed when he saw how her body trembles. Stacey Ledesma should have been an actress. Her ability to act is amazing. If he didn't know than many men had fucked her, base from her reaction now, he will think that she is untouched. He forced out a light laugh.

He came closer to her then he lifted her top all the way up to her neck.

"NOOO!! !!" she cried .

His eyes darkened with desire when he saw her breasts under her white lacy bra. Their size is perfect. Not too big and not too small. Her skin is creamy and very smooth.

"Please untie me...." she whimpered.

He just continued looking at her as she kept on begging. He is enjoying hearing her beg and he likes seeing her looking so helpless.

Stacey probably felt that she is getting nowhere with him with her cries and pleas so she stopped which made Nick smirked.

He cupped her breasts which are still covered by her bra. They fit his hands perfectly.

"NOOOOO!! Don't touch me!!"

"KEEP QUIET!" he said in his rough voice.

Stacey wriggled her body violently when she felt his hands on her breasts.


He released her then she heard a drawer opened.

"Don't tell me I didn't warn you!" Nick said before he gagged her.

"MMMPPPPPP!!!" she cried.

"If you won't stop, I will also tie your legs! ! I will make sure that they are spread wide apart which will give me easier access to your c*nt!" he said through gritted teeth..

He is really getting pissed.

What he said made Stacey even more afraid. She feels so helpless. Her hands are tied, her eyes are covered with a blindfold and now he gagged her.

Nick released her long light brown hair from its pony tail. He touched it. It's so smooth. He looked at her beautiful lips and his eyes narrowed.

He has another rule when he fucks women...no kissing on the lips. The same rule will apply to this gold digger, no matter how kissable her lips are.

Then he unhooked her bra.


She heard him caught his breath as her tits were exposed to him. She just continued crying silently. The more she can't fight him now. All she could do is cry. She knows that she will be forced and no one will help her. She sobbed.


He felt hornier when he saw her pink nips .She has an amazing pair of tits.

His breathing is becoming more ragged . He unbuttoned her jeans. He heard her cry louder but ignored her. He pulled her pants lower. He doesn't want to rip her clothes because he doesn't want to leave any evidence as much as possible. He will fuck her and no one will know about it.

When he is done with her, he will make sure that she will not tell a soul about what he did to her. Besides who would believe her? Nicholas DerickAlcantara has never raped a woman.

For him, it will not be rape. It's just going to be one hardcore fuck.

She is now only in her white bikini. He felt his dick throbbed. He knelt on the bed. Her body is between his legs. He kneaded her breasts roughly. She hasn't stopped crying but he doesn't give a damn. He wants to taste her nipples.

Just one taste. He told himself as he stares at her tits.

He put her right pink bud in his mouth while his other hand is squeezing her other breast. He nibbled it between his teeth then sucked it hard.

Stacey cried louder and tried to fight him. He is hurting her. He's almost biting her nipple. She can't stop him from what he's doing. He is almost crazy with desire. He had waited too long to fuck her.

He did the same thing with its twin.

DAMN! She tastes so fucking good.Her nipples are made for sucking and nibbling! No wonder a lot of men want her!

That thought made him see red.

"FUCKING HELL!" he cursed which made Stacey more afraid of him.

He is angry at himself. He almost forgot what kind of a woman she is! She is a fucking wench!

Driven by anger, he pulled her bikini. He doesn't care now if he tore it.

He lustfully looked at her sex. It's waxed so he can clearly see it.

Every inch of her is beautiful. He thought.

He badly wants to take the slut now!

He stood up to remove his boxer shorts . He stood up from the bed to go to the drawer to get a rubber this time.

He went back to the bed again. He positioned himself as he spreads her legs.


She sensed that he is ready to do the unthinkable to her. That's when she wriggled harder and tried to scream louder.


She is shaking her head from side to side while she did her best to make a loud cry.

NOOOOO!! OH GOD PLEASE NO!!! She cried to herself..


She tried to close her legs to hide her most private part but as she expected, her abductor can't be stopped. He is very very strong . She felt him forcefully separate her legs again.

Then she screamed her lungs out .

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