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C2 Chapter 1

"Why are you asking me such a stupid question? You are my best friend right? "she asked.

They are in her bedroom. Heather is not in the mood to go out. She is pissed. The car which is a graduation gift of her dad for her chubi ( pronounced as Chew-bee" Another word for "Bitch") half-sister was just delivered.

"Of course I am but haven't you done enough? She hasn't done anything bad to you, you know." Pauline reminded her.

"Stop right there! What did that chubi do to you? You seem to have softened to her! Why are you taking her side?" she asked in an annoyed tone.

"Why not just do something more productive? Like find a part-time job or something. Or just focus on your studies? Excuse me for saying but your grades are not that good. And besides , I am of getting bored on picking on your sister. And what are you so angry about? Your car is way much expensive than hers. Anyway it's a graduation gift so why not just let her have it? Have a little heart this time."

"NO WAY! My dad should never have given her that damn car! It's more than enough that he paid for everything! I won't take this sitting down! This time, I will think of something so she will be in deeper shit! !" Heather said while smirking. ***

"Stacey." Tyler Cordero called her as he entered the office.

She raised her head and she smiled at her boss. She was drawing some designs before he came in.

"Yes sir?" she asked.

If Tyler has his druthers, he would rather have her call him by his first name . He has been wooing his beautiful graphic designer for months now. He had been attracted to her the first time he saw her. Stacey is not just a very pretty face. She is hardworking and really determined. She is also very simple. She has many good qualities which he likes.

"Mr. Enriquez said he is coming. Are your designs ready? " he asked.

She pouted her lips a little which her boss finds alluring. At first, he thought she does that to attract men but he soon discovered that she does that when she's thinking deeply or when she's nervous. He knows that she feels uneasy meeting a new client. By nature, she is a bit timid. He told her that she needs to overcome that. It's a dog eat dog in this business so she should be tougher. He is now glad that though slowly, finally, she seems to be getting out of her shell.

"I think I am ready sir." she said.

"Good. I know I can count on you. After this short meeting, can we have dinner or coffee?" he asked.

Stacey was saved from responding when they heard a knock and Mara, Tyler's secretary came in and announced, "Sir, Mr.Enriquez is here."

A man maybe in his 30's came in. Tyler approached him then shook hands with him.

"Nice to meet you Mr.Enriquez, I am Tyler Cordero. I would like you to meet one of our best graphic designers, Stacey Ledesma." He proudly said.

Stacey is really an asset to their company. She is not only very pretty, she is very talented and skillful too.

The client's eyes lit up when he saw her. She stood up to take the hand offered by him. She tried to hide the disgust she felt as she noticed how their client literally drools over her.

"Call me Jim." The man said as his eyes run over her face down her body.

She is in a simple black top and faded jeans. She tied her long light brown hair in a bun.

She has been trying very hard to tone down her striking features. A lot of people say that she is so lucky to have inherited such good genes. Both her parents are very attractive .But as much as possible, she just wants to look plain. Unfortunately, she isn't succeeding. Other women might feel flattered to always catch men's attention but she isn't. She got tired of men wanting to make a pass at her. She became a little feisty to protect herself. Her mother kept on reminding her that she should be a tough cookie. With her good looks, she might not be able to shoo some men. The worst thing that could happen is her being raped if she doesn't learn how to defend herself. Thank goodness that her boss Tyler is an exception!

Jim still has her hand. She is trying very hard to look unaffected but she really wants to kick his balls in annoyance.

She thought that he won't release her hand but at last, after several seconds, he did.

Tyler cleared his throat. He was about to say something but his phone started ringing.He looked at the caller then looked at Stacey, "I have to get this call. Are you going to be okay?"

She nodded.

With narrowed eyes, he transferred his eyes to Jim.."I'll be back soon. Stacey can show you the designs." he said.

Jim sneered. "Take your time Mr.Cordero."

Tyler looked unsure whether to take the call or not. He seems to be having second thoughts leaving her with the client who seems to want to eat her whole.

"Go sir. I can handle this. I'll be fine." she reassured him. She feels that the call is important.

After a few seconds, he nodded then excused himself .

When her boss left ,"Let's sit down Mr.Enriquez." she told the other man.

"Call me Jim. Mr. Enriquez is too formal."

She ignored what he said and just started showing him her designs. She explained the concepts of each one of them. The whole time that she was talking, the man can't seem to tear his eyes from her. When she looked up she saw him still staring at her. She felt heat came up her face because of anger but she still needs to control herself. She has to remember that he is their client.

"Are these okay sir? You can bring these copies with you if you like so you could show them to your boss." She told him.

He took the folder while his eyes are focused on her face. "Okay. I will show him. We will just call you."

"Okay sir. Thank you. " she was about to stand up but Jim took hold of her hand again. This time, she couldn't help glaring at him and she tried to get her hand back.

He took his time before he released her.

"Can we talk more about this over dinner tonight?" he asked in a little breathy voice.

She looked at him. His height is probably 180 centimeters and he is not bad looking. His body is medium built. He seems to be a respectable man until you get to know him. Looks can be deceiving. He is just like some of the men she had the misfortune to meet before. He is a dickhead. A perv dressed in a business suit.

"I gave you all the details about the designs, sir .So no need to go out to dinner to talk about them again." she said tonelessly.

He smirked, "Maybe you don't want to go out with me because you don't want your boss to get angry and jealous. Are you sleeping with him?"

She swallowed a bad word.

Think of beautiful things Stacey! She told herself as she tries to slowly inhale then exhale.

She always does that when she's about to lose her temper. She made a mistake in judging this man in front of her. He is not just a dickhead. He is vulgar and an asshole.

"I beg your pardon Mr.Enriquez?" her tone is steely.

"You are too gorgeous just to be an ordinary employee. Leave him for me. I can offer you more . I will get you a bigger apartment and a car."

She stood up and slap him. ***

"So where do you want to hang out later, mate?" Asked Billy.

"Up to you." Nick replied without much interest.

"Is anything wrong? You look annoyed about something." Billy commented with furrowed brows.

He stood up. He is in his black business suit. They are in his office while waiting for his assistant. He took two cans of beer from his personal fridge. He tossed one to Billy. He opened his, then took a gulp as he looks down through his office's glass window. He can see vehicles moving slowly. It's almost the rush hour.

"I am getting tired of having and doing the same thing every day." he said.

His friend let out a light laugh. "Are you talking about women throwing themselves at you?"

"They are all alike." He said with disgust.

Billy stood up to come near him. "Who can blame them? You have everything. Good-looks and money. You can have anyone you want. That could really get boring though. "

He just shook his head from left to right before he laughed bitterly.

"I bet that if you are not Nicholas Derick Alcantara and you are not that hot and rich, they won't even throw you a second glance. I hope you won't get offended but let's face it, women find you irresistible because of all that. You don't really know who like you for you minus all those." Billy said seriously as he looks at him then the inside of his big office.

No one spoke after his friend said that. He is thinking that he will do anything to find that someone who will want and love him. Not only his name, his plethora of money and good looks.

Both of them turned their head at the door when a very pissed Jim came in.

"Whoaa! You look like you have been slapped flat, mate!" Billy told Nick's assistant who is also their friend.

"Been turned down again?" he asked with a dry tone.

Jim handed him the folder from Stacey. He has a scowl on his face.

"The designs from Con Ad." He said before going to the fridge to get a beer.

He skimmed through the designs and Billy checked them too.

"Wow! These are good." The latter commented.

"Yes, I have to agree. They are not bad. To think that the woman who made them is playing hard to get." Jim said as he sat on the couch.

"What do you mean?" Nick asked with a slight frown.

" I am sure that her boss is screwing her and she is game so I tried my luck and asked her out. I was stunned when she slapped me. Maybe the apartment and car I offered aren't good enough for her." He said with a sneer.

"Hmm.. hard to get but a slut? Now I am really curious. What's her name? I want to google her!" Billy said as he went to where Nick's laptop is.

"Stacey Ledesma. She is one of the graphic designers of Con Ad." Jim said before finishing his beer.

"Why do you let a whore affect you that way? I really don't get it why you like fucking sluts! ." Nick looked at him disapprovingly.

He has to admit that the designs are good but he doesn't feel like working with a woman like that Stacey Ledesma. There is a big chance that if he hires her, she might throw herself at him. He has no time for gold diggers like that woman.

"Dang man!" Billy whistled.

Jim threw his can on the bin then stood up to go near Billy.

"Yup! That's her." He nodded as he looks at Stacey's photo.

"Mate!" Billy called Nick before he got the laptop to show him. "Check her out! She's really a knockout!"

Nick looked away from the designs then looked at the monitor.

Stacey's very pretty face is on the screen.

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