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C4 Chapter 3

GOSH! Men's magazine model? What did I put myself into? Stacey asked herself.

She knows that she is in big trouble. She just wished that she can get out of this mess her sister created for her.

"Didn't your younger daughter tell you Mrs.Williams? My model had seen her in some parties and events so I am sure that she knows that Andrea is a men's magazine model. " Bella said.

Her mother shook her head from side to side. " She didn't." Stacey almost sneered. "Why am I not surprised, Ma?"

Her sister is really too much. She can't count any more how many troubles she had been because of Heather. But this is the worst so far.

She heaved a sigh and turned to the talent manager. "What if I'll say no?" she asked.

Bella sighed too. I'm sorry Stacey. If you won't do it, your sister has to face the consequences. We have no time to find a replacement. In two days, the magazine will publish its edition for this month. Don't worry, I already found ways to take care of Andrea's other commitments. But you have to be at the pictorial tomorrow afternoon then the interview after that. If you do both, we will just forget what happened to Andrea."

"What kind of pictorial?" her mother asked.

"Calendar girl for the month of June." Bella said which made Stacey gasped.

"Wait Stacey! It's not what you think! Have you heard of Not Eye Candy Magazine? It's not a cheap men's magazine. Most of the women who pose for it are not even professional models . The concept of the magazine is to feature women from all walks of life. From ordinary females to celebrities. Flight attendants, college students, office employees and even actresses who want to be famous. Being featured in the Not Eye Candy gives them the chance to be well-known. It's a stepping stone." Explained Bella.

Stacey knows the magazine. She saw Tyler once skimming through it. He hid it when he saw her enter his office.

She agrees that it's not an ordinary and cheap magazine because they don't sell them in bookstores or magazine stands. Men should be subscribers of the publishing company. The magazine is sent by mail. It is a bit costly too. But it's still a men's magazine.

"After the pictorial is the interview. No worries. You won't be naked in the photo shoot. You will be in a lingerie. It's not that revealing. " Bella said as if to console her. ***

"Heather!" Stacey called her half-sister as she knocks on her door.

"Sweetheart, let me talk to her. " their mother said maybe because she knows that she is pissed.

She doesn't easily get angry but this time, she is ready to explode.

"Ma, please. Just let me do this." She said in a chilly tone.

She was about to knock again when she heard their house help.

"Mrs.Williams! Here's Miss Heather's water and medicine. She said she is not feeling well. "

Her mother looked tensed.

"Huh? What happened to her?" she asked Amy before turning to do the door again and knocked. "Heather? Sweetheart? Please open up! I have your medicine here." Her voice sounds really worried.

Stacey shook her head from side to side. Her sister is really good in orchestrating situations. There is no way she can be able to talk to her now..

Besides, whether she likes it or not, she has to attend the pictorial tomorrow. ***


"Mate! Look! My ex is with her friends!" Billy told him as he looks at the three women who just got in.

They are in a bar. Billy was finally able to convince him to go. Actually, if not for his prospective client whom he is supposed to meet tonight, he really is not in the mood to socialize.

"I'm not interested Billy." he just said while drinking whiskey sour.

"Come on Nick! Just take a look! One of them seems biracial! The one with the dark brown hair! Very pretty! Nice body! Wow! Where the hell is Jim anyway? He will surely wants to mingle with these females!"

He threw a glance at the group of women his friend is talking about. The two of them have black hair. The one in a black slinky short dress is the prettiest. She is probably the one Billy thinks is of biracial but he is not interested. She is obviously checking him out by the way she stares at him. He just sighed heavily and turned his head the other way. ***

"You really rock girl! How on earth were you able to go out of your house after pretending to be sick? You are not only a pretty face! You are so smart too!" Pauline giggled.

Heather just beamed. She is a bit tipsy already. They came from another bar before coming to this one. She wants to celebrate because she was able to manipulate everything again. Her mother, as usual believed her drama. Her half-sister will do the pictorial tomorrow. Everything is going according to her plan,

" You know that I want to be here so much." She said huskily as she stares at the hottest male in the bar.

"Of course I know. The most eligible bachelors of the city are present tonight." Rica winked at her.

"You are just so lucky that the hottest is with them. Nick Alcantara! I bet he is even more sizzling up close!" Pauline whispered while feeling giddy.

"Rica. " Heather touched her other friend's hand. " Billy is your ex, right? Why not ask him to hook me up with Nick? Let's go. I want to meet him." She said while walking towards the men.

"Heather!" Rica called but Heather didn't even turn her head, She doesn't want to talk to Billy but she has no choice now. Stacey's sister really wants to meet Nick and they know no one can stop her. Heather saw Nick once but only in a picture. It was one of her ex's friends' birthday. They were still together that time. Someone took their photo with Nick. The latter is elusive which made him even more attractive to women aside from his very hot good-looks and tons of money. Not to mention his well-known and respected family.

This is indeed an opportunity that their friend won't miss.


"Mate! I think we will be laid tonight!" Billy told him.

He frowned. The three women are coming to their table. The one in black is ahead of the two. He just threw them a glance then went back checking his phone. He frowned. His client texted saying that he might not be able to come because of a family emergency. He cursed under his breath.

"Billy!" Rica called.

The two kissed each other's cheeks.

"Hi! Nice to see you here!" Billy said as he looks at Pauline and Heather.

"My friend here wants to meet Nick." Rica said directly.

Before Billy was able to speak, Heather sat next to Nick.

"Hello. I'm Heather." she introduced herself and offered her hand.

He frowned but shook hands with her. "I'm Nick."

"Hello Nick. This is Pauline." Rica told him and he just nodded at the other woman then put some whiskey in his glass.

Billy's ex- girlfriend and the one called Pauline sat on the chairs opposite him. Heather is sitting next to him.

"May I have some?" She eyed his glass. Her eyes are seductive. She is deliberately flirting with him. He has a feeling that she is a bit drunk.

He just shrugged his shoulders. He passed her the glass with whiskey.

He didn't see Billy smirked. His friend feels that he is bored and he is thinking that Heather can cheer him up. He wants to give them time alone.

"Girls let's dance." Billy took hold of Rica's hand and nodded at Pauline.

The two girls eyed Heather. She smiled at them as if saying that they should go so she can have Nick for herself.

He is busy tapping on his phone so he is not even aware of what's happening.

Heather did everything to seduce him but he is not really interested. She got annoyed because no matter how hard she tried, she is not getting anywhere with him. Even when he rubbed her tits against his right arm, she still got no reaction from him. That made her drink more than she should.

Billy and Heather's friends never came back to their table and he has a feeling that they left them alone deliberately. So he had no choice but to take her home. She is roaring drunk and could hardly walk.

"Damn!" he cursed when he had to almost carry her to his car. He called Billy. He is still with the two women but in another bar. He got Heather's address from Rica. ***

Stacey can't sleep. Amy told her that Heather snucked out of the house. By hook or by crook, she will make her talk to her tonight. She is in their garden to make sure that she won't get away from her this time. She heard a car stopped in front of their house . She stood up to open the gate.

"Women!" Nick sighed as he looks at Heather who is sleeping in his car.

He needs to ring the doorbell and carry her into the house. He has a grim expression on his handsome face. With one last exasperated sigh, he got out of the vehicle.

He stopped in his tracks when a stunning woman in a white sleeveless shirt and light pink satin pants came out of the gate. He blinked twice. She has long light brown hair. She looks so hot in her top because it emphasizes her curvaceous body. She is very attractive.

Stacey opened the gate. She was stunned.

A man got off the black car. He must be over 6 feet tall. He is wearing a light gray shirt with long sleeves and black pants. He is extremely good-looking. He has an overflowing sex-appeal which can make any woman stop and stare.

They are both looking at each other.

Then something dawned on Nick. He had seen this woman somewhere. He cursed.

She is the gold digger from Con Ad, Stacey Ledesma.

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