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C5 Chapter 4

Gosh! He is so sexually hot! But he seems to be angry with me. I wonder why? Stacey thought. She pouted her lips a little.

He looks like a model because he is so attractive. He has a stubble which some women (including her) find very hot. He seems to be a snob but strangely, that added to his appeal. And the way he carries himself shows that he definitely comes from the upper social class.


When he saw her pout her lips, he narrowed his eyes. Seems that she really knows how to make herself more alluring than she already is. He is not surprised if she is her boss' lover and maybe some rich dirty old men's too. He is pretty sure that she enjoys using her beautiful face and body to manipulate men. If he didn't know what type of a woman she is, he will definitely want to bed her. She looks like a barbie doll. She has an almost perfect body and her face exudes more than beauty. Beautiful is a subtle word to describe her . She is oozing with sex appeal and he is positive that she knows it.

"Are you with Heather?" she asked in a sweet but worried voice.

His lips formed a thin line. Even her voice is so fucking sexy. She seems to have everything.

What does this woman lack?

He almost sneered when he remembered something. Of course.. this woman has no moral. She has no scruples in getting rich men.

"Are you sisters?" he asked curiously.

Although both women are very pretty and have smooth and fair skin, they don't really resemble each other aside from the color of their hair which is light auburn. These days it's so common to have hair dye so he isn't even sure if their hair color is natural . But he has to admit that the gold digger is lovelier than Heather.

She moistened her lower lip with the pink tip of her tongue which made him shook his head slightly. He felt his member reacted.

Damn! She is a natural seductress! I need to control my body's reaction. She lures men for money for Pete's sake! He told himself.

"We're half-sisters." She replied as she walks nearer his car. She tried to look through the car's window but since it's heavily tinted, she can't see anything inside.

She smells so fucking delicious! He thought when her lovely scent filled his nostrils.

"Is she okay?" she asked after turning to him.


She almost caught her breath when he saw his face closely. She realized that he looks even hotter up close. He seems to be inhaling her scent. She almost smiled. Who wouldn't feel giddy discovering that this very good-looking man likes how she smells?

So he likes Midnight Heat by Beyonce..hmm..She thought.

"She's still in one piece!" Nick hissed .

This woman is a man-eater! Don't be taken by her scent and good looks! Nick angrily told himself.

He can't even find the words to describe how gorgeous Stacey looks this near. He is into beautiful women and unfortunately, though he thinks that she is a gold digger, he finds her really enchanting.

She felt a little hurt with the way he answered her. He sounded irritated with her. She can't understand why he seems to be angry at her. She can't even remember meeting him before. If she did, she is sure that she will never forget such a man easily.

He opened the car and got Heather who is sleeping on the passenger seat.

" Why are you just standing there? Lead me the way to her room! She's not light!" he told her harshly when he straightened while carrying her sister bridal style.

His tone made her feel stupid so she uttered, "I'm sorry. Let's go this way." before walking before them.


Of course he doesn't find Heather heavy. She is light as a feather. He just doesn't like to be near the gold digger. He's just a man with healthy sexual appetite and his body reacts naturally when a pretty female is around. But even if she is one of the loveliest woman he has ever seen, he doesn't want anything to do with her. He abhors women who have sex for money.

The garage is spacious. There are three cars parked inside it. The house is modern and the inside is quite large too . He thought that Stacey is probably a kept woman of a very rich man or a politician. The house is too big for a middle-class family. He grew more and more disgusted with her.

They went to the second floor. Stacey opened the door near the stairs.

"This is her room." she said.

He walked to the bed and put Heather down He saw her staring at his back when he turned around .

She hurriedly gazed down when she realized that he caught her looking at him.

"Thank you fro bringing my sister home Mr....?"

He ignored her. He just walked past her to go out of the room. ***

Bella telephoned early in the morning. She said that the call time is moved to an earlier time because according to her , the editor panicked after learning that Andrea is not the model. He wants to finish the pictorial as fast as they could.

Before 8 AM, Stacey was already at the studio. Her half sister was still asleep when she left so she didn't have a chance to talk to her like she planned. Amy, their help, accompanied her to the pictorial to help her with her stuff. She went in the dressing room. Her eyes widened when she saw what she is supposed to wear for the shoot. It's a two piece lacy black underwear. It's very sexy but she sighed in relief that at least her most private parts will be covered. As they say, be thankful for small mercies.

During the whole pictorial, she set her mind to think about beautiful things. She just imagined that it's just her and the photographer inside the studio so she will feel less conscious. Aside from the photographer and Bella, there are two women and two men in the studio. One of the men is in charge of the lights and the other one, with the props. The female in black top and jeans is the wardrobe assistant. The one in white is the make-up artist. The room is chilly and with her scanty wear, she is starting to feel a little cold. She was given a fifteen minute break before the interview. Bella brought her a small bowl of veggie salad and bottled water.

"Wow Stacey! Your shots are really good! You are great! To think that you only had a 30 minute briefing and tutorial! How did you do that?! " the talent manager asked. I just told myself that I have to do it well so it will be done soon." she said before forking some of the salad.

"Very good! That actually worked! By the way, during the interview, you should sound husky and seductive, okay? And remember, from the start until the end, you should act and speak sensually. The interviewer will ask some naughty questions. Be ready to answer them .No holds barred! Here are the questions " Bella handed her a piece of paper. " Practice answering them while I talk to one of the editors and big cheese of Spice Up publishing company. They are the publisher of Not Eye Candy Magazine." Bella said before going out from the dressing room.

Stacey pouted her lips when she saw some of the questions.

When did you lose your virginity?

How many boyfriends have you had?

Do you sleep naked?

Are you into oral sex?

She massaged her temple. Gosh! How will I answer these questions? She asked herself. (Nick)

"Mate! Where are you? Hurry up! The interview will start in a few minutes."

"I am on my way up. This should be really worth my time. I had to cancel my last meeting for this! " he said while sounding slightly irritated.

Billy called him and he said that he has a surprise for him. His friend's brother is the editor of a publishing company which is owned by Billy's family.

He is not a subscriber of Not Eye Candy Magazine but since he and Billy are best friends, monthly, he gives him the latest issue. Most of the time, he just gives them to his older brother because he is not that interested. Why look at women's sexy photos while jerking off when he can have any woman he wants?

Billy is not directly involved in their business but he always comes here from time to time to checkout the models. In the past, he tried to hook him up with some of their prettiest models but he said no. He prefers career women like flight attendants, writers, nurses. He had also bedded a female gym instructor, a teacher and even a university student. He is fussy when it comes to women he fucks. He doesn't want women with a lot of sex experience. Most of the models he knows have a lot of men. Ain't his thing. He never had the same woman twice. He has a rule.. one woman, one f*ck. He just got out of the lift when Billy came up to him.

"Mate! In here! ! " He called him excitedly.

They went inside an average size studio. There are few people inside.

They positioned themselves in the dim side of the room. All the lights are directed to a small stage. There are two chairs which are across from each other.

"What's this?" Nick asked with a light frown.

"Miss June's interview!"

"DAMN IT! I came all the way here for that?" he rasped.

"Cool it mate! This is not an ordinary interview! I was also surprised this morning! I heard that the model is not Andrea!" Billy said with a smirk.

"The hell I care! I don't want to waste my time for this!" he angrily said before turning around to leave.

"Wait mate!" Billy tried to stop him from getting out but he didn't even look back at him. He continued walking out.

"Stacey Ledesma is the new model!"

He halted and his back straightened with what his friend said and cursed under his breath.

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