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C8 Chapter 7


He is pissed with what he saw last night. That woman is a high-class prostitute. She has too many men around her and the one she was with last night probably is her real boyfriend or maybe her pimp.

What he can't understand about himself is, he doesn't like her kind but he can't take his mind off her.

She is a witch! She cast a fucking spell on me.! He told himself.

He can still remember vividly her sexy as hell face and body. Even her scent is intoxicating.He has to admit that he lusts after her though he despises her type. He can feel his dick reacting just by thinking about the gold digger.

Just one fuck..I will get her out of my system if I fuck her once.

He stood up then dialed his phone to talk to his secretary. He ordered her to get the gold digger's number so they can contact her. He will offer her a job.

"Sir, I talked to the secretary of Con Ad. She said that she can't disclose information about Miss Ledesma."

He cursed under his breath.

Stacey's former boss is protecting her maybe because he still fucks her. Now he has no choice but to personally see her. He knows where she lives.

But will he do something like that just to see a whore?

He angrily stood up and uttered a bad word as he rakes his hand through his hair.


"Miss Pretty.." Amy tried to wake her up.

She slowly opened her eyes.

"Amy..? What time is it? " She asked her before slowly sitting up on the bed. She has a slight headache.

" It is late Miss Pretty! Rise and shine! Your mom said to wake you up! Sir Tyler is waiting for you!" The help said giddily as she opens the shutter.

She covered her eyes when the sunshine entered her room. "Tyler? What is he doing here?" she asked as if to herself.

" Yes! Your tall and handsome boss! Your employer who has been wooing you forever and I can't really understand why you haven't said yes to yet! What is it about him that you don't like? He is very good-looking, he is financially stable and he seems so besotted with you! If I were in your shoes, I will give him my heart and my sexy body straight away! " Amy commented as she hugs the curtains and sways her body from side to side while her eyes twinkle.

"AMY! Mom wants you! We don't pay you for doing nothing!" came Heather's angry voice.

"Peter Piper fucked the pepper!" Amy blurted out and Stacey just sighed. Their housemaid always overreacts and she says unimaginable, vulgar although often funny words when she is shocked or really surprised.

"Coming-coming!" she said while hurrying out of her room.

Stacey ignored her half-sister and got out of her bed to go to the bathroom.

" Why did you quit your job?! Isn't it enough that my dad sent you to the university and now you still expect him to support you financially now that you quit working?" Heather sarcastically asked.

She stopped walking and looked at her bitchy sister with eyes like daggers.

"Do you think that I will still have a normal job right after the thing I did for you?" She asked while she is trying very hard to control her anger.

Heather put her hands on either side of her waist and looked at her from head to foot. " You are so meladromatic! It was just a lingerie photo and not a porn video for crying out loud! " She said with a snort.

"Just a lingerie photo shoot?Maybe for you it was nothing! It's a pity that your college is so strict.. you could have done it easily. No sweat for you because you have no inhibitions in taking your clothes off anway " she jibed.

"And what the fuck do you mean by that, you chubi (bitch)!" her sister asked angrily.

"Figure it out.And FYI, I am not a bitch. Maybe you are cause you speak and act like one. Close the door when you leave." She said in a cool voice.

"I am not done talking to you!" Heather shrilled.

"That's not my problem." she retorted as she closed her bathroom's door. She will not let Heather grind her down from now on.


"Stacey." Tyler stood up and handed her a small box.

"Hi. Let's sit." she said as she got the box from him. "What's this? And why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

"It's a little something. I hope you like it .And to answer your other question , I will meet a client for lunch but I decided to see you first. I miss you Stacey. I got used to seeing you almost every morning." he said.

She didn't comment on what he said instead, he opened the box and saw a gold Pandora bracelet.

She closed the box again. "Tyler, I can't accept this.This is not just a little something. Please take it back" She handed the box again to him.

"No. I want you to have it. You see the charm? That's my heart."he said with a grin. "I want you to have it. Please accept it."

She shood her head from side to side."I really can't."

Then came silence. They are just looking at each other's eyes. She did her best to hold his stare.

"Now that you are no longer working for me, I hope that you will consider being my girlfriend. I will make you happy Stacey." he said sincerely.

She pouted her lips .

Tyler is a good man and many women would want him for a boyfriend but she doesn't have any romantic feelings for him.

She sighed.

There's nothing not to like about him so maybe it's worth a try.

"Okay. I will think about it."

He flashed a smile. "Thank you.Can we go out tonight?" he asked.

She shook her head from left to right."I can't. I have to go to work.

He frowned. "What work?"

"I will be the vocalist of Eve's band. We'll sing at the bar where she is a co-owner of her cousin."

His eyes twinkled and he let out a smile. "Can I watch?" he asked and she just smiled back.



He is on his way home. He's still annoyed with himself. He has been thinking about the gold digger.

"Mate! You won't believe this! Am I lucky or what? Or maybe it means something..."Billy said to him.

"What?!" he asked in an unfriendly tone.

"We are here at a bar near the one we went to last night. They have a great band. And do you know who the vocalist is?" his friend asked with a light laugh.

"Who?'" he asked sounding not quite interested.

"Miss June of Not Eye Candy Magazine! Get your ass here mate! They wil start performing in a few minutes!"

He cursed under his breath.


Stacey was doing some finishing touches with her eye-make up when Eve got inside the dressing room.

"Girlfriend! There are a lot of people out there! I guess other customers heard about you by word of mouth!" her friend said with a beam.

She put down her eye brush on the table. "I am having butterflies in my stomach again." She murmured as she looks at Eve through the mirror.

The latter sat down next to her to check her own make-up.

" Relax! You'll be fine! You have to train yourself to act on stage. Once you get there, think of yourself as a different person. This is all just a performance. You are the sultry diva and your number tonight is sexier! I think Tyler will be more in love with you after watching you! "

"What? Is he really out there? I thought he was just joking!" she said with her eyes wide.

"Yup! He reserved a table in front. Gosh girlfriend! He is so into you! Say yes to him! He's a good catch!"

She was about to retort but Blake came in.

"It's time beautifu ladies!" he announced with a grin. He whistled when he saw her.


The bar is a little dim which made Stacey less nervous. She inhaled then exhaled deeply before she stepped on the stage. She can't see the audience clearly because the spotlight is on her. She is wearing a leather mini-skirt and a sleeveless black slinky tube top .She has knee high boots on. Her hair is cascading on her back and her make-up is heavier than usual. She looks so sinfully hot.

She started singing the slow version of Crazy in Love by Beyonce. Her body sways with the sensual beat of the song. The song is perfect for her husky and sexy voice. As she performs, she is imagining that she is jus in her shower so she can sing her heart out. She is not even aware that the audience is mesmerized with her very alluring dancing while singing.


If the other male audience are following every movement of her beautiful body, his eyes are focused on Stacey's very lovely face. He doesn't want to look at her body or the other men in the bar. He knows he has no right but at this very moment, he wants to drag her off the stage and punish her for seducing every male who is watching her hypnotic performance.

"FUCKING HELL!" he cursed inside his head.

He is furious with her but he can't deny the fact that his desire for her is escalating.

She is bewitching.

He doesn't give a damn now if she is fucking other men or if she is a gold digger.

He has to take her out of his system and he wants to punish her big time...

He will do it tonight...

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