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They have arrived before me. I came out of my car and handed the keys to valet, he parked my car, and I move inside the club towards the vip section.

Leo and trevor and some of our other alliance were there, waiting for my arrival, as I entered they greet me with respect and I nod simply.

I set on the couch, and a waiter served me a drink, while having a drink I looked around the club for my bed warmer. I look towards the bar section and there was a hot and sexy girl, wearing a short knee length red dress, having a deep V neck and almost backless. She looked up at me, and wink at me as she too had a shot in her hand.

I smirked and winked back. Leo was talking about something related to a deal, so I didn’t notice when that slut from the bar came set on my lap, while tracing her finger’s tip on my rough face.

“Hey handsome” she started..

I just look at her face and focused on my drink.

She started kissing my neck aggressively, she thought I am not giving her enough attention. I know these sluts very well, they just need a good fuck with some cash..

I am not a big fan of someone touching me, so when she started to kiss on my neck, I hold her from the back of her head and spoke angrily “don’t you dare touch me you whore”…

She whimper but controlled her pain and kneel infront of me, and started to undo my pant and belt for giving me a blowjob.

I would have turn on by now, if only this slut didn’t touch me. But now she has to make me hard, she pull my junior from my pants and stared at it like ‘what the fuck is this,how he is not hard’. She run her hands up and down my junior and it respond but in a slow pace.

While, this slut was enjoying my dick I look around the club and found a dismal in distress clad in a fucking night dress with a cardigan, she was looking around in a worried way ‘maybe for her bastard boyfriend’ I don’t know. But her innocent eyes and purity radiating from her attract me instantly, as nowadays it is so rare to found such beauty with purity. Her innocence made me hard unexpectedly, and I feel a warm sensation on my dick. I looked down and found that whore now sucking me off.

When I looked up again that beauty was not there anymore, so I grab this slut’s hair in a fist started to fuck her mouth hardly, she was having a hard time in breathing. But did I care, nah this whore came by herself, so now I am just enjoying myself, and giving her what she wanted my dick.

I was fucking her mouth hardly and she was whimpering, while taping my thigh to let her go. But I continued, and suddenly my dick twitched and I came hard on her face.

I stood up, and motioned her to follow me. She comes toward me and I brought her in my room, here in this club. Whenever I feel stress and frustrated, I came here to release my stress.

I moved towards the couch and settled down,and motioned her towards the bed.

“strip” I ordered

She shivered but obey… and started undoing her dress.

I poured some wine in my glass, while looking at her. She was wearing a black bra and lace panties, ahhhh,so sluts knows how to please a man.

I stared at her emotionlessly and spoke “lay down on the bed on your stomach, butts in the air,hands behind your back together”.

She did, as I told her and waited for me to please her slutty body. While having my drink, I noticed her pussy, it was glistening by the position, I made her lay on the bed.

I stood up from the couch and move towards the bed, and started unbuttoning my shirt. I completely removed my shirt and move forward to grab a condom from the drawer and also a silk cloth. I tied her hands with the cloth, behind her back and spank her big ass hardly making it jiggle.

I move back and removed my clothes completely, I put on the condom and move forward, towards that fuckable ass. I removed her panties and bra and throw it somewhere in the room.

I pushed my dick in her pussy from behind and she screamed with the sudden force of my junior. I spanked her ass repeatedly, with one hand, while my other hand move towards her front and grab her by her plastic boob and squeezed it harshly and pinch her nipple.

She moaned “Ahhhhhhh… ahhh… ohhhh… huhhhh faster..faster..”.

I grabbed a fistful of her hairs and fuck her hard, and bitting her back and neck.

HER breasts were moving in a fast rhythm from my harsh fuck, and she was loving it. I increase my thrusts and fucked her repeatedly.

“ahhh….ahhhh….ahhh…ohhhhh..ple…plea…please…slo…slow…do…dow…down..please…ahhhhhhhhh….ahh.ohhhh…fuck.”. She was moaning and screaming at the same time, for me to stop.

But I fucked her, and changed her position and made her lay on her back now, her legs on my shoulder, and I was chocking her neck by my tight hold. I bite hard on her breast and pinch her also by her nipple.

“ahhh. Ahhhhh…ahhh… ahhhhh…harder..ahhh….fast…faster.” she moaned.

I moved my hand downwards, toward her clitoris and pinch her there, she whimpers…

I rub my thumb pad on her clit and moved it vigorously, suddenly she came. But I was not there now, so I thrusted her hard and fast, while bitting her neck and pinching her clit.

After a few hard thrusts, I started to feel my dick twitched and moved out of her cunt, I groaned and came hard on her stomach.

I moved out of bed and got ready in my clothes and throw some cash on her, and came towards my friends.

After some enjoyment, we moved out of the club and drived towards our house..

So guys! That’s it for today, so yeah enjoy and let me know your views by comments.

Thank you.

Bye bye..

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