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I was sleeping, and in the middle of my beautiful sleep, I woke up due my cell ringing.

I ignored it,but it start ringing again and again. At last I took my cell and answered it without looking at the caller id.

Suddenly my eyes widened, because it was my best friend, who was speaking in a stammering tone.

“CALIIIIIII” she shouted my name.

“Oli sweetheart where are you right now?” I asked politely.

“I am in a bar with my friend yayyyyyy, it’s time to have some fun come on.” She replied.

My eyes widened at her sentence, and suddenly I jumped from my comfy bed and took out my warm cardigan and moved out of the apartment.

I was trying some mean of transport, and a cab came in view. I settled in the cab and reached the bar where my bestie is enjoying her time with some friend, which I didn’t even know until now.

I entered the club with some difficulty, as I am not comfortable here, so I have no fake identity.

When I entered, I roamed my eyes everywhere, in search of my bestie, but I couldn’t find her.

I reached the bar area and stood there awkwardly, and suddenly I feel like someone is watching me intensely, and I became uncomfortable, and started to fidget on my place.

I searched everywhere for my friend, and couldn’t find her anywhere. I noticed some movement in the corner of the club and moved towards it. When I reached there I found her, my bestie. I ran and jumped on her from back, and after sometime I came back to my senses, and shouted on her “don’t you dare to give me such shock oliiii, you know I was so scared, when I found you calling me at midnight”.

I dragged her towards the entrance, and all of a sudden, she stopped. I looked at her with curiosity and raised my eye, asking her “now what”.

She asked, to join her on the dance floor. I shooked my head, indicating her with a no and dragged her out of the club.

She whined at me, and struggling in my hold to set her free. I made her set in the cab and told the driver to move quickly.

She was continuously blabbering in her drunken state, and kept her head on my shoulder. I stroked her hairs for some time, and there she was gone.

I sigh and leaned on the seat back side. I was sleeping and now I am in a cab, and that’s all because of my best friend.

I shut my eyes, and remembered the morning incident and a shiver ran down my spine in horror, that touch had made me uncomfortable.

I just shake my head to clear off my mind. We reached our apartment and moved out of the cab towards our home, and entered. Holding oli, and at the sane time opening the door was a task to do.

But I managed, and switched on the lights, and drag oli towards her room. I also dragged myself towards my room, and took off my cardigan and throw my lazy and sleepy body on my comfy bed.


I opened my eyes to look at the source of the sound, and found my alarm ringing. I touch the button on top of

the alarm, and it went off.

I moved towards the shower, and quickly took a bath and change in something comfortable for my school.

I then headed towards olivia room and slightly touch her shoulder, to wake her up. But she being the stubborn soul didn’t even stir in her sleep, so I just shooked her hardly.

She sat up straight on her bed, and rubbed her eyes tightly to remove tge extra sleep.

She looked up at me and asked what through her eyes gestures, and I replied to school missy.

I come out of her room, towards the kitchen to prepare and healthy breakfast for her and some hangover drink.

Oli comes, and hugged me tight, while saying “ I have severe headache and feeling dizzy cali, do something pwease”

I just nodded and handed her over the drink which I made to reduce her headache, and also make her look fresh to start a new day.

She gulped down the drink, and told me how yesterday, after work when I was not there she went to a club, with one of her friend and got drunk.

I hugged her again, and rubbed

her back to make her comfortable a bit and relax.

We moved out of the apartment, and headed towards our school. When we entered inside our school, it was such a typical morning, like the cheerleaders were trying to showoff her bodies by pulling their clothes, and the jocks were flirting with different girls, passing by their way.

We just straight away went towards our first class, to start our day. When it was time for our lunch break we heard some news regarding the trustee of this school, that he is going to visit this school to check upon it’s progress.

I don’t know the trustee so I just shrugged my shoulder, and focused on the lunch which I bought during the whispering of students.

While on the other hand oli just can’t keep her mouth shut, and continuously talking about, how the trustee is so handsome and charming etc etc.

She even remembered his name, but I didn’t hear it, as I was too focused on the food in front of me.

While we were having lunch, one of the jock name ethan comes to our table and set without having any permission for us. He set his arm on my shoulder and wink towards olivia in a flirty way, which is uncomfortable. I don’t like being touch by any stranger, but mostly not by any male specie.

I shake my shoulder and removed his hand from my shoulder politely.

“hey sweetheart, just chill ok and enjoy. Girls are dying to have me but here you are ignoring me. You know I am too hurt” he dramatically place his hand on his chest, where the heart does located.

We just ignored him and move towards our lectures. The day went quite smoothly, without the interruption of ethan.

After the school, when we were going towards our apartment, we stopped to have an ice cream.

Hey guys!

So that’s it thank you for your support and reading my story. Give me some suggestion for next chapter.

I want a lots of comments and votes please.

Take care, bye bye…

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