His New Found Love/C1 Chapter one
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His New Found Love/C1 Chapter one
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C1 Chapter one

Jimmy's PoV

"This is going to hurt, Jimmy " My mother, Madeline Cross said to me. I winced in great pain. I never should have gotten on that stupid horse in the first place. How dare it throw me down on my first ride.

"Just take deep breaths." Mum said again.

I shrugged. As if it were easy.

"Breath in... "She demonstrated as she stitched up my injuries. I kind of enjoyed the peaceful scenario. It was only mum and me and we were free. But then....

"Madeline!!! Where the hell have you been? I've been calling you for a long time now but you deliberately refused to answer me. "

I stopped. The sound of my father's drunken voice still gave me the creeps. I hated it whenever he was drunk because it meant that one of us got beaten; either mum, or me.

"No Henry. Jimmy fell off the horse and he was bleeding and so I had to quickly...."

Dad shut her up with two resounding slaps. I tightened my fists. I looked round for something that could be used as a weapon. I felt the air escape my lungs as I thought of what I was going to do, should things go awry.

But then he pushed her down to the ground and she hit her head so hard that I knew it would be a miracle if she survived it. The tears in my eyes were blurry, but I couldn't hold it in any longer. This man had maltreated mum and me for so long.

Mum's scissors lay on the dressing table, so I used it. I grabbed it quickly and drove it deep down into his chest, eliciting a loud wicked groan from him. I pushed him to the ground with all the strength of an 18 year old and he fell with a loud thud.

I heard someone calling my name.

"Jimmy Cross. "

"Mr Cross?! "

"Mr Cross. Hello Sir!! "

I opened my eyes and found out that i had passed out in front of the therapist.

"Ma'am " I smiled, bringing myself back to reality.

"I was asking how old you were when the incident happened. "

"Oh " I replied sharply. "I was 18"

"So your mother killed your father and then she collapsed as a result of the shock of your father's death? Is that what really happened? " The woman asked.

Hell no. That wasn't what happened but that's what i want her to believe happened.

"Yes. " I replied.

"Is there anything you'd like to add. Has there been any other traumatic experiences so far? Heartbreaks? "

I shut my eyelids tight at that question. It really was a painful remainder and I didn't want to revisit old memories. If i did that, I would show sign of weakness and do something as stupid as shedding tears in front of this nosy woman.

"No ma'am " I said while pushing my chair back.

"Alright , I guess that's the end of this session. I'll see you next week, Mr Cross "

I couldn't wait to get out of that office because I was literally hyperventilating. Not that I had anything worth going home to, but at least, I revelled in the comfort of my own home.

"So how did it go? "My business partner and friend, Gabe, stood outside, with his hands in his pockets, waiting for me.

"Well, Good. I'm sure you overheard everything. " I sighed as I fished out my car keys from my wallet.

He looked like he still wanted to say more, but I held up my hand.

"We'll continue this conversation in my house. Let's go "

He smiled and held his hands up in total surrender.

We got in my car and I drove at a normal speed limit till I reached home. Punching in the house access code, I walked into my mansion with Gabe.

"I ain't flattering you Jim, but the elegance of this house never stops to amaze me. " Gabe said in amazement.

I smiled and went to the mini bar. I brought out a bottle of my most expensive champagne and two glass cups. I poured one for Gabe and another one for myself.

"So tell me... "Gabe started " How exactly did the session really go? "

"Well, I didn't tell her about Sarah and... " I stopped, fighting back the emotions that tried to force their way up my throat. "I didn't tell her about them if that's what you're asking. It's bad enough that they invade my thoughts at every moment, but it's much worse to tell someone, who is a complete stranger about that day. It fucking hurts."

Gabe just kept quiet listening attentively, before patting my back reassuringly. He knew what I had been through.

"Jimmy, I know I'm not supposed to say this, but you ought to move on. I know you loved Sarah... "

"I still love her. " I interrupted, rather too harshly.

"Okay, I know you love her, but you really should move on. Hell, Sarah was my best friend too. Do you know how much I grieved when she died ?"

I shrugged. I couldn't move on. I'd never move on.

The shrill sound of a phone ringing brought me back to reality. Gabe stood up and went out to answer the call. He spoke in hushed tones before coming back inside.

"I can't remember when you started going out to answer calls without letting me know about them. " I smiled casually.

"It's nothing important actually. Uhm, I have to go right now. Something came up that needs my urgent attention. I'll call you later, Okay?" Gabe said.

"Yeah. Be careful out there, okay? " I warned him jokingly and he left.


Allison's PoV

"Do you think he'd pick up? Gosh!! I feel truly like a homebreaker for even attempting to reach out to him. I feel like a desperate hopeless housewife. I'm sure he'd hate me." I lamented as I held my phone to my chest, with teary eyes.

"Come on Allie. You didn't break any home. It wasn't as if it was your fault that his father had extramarital affairs and you're the product. " My best friend, Carol said to me.

"Thanks for making me feel relieved by that statement." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyebrows. Carol laughed heartily and threw a pillow at me. We both looked down at our bags that were almost completely packed.

"I think we're like the two most stupid people on the planet. " Carol said after a while.

"Obviously baby girl. I'll drink to that " I smiled sadly.

"We're planning an adventurous trip, yet we don't have a counter plan. You're really lucky though. At least you have a hot billionaire big brother in Los Angeles; while I have just a distant grandmother " Caroline said.

"Yeah. " I rolled my eyebrows at her " A distant grandmother who loves and cares about you, while I have a brother whom I only met during our father's funeral and that was the only physical contact we've ever had."

"Listen Allie. I really don't think Gabriel hates you and even if he does, you can just come and stay with me in my grandma's place. We'll both work hard and become successful. Very easy. "Caroline said enthusiastically.

Honestly, I sincerely believe Caroline's too optimistic for my liking. She believes that everything can be made possible with just a snap of her fingers. I thought so hard about Los Angeles. I've never been there before. I grew up with my mum in Australia. When I was 10, she sent me off to a boarding school. I came home one day and saw that she had left.

"Earth to Allie!! "

Caroline snapped her fingers at me and I looked up at her.

"Carol, I'm just scared. I don't know what to do. Do you think this will work out well? You know I hate embarrassments. What if he does something like embarrass me or even humiliate me?" I said sadly.

"Allison Kay O'Brien, Can you just stop being a pessimist and just be positive for once. You don't know if something good can come out of this. You might even meet your Mr Right there"

Carol said with a wink.

"Carol, you don't understand. The last time I spoke with this guy was at our father's burial and that was where he even found out about me. That was where he knew I was illegitimate"

I looked at my best friend to see her reaction but she just sighed.

"Well Whatever.... I don't care ". Caroline rolled her eyes.

Jimmy's PoV

"So you were saying ... ?"

I sat down after making a call. I looked at my secretary, who was talking to me.

"I was saying that Vivian submitted her resignation this morning. She said her mum fell sick and she had to take care of her".

I pulled out my glasses and frowned.

"But she should have given me a week's notice. How can she just leave me hanging like that? " I complained.

"Don't worry Mr Cross. I can assist you with your house chores for a few days. Meanwhile ,I'll put out a notice for someone else to apply for" Leah said it with a smile.

I thought about it carefully. I've never let any of my colleagues into my home. Leah was more or less my manager because she was also in charge of my home affairs. I'd also never let her into my home and I wasn't about to start now.

"Mr Cross ??!!"

"Yeah . Don't worry Leah. I'll think about it ,but for now, I've got work to do. I'll let you know my decision tonight"

"Alright boss." She winked and left.

I smiled after she left.

Despite her seductive manners, she was still the best secretary I've ever had. She's competent and very hardworking too. I didn't think I could ever get by a day without her assistance.

My phone rang again, jolting me out of my reverie. I smiled when I saw Gabriel's name on the screen.

"Yo Jim. What's up?"

"Nothing much man. Where're you?"

"Im at a bar. Karizo's lounge. We should check out the place this weekend. It's very cool"

"Alright ,I will. But for now,I need to get back to work. We have some wholesalers coming in today and guess what ? They took one taste of the new flavor you tried out and fell in love with it. They're buying 5000 Cartons. " I said with excitement.

"What the fuck ??!! Really!!! I had no idea it would be that great. Wow !!! I'm so fucking proud of myself. This calls for celebration" Gabe said.

"Yeah. Plus, transactions are now much , because other companies are making enquiries. We need to up our efforts." I replied.

"Let me talk to you later, Jim. Don't forget Karizo's lounge at weekend .Bye"

"Alright bye. Take care"

Allison's PoV

I knocked on his door and waited. I was suddenly feeling very nervous. I shouldn't have persuaded Carol to go to her grandmother's place first. She should have been here with me ;doing this , whatever this was with me.

"Hi" I said immediately the door opened.

"Hi Allison" He smiled back and to my utmost surprise, he moved back to let me in and then he hugged me.

"I didn't actually believe when you said you were coming. How was the flight ?" He asked.

"It was pleasant thanks."I said with a false smile.

"Look here Allison. "He said placing his hands on my shoulders briefly. "Feel free okay. I know what you must be feeling. but trust me, I won't hurt you. I'm not my father's son. I've never been and never will I be."

I raised my eyebrows. I never expected him to speak such I'll against our father.

"Yes. That man is a loser. He abandoned mum and me and left us to dry. He left when I was 8 and I never saw him again."

Gabe explained, feeling almost teary-eyed. But then , he smiled and collected my bag.

He held my hand and led me upstairs .

"When you told me you were coming, I didn't know what to expect. I couldn't even remember how you looked like. So I just quickly arranged a small room. If you really don't like it, We could go shopping this weekend and get things- You know - those girls stuffs ." He smiled and I laughed.

"You're really baffling. I thought you were one of those arrogant hit billionaires"I said and stiffled back a laugh.

He feigned annoyance. "Are you saying I'm not hot ?"

I burst into laughter "No. that wasn't what I meant . You're actually hot..."

He smiled "Whatever. Just wait till you meet my best friend."

"Oh my God !!!" I exclaimed as he opened the door to my supposedly small bedroom.

He frowned.

"What ??!!! You don't like it ???!!! It's okay . I have other rooms that you can ..."

"No jeez.... It's beautiful. I love it . Thank you " My eyes watered because I really didn't know what to say.

And then he hugged me.

"It's okay Allison. Really. Feel free. We'll talk more tomorrow, Okay ?"

"Yeah. thank you so much Gabriel, really " I smiled.

He winked at me and then turned back "Oh.. and there's lot of food in the kitchen... you can pick out your choice , okay ? If there's anything you need , let me know. I'm in my bedroom working."

I nodded gratefully and he left.

I brought out my phone immediately and called Carol. She picked almost immediately as if she was waiting for my call.

"So how did it go ???" She screamed

"Okay calm down." I screamed too excitedly. "I'm gonna ask my big brother if you can visit tomorrow and then I'll show you my new room"

"What the gospel fuck??" Carol shouted again.

"Jeez can't you just bring down your voice? You're gonna blow up my ear drums. Yes everything went well"

"Jeez. Am so glad. I can't wait to come over tomorrow and Is he really cute too ?" Carol yapped like a little child.

I rolled my eyebrows "Gosh. Of course He is"

"What does he do for a living ?"

"I don't know yet. I'd know that tomorrow. Carol I'm feeling sleepy . Can I call you later today ?" I asked, with a yawn.

"Alright baby girl. Don't forget to call me. Bye . I love you. "

"Yeah bye. Take care "

I replied and went to sleep on my new extra large bed.

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