His New Found Love/C3 Chapter three
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His New Found Love/C3 Chapter three
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C3 Chapter three

Jimmy's PoV

Today was supposed to be my twins birthday. They'd have been four years old today. I'd planned to take them to Disney world and spoil then rotten and even let the whole world know how precious they were to me, but then death took that way from me.

I sat in the front pew. I observed around me and noticed that everyone's head were bent down and they were praying silently. I didn't know what to say.

"Lord, I want to forget all these. Make me forget." I cried in silence.

After the mass, I drove straight to Karizo's lounge. I'd never been there before though. It was a small scale restaurant and I wondered what really attracted Gabe to the place. I looked inside and surely enough, there were beautiful girls around.

"Yeah , I got my answer" I smiled inwardly to myself. That was exactly what brought Gabe here - beautiful girls.

I laughed and sat down. The intention was actually to drink to stupor and I actually drank till I got drunk.

I don't know how long I spent in the bar but when I opened my eyes, everywhere was starting to get dark.

I couldn't drive but I couldn't call Gabe either because he was away on a business trip. I didn't even know anyone here in the bar. They were all strangers. My only option was my secretary, Leah.

"I'll be there in ten minutes tops." She said ass soon as I filled her in on the situation on ground.

And true to her words, she was there in ten minutes. I was really so grateful to her and she helped me up in my car, just before I blacked out.


I heard the sound of a female moaning. I wondered who it was and then I opened my eyes to find Leah, half-naked in front of my dressing mirror.

"Holy fuck Leah. What are you doing here?" I yelled.

She turned slowly and flashed those sexy smiles at me.

"You invited me here Mr Cross. I hope you didn't forget" She said sheepishly.

I scratched my head trying to remember all that happened. I looked down my legs and looked up at her.

"Did we... ?"

She cocked a grin. "Jeez. I've been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. Did you think I'd just leave empty handed just like that. Oh no Jimmy. We had wild sex. Very very wild sex."

I sat up and hurriedly put on a shirt.

"Oh my God Leah. How dare you? You have no shame and dignity at all...?"

"Oh come off it..." She yelled. "What has shame and dignity got to do with making cool cash and enjoying a night's worth of hot sex with a billionaire businessman"

I raised my eyebrows "You're fired!!"

"Oh. That won't be necessary" She scoffed. "I've handed my resignation already."

"What ??!! How did all these happen?" I said almost at the point of collapsing.

"Oh. All that happened while you were drunk and I've also got great news for you... " She smiled again .

I groaned. "Could this get any more worse?"

"Depends on how you see it. There's a tape." She brought out her phone and played a video of me and her having sex.

I wanted to smash her head on the table and throw her in a bush. How I managed to make such a mistake still baffled me.

"Leave my house right now." I screamed.

"I'm leaving already but ..." She raised up her phone again. "I'll be in touch."

And then she walked out.

I frowned and then screamed

"God, what have I gotten myself into?!!"

I immediately went to the bathroom and sat for a very long time in the shower, trying to completely wash off any stink or smell of Leah from my body.

After taking my bath, I dressed for work immediately. I was really not happy. I was disappointed in myself for stooping so low as to sleeping with my secretary and making a fool of myself.

I got to work very early, made my own coffee and sat in my office. I saw the resignation letter that Leah tendered on the table and I read through it. I opened my drawer and brought out my lighter. I set the letter on fire and then threw the remnants into my waste bin.

"Okay. So what's going on ?"

I sat up as Gabe came in. He looked worried.

"What is it ,Gabe?" I asked in a cool tone.

"I've been standing at the door watching you. You've been in deep thoughts since. What's the matter? And where's Leah?" He asked suspiciously.

I frowned. "She resigned "

Gabe stared at me like he was trying to study my mind and then he sat down.

"Okay. So spill it"

"What ?" I asked.

"I don't know. You're bothered about something and I don't know what that is. You have to tell me. A problem shared ..."

"... Is half solved, Gabe. I know. I don't want to talk about it now." I replied.

He studied my expression for a while and then sighed. "It's alright. I'll check on you later. I still have to make a little trip."

"Where to ?" I asked.

"I'm meeting up with a client in Florida and then there's a little crowd of people in the reception office. I think they're lined up for the post of a secretary. Jim... Jimmy ... "

I sat up immediately "Send them in. Send them in"

Honestly speaking, I didn't even get much of what Gabriel said. What I heard mostly was the fact that there are people liked up for the post of a secretary.

Gabe left and shortly after, the first applicant came in. After a few short questions, I dismissed her with a promise to call back, which I won't.

The next applicant was worse and the ones coming after were worse than the previous ones.

I ended up dismissing all of them and not employing anybody, which left the position still vacant.

I sighed and after a very long, unproductive day at work, I drove back home

Allison's PoV

"Okay so Gabe's frequent travels are getting out of hand. I'm practically always the only one at home, except anytime you come for a sleepover. I'm lonely" I lamented to my best friend.

To my surprise and disappointment, Carol just looked , like as if I was saying nonsense.

"Can you even listen to yourself, Allison? What exactly do you want in life? Your brother has given you everything you want and he even gave you love. That guy is really overprotective of you. He has done to you what your deadbeat mother couldn't do? What exactly do you want?"

Tears rolled out of my eyes as I remembered a similar conversation I had with my mum before I went back to school and then found out that she'd abandoned me. She wanted to sell me off to her friend's father. He'd pay her a large sum of money and she'd marry me off to him. I confronted her and then she asked me what I wanted in life. She said a lot of hurtful things to me and then threw me out of the house when I refuse to do her wish. I took the first train back to school and then when I came home during the holiday, I found out she was gone.

“Come here baby girl.” Carol said to me in a gentle tone and then hugged me tightly as I cried on her shoulders.

After we had lunch together and played games, Carol sat up and looked at me with her side eye, which indicated that she has something she's thinking of doing. Something silly.

“Oh okay. What now ??!!” I asked her.

“Lets stroll around to where your brother works. He said it's not that far, right? Or even if it's far, we can take a cab, can't we ?” She said.

“Jeez Carol. What are we going there to do ? We have no business there. Do we?” I asked her.

“You're right, okay ? But I browsed the company's website and then saw some images of their last annual fundraiser/get together. There were hot guys there. I'm in fire need of a boyfriend to love and cherish me and you are too ”

I laughed at my best friend's ridiculous statement.

“I'm not in need of a boyfriend. How many times do I tell you I want to ...”

“... Join the convent ?” She interrupted sarcastically.

“Hell no. I ain't joining the convent. I just want to be in a relationship with the man I'd later get to marry. I don't want to date for fun. I want to date for keeps.” I replied and ignored Carol's displeased looks.

“Where do you think you're in? It's alright. I'll let you get away with this one. But I have another offer for you.”

I got scared because I knew that Carol only came up with silly pranks.

“Actually...” She smiled ” I also have good news to share. But I'm going to start with the offer. I've got two tickets for an exclusive club in Las Vegas”

I screamed and sat up. “I'll pretend I didn't just hear you mention Las Vegas. Jeez Carol have you been there before ??!! I've read a lot about the place and trust me , they aren't good things. I heard the place is littered with thigh vendors and male prostitutes and strippers all over the city and at night, you'd even hear the sound of young teenagers banging themselves in hotel rooms.i also heard that they are...”

“Allie !!!!! We aren't going any more and we only live once. Please just do this with me. Just this once before I leave” She said this in a really cool and serious tone.

“Okay so what's the good news about and where are you leaving for?”

“I applied for admission in USC and I got it this morning, which means I'm going to California at the end of the month.”

I burst into tears immediately and went down to the ground.

“Allie ?!!” Carol knelt down instantly beside me. “What is it Allie ?! I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you cry.” She started crying too.

And just then, the door opened and Gabe came in. As he saw the both of us on the floor, he dropped his bag and came towards us immediately. “Why are the both of you crying?”

I stopped, looked at Carol, and dried my eyes.

“Why are you crying Carol ?” I asked in a happy voice.

She looked surprised. “You were crying too”

“No silly.” I laughed. “Those were tears of joy. I'm really happy for you”

She burst into laughter too as she realized what was going on and even my brother joined in the laughter.

“I'm really glad that my best friend is going to the university, seriously!!! I'm so proud of you Carol”

“Yeah. I know and am proud of myself. And not just that, someone assisted me in actually getting this scholarship.” She blushed as she said this part, and then looked at my brother.

I frowned, wondering what she meant.

“Oh wait!!...” I stopped as a little realization dawned on me.

”Oh yeah.” Gabe interrupted, coming in between both of us, but facing me.

“I did assist her. I gave her a scholarship. I hope you don't mind?”

“No of course not. I'm really grateful and happy and ...” I looked at Carol. “Yes to clubbing at Las Vegas.”

New chapter is coming soon
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