His Revenge/C1 One
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His Revenge/C1 One
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C1 One

Amanda's POV

Do you ever have those moments in life where everything is just absolutely perfect?

Where you can just forget every stupid little thing that's ever happened and let go?

For some people it may be lying under a palm tree in the soft white sand on an island, listening to the turquoise waves as they smash against the ground.

For others it may be on a roller coaster with your best friend, feeling the adrenaline rush as you spin upside down with your hair flying all over your face.

Or maybe it's just the tiniest thing like sitting in the car with your family and singing at the top of your lungs to You and I by One Direction as all your siblings complain about your horrible singing.

I don't know what your definition of perfect is but so far this is mine; Evan Peters.

If you don't know who that is, he is my boyfriend. Yes, yes, of course he is the captain of the football team. Schools quarterback in fact. Really bleach blond hair, blue eyes, totally gorgeous. So are you getting the picture?


So here I am, leaning against my blue metal locker and staring up into the eyes of this pretty boy. He looks down at my lips and smirks. I don't get it though; Why he is dating me? It's not like I'm the girl version of Austin Diesel, if you do not know who he is then I apologize because he is no doubt the HOTTEST guy to ever step foot on this planet. I mean, I'm pretty sure some guys go gay for him. He is a sex god. Mr. Sexy pants. Sorry Evan.

Anyway, back to the point, I don't know why Evan is with me because I'm pretty average; Brown hair, brown eyes, black soul.

Evan leans down and kisses me and all the girls that are staring at my boyfriend give me a glare then go back to staring at him. Evan isn't the most popular guy at school but he still has a group of girls that probably dream about him at night. I don't know why though, I mean yeah, he is definitely gorgeous but why follow him everywhere. It's just creepy if you ask me.

"See you after school, babe?" I look up at him and smile, "Mhmm." I nod, lightly biting my lip. "Okay, see you later, I got to get to class." He quickly presses his lips against mine one last time and then walks away. We were late anyway, I don't mind. I hate Mrs. Jacobs. Worst math's teacher ever, not to mention she looks like a dinosaur. I feel extremely sorry for the poor soul who was probably forced into marring her. She probably married her sixty cats.

As I walk down the hall to Mrs. Jacob's class three guys walk past me and right after them are all of their 'fans' aka sluts that want to sleep with them because they are extremely good looking. These three guys are basically like celebrities at Westberry High and most people would do anything for the chance to just talk to them.

Guy 1: Austin Diesel. As I have already mentioned his name you know that he is the one and only Mr. sexy pants. Austin is the most popular guy in school and is known as 'the bad boy' of the city. Apparently he's has been to juvy because he once shot three guys but he got away with it because his parents are rich and bailed him out early. He has slept with more girls than there are stars in the sky and he always gets what he wants. Austin is a sex god because he looks like one; he has sexy brown hair that is somehow always perfect and matching brown eyes. His clothes are always expensive and his cars are always more expensive. And nobody, and I mean nobody, says no to him, otherwise he kills them. I was just kidding about the last part. I hope.

He walks in the front of the other two boys by a foot or two, he has a smirk plastered to his face and winks at a few passing girls making them swoon. He walks with confidence and brushes a hand through his perfectly styled hair.

Guy 2: Hunter Gold. Hunter also has the money and the looks but not as much looks and not as much money as Mr. sexy pants. Hunter has been best friends with Austin for a really long time and they are like hot twins. No, they're not related but Hunter also has brown hair and brown eyes so they look very similar. Jen, one of my best friends, has an extremely huge crush on Hunter and she is already planning their wedding, apparently she is riding into the wedding on an elephant.

Guy 3: James Erwin. James is the funny one that nobody takes seriously. He is known as 'the class clown'. James has black hair and bright blue eyes. Yes, all three guys are dark and mysterious bad boys. James also has a cute smile so lots of the innocent girls fall for him and it's all downhill for them from there because he is as much a player as the other two. All three guys are cocky hut Austin is definitely the cockiest. James will always entertain you in any way you want *wink* *wink*

All three of them walk right past me but Hunter turns to look at me and smiles. Hunter is the nicer one out of the three. We are kind of friends because of Jen and so sometimes we talk but I don't really know anything about him.

I watch as some poor kid isn't watching where he is going and bumps straight into Austin, the kid suddenly looks up and realizes who he bumped into. He starts apologizing profusely but Austin shoves all his books and papers onto the floor and then pushes him over with the papers. "Better not happen again or you will be sorry." Austin says to the kid who is on the floor, collectng his papers, his eyes glistening with tears.

What an ass.

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