His Secret Love/C3 You Know Him?
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His Secret Love/C3 You Know Him?
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C3 You Know Him?

The Gu's Group was selected in the application of hundreds of companies.

Whether it was her mother or herself, they were both very happy.

If they could form a partnership with the Diye Group, it would be a great opportunity for the Gu's Group.

Nan Ruofeng looked at his sister-in-law leaving in a hurry and sent a message to his brother with a smile on his face, "Sister-in-law has left. The first day has passed."

"Yes, you are here. We are leaving."


Forty minutes later.

Gu Xiaoxi panted as she went to the private room that her mother had booked.

When she saw that there was only her mother in the private room, the weight in her heart instantly dropped.

Fortunately, she was not late.

"Xiaoxi, come over quickly." Mother Gu was a strong woman with a serious face. She would only be more gentle to her daughter.

Gu Xiaoxi smiled and walked over.

She forgot to introduce him.

She followed her mother's surname. The Gu's Group was founded by her mother, Gu Lanyao.

It was a very successful thing to go from having nothing more than ten years ago to the current market value of more than 50 billion USD.

Although it was far from the Diye Group, she was proud of her mother.

However, ever since that man divorced her mother, he had been thinking about the assets of the Gua branch company. Now, he had placed the son of another person in the largest entertainment company under the company.

"When the Chairman of the Diye Group comes later, remember to be polite, understand?" Mother Gu placed her hand on her shoulder.

Gu Xiaoxi nodded, "En, don't worry, Lanyao."

Mother Gu lightly tapped the tip of her nose, her cold eyes carrying an unnoticeable doting.

A moment later, the door was opened and a group of four people walked in under the lead of your waiter.

Mother Gu was wearing a professional OL suit, and her shoulder-length short hair made her look even more energetic.

She walked up and greeted them warmly: "Hello, Chairman Nie, Mrs. Nie. This way, please."

Gu Xiaoxi, however, stopped when she saw one of the people who came in.

She stood there stiffly. Her black and white eyes stared at the man in the black jacket. Her hands were tightly clenched and her whole body was burning with anger!

Damn it.

This was really like looking for something by stepping on iron shoes. It didn't take him much effort to get it.

He had actually been caught by her here!

This bastard who married her on his own accord!

"Xiaoxi?" Gu Lanyao frowned and called out to her.

Gu Xiaoxi immediately came back to her senses and suppressed the anger in her heart and politely greeted, "Hello Chairman Nie, hello Mrs. Nie."

"Sorry, Xiaoxi was a little absent-minded just now. I hope that everyone does not mind." Gu Lanyao tried to smooth things over.

Mrs. Nie smiled and said. "It's nothing. Xiaoxi looked at Tingshen and thought about their childhood."

Gu Xiaoxi did not listen at all and subconsciously nodded her head, "Yes."

Now her heart was full of anger.

This bastard who dared to collect the certificate with her without permission...

"You know Nie Tingshen?" Gu Lanyao was surprised.

Gu Xiaoxi looked up blankly. "No, I don't know him."

If she knew him, she wouldn't be so excited when she saw the name on the marriage certificate.

If she knew him, she would have beaten him up and sent him flying. How could she let him jump around in front of her?

Mrs. Nie was slightly surprised. "You don't know Tingshen? You guys have the best time in two hours."

Gu Xiaoxi,... ""

How could she have fun with him?

"Don't you remember?" Mrs. Nie asked.

Gu Xiaoxi laughed dryly, "Mrs. Nie, I don't have much memory of my childhood. As for the Tingshen you mentioned, I really don't have any impression of him."

Mrs. Nie subconsciously looked at her eldest son.

The person involved did not have any emotional fluctuations towards this and was still as noble and indolent as before.

"Chairman Nie, Mrs. Nie, this way please." Gu Lanyao just in time to round up the scene and invited the person over.

Mrs. Nie smiled and her tone was friendly. "Lanyao, why are you treating us like outsiders?"

Gu Lanyao was at a loss for a moment but she maintained her smile.

"More than ten years ago, we were neighbors for half a year. Have you forgotten?" Mrs. Nie continued to smile and skillfully walked over to hold her hand.

Gu Lanyao's brain kept working but she still did not remember who this person was.

Mrs. Nie's gaze landed on Gu Xiaoxi and immediately smiled as she said, "At that time, Jiu Jiu played with Tingshen the most. Every time we went out, it was two children playing."

Gu Xiaoxi blinked her eyes and felt a little puzzled in her heart.

Jiu Jiu was her nickname but this Mrs. Nie actually knew?

From the looks of it, Lanyao was still related to the Nie family?

If that was the case, her relationship with that bastard should not be blown up.

This was to prevent the adults from feeling awkward when they met.

After the meal, Gu Lanyao and Mrs. Nie had a pretty good conversation. Only Gu Xiaoxi held back her anger in her heart. It was a little torturous.

"Let's talk about the company matters. Let the three children go outside and chat." Mrs. Nie suggested.

Gu Lanyao nodded. "Okay. Xiaoxi, take Tingshen and Ruofeng out for a walk."

"Okay." Gu Xiaoxi readily agreed!

Bringing the two of them out just happened to settle the marriage matter.

The three of them stopped in the back garden of the restaurant.

Gu Xiaoxi did not beat around the bush either. She looked at Nie Tingshen valiantly and valiantly. "When are you going to divorce me?"

"Why do you want to divorce?" Nie Tingshen's eyes darkened. He was 1.9 meters tall and looked particularly tall.

Gu Xiaoxi did not have the mood to admire the handsome man at all. "I have no feelings for you. Tell me why! Besides, I have a boyfriend now and our relationship is very good. I don't want you to mess up my life."

Hearing that.

His angular face was covered with frost.

He could tolerate Gu Xiaoxi not remembering him.

He could tolerate her anger and alienation towards him.

However, he could not tolerate her saying that she had a good relationship with another man.

She was his, so she could only be his.

Whether it was in the past, the present, or the future.

"I won't divorce you." Nie Tingshen's voice was not warm at all. "Before you question me, I hope you can find out who is the real victim in this marriage."

Gu Xiaoxi,... ""

She looked at the cold and heartless man and suddenly clenched her fists!

It seemed that only by beating him up could the problem be solved.

Not divorce, right?


Then I'll call you until you get a divorce!


A deep voice suddenly sounded.

Gu Xiaoxi's body stiffened and all her movements stopped.

Bai Haochen's figure appeared in front of her and his handsome face had a questioning look. "Didn't you say you don't know him? Then what's going on now? "

"Haochen..." Gu Xiaoxi was a little helpless, but she still explained, "I really don't know him. I am only talking about the divorce with him now."

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