His Secret Love/C6 He Had Made a Mistake
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His Secret Love/C6 He Had Made a Mistake
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C6 He Had Made a Mistake

"Okay, brother." Nan Ruofeng's body was filled with joy.

He turned on the TV and uploaded the video on the screen.

Gu Xiaoxi was confused. At first, she was sure that she would not take the initiative to collect the certificate from someone else. But now, she was a little hesitant.

These two people's actions and actions did not seem like the kind of people who would forcefully kidnap women.

But she...

Sometimes, her brutality was a bit scary.

"Miss Gu might as well take a serious look at who is the real victim." Nie Tingshen sat on the sofa with his legs crossed and his hands crossed.

Gu Xiaoxi felt a little guilty for no reason.


She placed her gaze on the sunny youth and asked in a muffled voice: "Then what about the video you were talking about?"

Her main goal was to get the video and figure out the situation. She must not feel guilty because the other party's aura was too strong.

In any case, it was impossible for her to forcefully bring someone to collect the certificate. She was just a little girl. How could she pull this big man?

"I'm putting it away." Nan Ruofeng smiled devilishly. "Sister-in-law, my brother really didn't force you to get your marriage certificate. You forced him to get it."

Gu Xiaoxi subconsciously retorted, "That's impossible. He's tall and strong. I can't pull him away."

"Since you don't believe me, then you can see for yourself." Nan Ruofeng sighed. The video projection was successful.

Gu Xiaoxi's eyes followed the TV. When her eyes touched the familiar scene, she was still slightly nervous.

In the video.

Two figures appeared at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

A cheerful and anxious voice sounded: "Brother, are you really going to let sister-in-law mess around and go with her to get the certificate?"

This was Nan Ruofeng's voice. Because he was filming, he did not see anyone else.

"Yes." Nie Tingshen said faintly. He held the little woman beside him with his hand. "If I don't get my certificate with her, she will go and rob my home."

Gu Xiaoxi,... ""

When she saw this, she could not help but curse in her heart. She really thought that she was a fan of tens of thousands of people. She would take it from your house before getting her certificate.


The slap to the face came too quickly, just like a tornado.

Just as she finished thinking, the girl in the image turned her head around and said discontentedly: "Nan Ruofeng, what do you mean by that? Why did I mess around? Why did you ask your brother to come with me to collect the certificate? " Can I still make him feel wronged? "

Nan Ruofeng pressed the pause button and walked to her side. "Now you understand. You really forced my brother to get his certificate."

Gu Xiaoxi stood there in a daze.

How could it be?

The person in the video was exactly the same as her. Even the clothes and the bag she was carrying... It was the same as the one from the other day.

Her lips moved and she raised her eyes: "Maybe this is just a coincidence? The person inside is just a person who looks very similar to me. "

If she was the person inside, how could she not know Nie Tingshen and Nan Ruofeng?

Looking at how familiar they were, it was obvious that they had known each other for many years.

However, she didn't know Nie Tingshen or Nan Ruofeng at all. If it wasn't for the two of them suddenly breaking into her life yesterday, she would never have known them in this lifetime.

Not to mention, they were so intimate.

"Little Feng, let's continue." Nie Tingshen's eyes were slightly deep, and his voice was low and cold.

Nan Ruofeng pressed the play button, and the scene continued.

"Sister-in-law, this is not a matter of whether you feel wronged or not. Do you know that you are getting married now?" Nan Ruofeng's voice continued to sound.

The girl's voice was still cold and proud. "How can I not know my own man?"

"Then who is the person you want to marry?"

"Nie Tingshen." The girl said unhappily.

"Then who are you?"

The girl said angrily, "Nan Ruofeng, are you asking for a beating?"

"No, I'm just afraid that if you go back on your word, you will find trouble with me." Nan Ruofeng's words were filled with grievance, and he even complained, "It's not like you don't know. Talking is not something you often do."

The girl in the picture was silent for a moment, but she still opened her mouth. "Alright, then you can ask."

"Who are you?"

Gu Xiaoxi.

"How can I prove your identity?" Gu Xiaoxi asked.

"Identity card, and this is the household register. Is that enough?"


I'm going to get my ID card from your brother, not you. Why are you asking so many questions? "" Alright, stop asking. I'm going to get my ID card from your brother. It's not like I'm going to get my ID card from you, so why are you asking so many questions? " The girl said impatiently as she unconsciously twisted her eyebrows.

Nan Ruofeng:... ""

"Miss Gu, do you really want to marry me?" Nie Tingshen suddenly asked.

The girl hugged his arm and shook it. She smiled like a flower. "How can it be fake? Don't worry. If you marry me, I won't treat you badly."

Nie Tingshen:... ""

Nan Ruofeng was speechless.

Gu Xiaoxi was speechless.

What the hell!

This... This plot was different from the plot in her heart.

Was it really her who was smiling like a flower and holding someone else's hand and laughing like a fool?

But how did she know these two men? When did she get so close to them? Most importantly, didn't she go home that day? Why did she appear here again?

She had many questions in her heart.

However, when she felt two substantive gazes on her, all of her questions were cast aside, and she felt ashamed of herself.

It's over, it's over!

It's completely over now!

Not only did he forcefully drag someone else to get married, he even forgot about it afterwards and even made a false accusation.

"What about that?" Gu Xiaoxi stood there without knowing what to do. Her eyes were drifting. " This... This was an accident."

When she said this, she did not believe it herself.

Accident? Accident my ass!

Not only did he forcefully pull the other party to get married, he even forgot to throw a tantrum afterwards. Fortunately, this man's temper was still considered good. If it was not good, he would have probably been pressed to the floor and rubbed.

Nie Tingshen and Nan Ruofeng did not speak. The living room was silent at this moment.

The video that was playing had been turned off by Nan Ruofeng a long time ago.

Gu Xiaoxi did not hear the answer. She stood there, unarmed, like a child who had done something wrong.

Now she was 100% sure that the girl in the video was her without a doubt. She was so unreasonable and domineering.

In fact, she had a lot of questions in her heart. Why did she know Nie Tingshen and Nan Ruofeng? Why did she know them so well? Why did she not remember anything now?

However, none of these questions were as important as the ones she had to solve now.

"Mr. Nie, I'm sorry. I wronged you." Gu Xiaoxi bent down and admitted her mistake. Her whole body was filled with guilt.

If she had known that he had forced her to collect the certificate, she would not have said anything so unreasonable. She even claimed that she was going to make Mr. Nie green.

"It's fine." Nie Tingshen looked up slightly and swept his gaze across her. "As long as you don't say divorce anymore, it's fine."

Gu Xiaoxi was speechless.

She got married in a daze. How could she continue to stay...

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