His Secret Love/C7 She Lacked a Person in Her Household Register
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His Secret Love/C7 She Lacked a Person in Her Household Register
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C7 She Lacked a Person in Her Household Register

"Mr. Nie, I..."

"You still want a divorce?" Nie Tingshen's lazy and indifferent eyes looked at her and his voice slightly sank.

Gu Xiaoxi lowered her head even more fiercely. "I, I know this kind of behavior is very bad, but I am really not familiar with you. As for why it was so unusual that night, I am not very clear myself."

"Gu Xiaoxi." Nie Tingshen called her name.

Gu Xiaoxi looked up and took a deep breath. "I know this is my fault, I..."

"If you really want a divorce, I agree." Nie Tingshen looked at her, his hoarse voice carrying a trace of emotion.

Gu Xiaoxi suddenly looked up. "You really agree?"

It would be a lie to say that she was not surprised.

She never thought that this cold-faced man would be so easy to talk to.

One had to know that when she found out that she had mysteriously married someone, she almost copied their home.

But now.

This man actually...

Nan Ruofeng was shocked as well.

Something was not right.

Why didn't he follow the normal way?

According to the original plan, shouldn't he be angry that he was forced to get married and that his sister-in-law was being unreasonable?

Why did he agree to divorce now?

One had to know that it was extremely difficult to get her back even after her sister-in-law had lost a part of her memory.

"Okay." Nie Tingshen's voice was low and his eyes were deep.

Gu Xiaoxi instantly became sparkling. "Thank you! Thank you for not being calculative earlier! If there's anything you need from me in the future, just tell me. "

If it were someone else, they would definitely not agree to divorce him after two days of marriage.

Such a good person must be compensated properly in the future!

"There will be one now." Nie Tingshen looked at her with a deep gaze.

Gu Xiaoxi smiled brightly. She was in a good mood. "Go ahead," she said.


When he heard this word again, a certain man clearly showed signs of resistance.

Nan Ruofeng, on the other hand, was laughing at the side.

"I lack a person in my household register." Nie Tingshen said casually.

Gu Xiaoxi's face froze.

There was a lack of people in the household register...

Wasn't this indirectly saying that they wouldn't divorce?

"Mr. Nie, I have the heart but not the strength to do so." She rolled her eyes. "Except for your household register, everything else is fine."

"Give me a child." Nie Tingshen said again.

Gu Xiaoxi was stunned.

She smiled awkwardly.

"Mr. Nie, the child can only be given to you by your future wife. I am not suitable."

"I don't need you for anything else." Nie Tingshen suddenly felt cold and distant.

Gu Xiaoxi was speechless.


Now she could feel that Nie Tingshen was very angry.

That's right. If it was anyone else, they would probably be angry after experiencing such a thing.

But what could she do to make up for it?

"Mr. Nie, I..."

"Sister-in-law, since my brother has agreed to divorce you, you should go back first." Nan Ruofeng said with a smile. His breath was very comfortable. "We will come to pick you up on Monday. When the time comes, we will prepare the materials and get a divorce."

Gu Xiaoxi was silent for a moment. She nodded. "Oh, alright then."

"I'll send you out."

"There's no need. I'll go out myself." Gu Xiaoxi refused and walked out with heavy steps.

Actually, she really wanted to ask.

Why was she so familiar with them?

But after seeing Nie Tingshen's cold and distant expression, she could not say anything.

If she asked that kind of question at this time, it would probably hurt her even more.

After seeing the person walk out, Nan Ruofeng quickly went forward and closed the door. Only then did he sneakily approach his brother and ask, "Brother, do you really plan to divorce sister-in-law?"

His answer was so straightforward that it made people doubt him.

Nie Tingshen laughed lightly and his eyes were indifferent and cold. "Do you think that the Civil Affairs Bureau will let the two people who did not have any relationship break, no domestic violence, and no adultery get a divorce?"

Nan Ruofeng:... ""


There was no doubt about it.

Even if one of them drank during the process of getting the certificate, But as long as it wasn't voluntary, the marriage would still be effective.

No matter how Gu Xiaoxi struggled, it was useless.

"So, you are retreating in order to advance?"

"We have to let her have a taste of the sweetness first before we can proceed to the next step." Nie Tingshen's eyes carried a hint of playfulness. The aura on his body was noble and indolent.

Nan Ruofeng subconsciously shivered.

Every time his brother showed such an expression, Somebody's going to be out of luck.

He didn't know if the unlucky person this time was his sister-in-law or someone else.

"Go and deal with that man. I don't want him to appear by her side again." Nie Tingshen's voice was slightly heavy.

Nan Ruofeng looked puzzled. "Which man?"

Nie Tingshen raised his eyes and looked at him. There was no emotion in his eyes.

Nan Ruofeng suddenly realized and patted his head. "I know! "I'll deal with it now!"


Gu Xiaoxi had been waiting at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau for a long time.

When it was almost nine o'clock, she frequently raised her wrist to look at her watch. Her eyes also swept around. Clearly, she was waiting for someone.

"No way. Could it be that Nie Tingshen doesn't want to come?" Gu Xiaoxi muttered. Her fair face was slightly illuminated by the sun.

In the car not far away.

Nan Ruofeng looked at the person who had been waiting for them since six o'clock and had not gone out yet. He could not help but ask, "Brother, since you are already here, why don't you go down? It's such a big sun. Aren't you afraid that sister-in-law will be suntanned?"

"Her skin is white. Is it suntanned?" Nie Tingshen said a few words indifferently.

Nan Ruofeng did not understand. "Then why don't you go down now?"

"I am a punctual person. It is only 8: 45 now, 15 minutes until 9: 00. Why should I go down and sunbathe more? " The man's words were mocking, and his white skin looked exceptionally good.

Nan Ruofeng:... ""

He bet one thousand dollars!

His brother definitely did not think that way!

He must be brewing some kind of scheme.

In his thoughts.

A thin but energetic youth passed by their car and aimed straight at Gu Xiaoxi.

Nan Ruofeng's pupils suddenly shrank. "Big brother, big brother! Your love rival!"

What the f * ck!

Why is this Bai Haochen here?

He remembered that he had already comforted him last night. Why did he come here?

"Yes." A certain man was extremely composed, and the arc on the corners of his mouth seemed to be saying, You think you're worthy of being my love rival at this level?

Nan Ruofeng heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw that he wasn't angry.

However, when he saw him staring playfully at the two people who were chatting not far away, a thought suddenly came to his mind.

This Bai Haochen...

Could it be that brother called him over?

Gu Xiaoxi was looking at her watch when a shadow suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. She subconsciously looked up. "You are here. Let's go in now..."

Before the end of the sentence could be heard, she saw the furious man in front of her clearly.

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