His Ugly Mate/C1 Chapter 1 fire!
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His Ugly Mate/C1 Chapter 1 fire!
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C1 Chapter 1 fire!

Alpha Kane

"Hey guys, come over here…. Let's make fires everywhere." I chuckled, playing with my friends using arrows and fire. It was our favorite game ever.

Yes, we were fifteen years old. But we were the royal family of the blue moon pack, and I was the next in line Alpha after my father.

"No, don't, wait, Kane!" my best friend screamed at me.

But dammit! I just shot the arrow, and that one dropped in the Beta house just now "run guys, run, or they will catch us." I told them, and I started running immediately.

"Kane, what if the Beta wasn't there, and he couldn't have time or any help to stop the fire?!" one of my best friends worriedly asked me.

But I didn't think twice to come back or not; there was no way to go back.

And no one else should know about that incident or my father might kill me!

He was so strict, even with all the royal family members and me!

"Run all of you now and don't ever mention what happened today, forget about that incident…. Got that? Or my father will throw us in jail…" I commanded, explaining to them the consequences.

And yes, all of us, the five best friends, forgot totally about that. It was our secret.

Ten years passed, and all we knew about the fire incident was that the Beta lost that house forever, it was burned, and his daughter got injured. That was what we all knew.

I didn't ask, and I didn't want to hear what happened.

Now I turned into twenty-four, and in a few months, I will turn into twenty-five, and I will be the king of the blue moon beck.

While we were in fight practice, my father interrupted me and said sternly, "follow me now, Kane. I need to talk to you."

I followed immediately, "wait for me, guys…" I waved to my friends, and they just chuckled and nodded.

My father walked to his office and asked me, "close the door behind you and come here."

His voice was so weird as if I did something wrong, and he figured out about it.

I coughed, "yes, my king, what is it? Something wrong happened?"

He raised his brows "yes! To hand you the throne, you should get mated."

I widened my eyes, but excitedly and immediately agreed, "okay, when I will pick my mate then?"

He crossed his arms over his chest "you should pay for your past mistakes, so…" he lingered in his words in the air.

Then he trailed off his words firmly, "I picked a mate for you. So don't worry. All you need to do, be mated to her."

"But, shouldn't I see her and meet her first? And what about my past mistake? I don't understand!" I commented on curiosity.

"End of conversation! Your mating party is tonight, go and get ready." he gestured to me and left, and I almost dropped my jaw.

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