His Ugly Mate/C4 Chapter 4 you will lose!
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His Ugly Mate/C4 Chapter 4 you will lose!
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C4 Chapter 4 you will lose!

Alpha Kane

I stepped closer to my father and leaned my head, whispering to him, “Father, I can’t do that!”

He dragged me out of the ballroom room and stood at the door “listen to me Kane, you were the reason for her suffering for ten years. You should pay now for your mistakes, or I will have to put you in jail, not just you will lose your crown.” he threatened me.

I glared at the floor thinking for a while, then I said: “so, if I accepted her as my mate, then you will forgive me and give me a royal pardon, and I will take the crown in a year?”

Yes, all I cared about was to be a king! Yes, I dreamed of that. I was born to be the Alpha of the blue moon beck.

He rubbed his chin, “yes, I will. Now, what’s your decision?”

I shrugged my shoulders in defeat and broken smile “do I have another option? Yes, I do accept for sure.”

And then I followed my father inside, I bowed my head to her “son, I need to apologize to you. Please forgive me. Please be my mate.”

She bowed her head, “I will try to forgive you…. My Alpha.”

She didn’t smile at all. Or maybe she did, but from the burns, I couldn’t see. I didn’t care. I was just pretending that I was sorry. Just faking a good attitude in front of my father.

Then I linked my arms to her and walked to our room.

I covered her face with the veil, and once we stepped inside, I pushed her immediately roughly, that she even fell on the floor. Then I locked the door and started yelling at her, “listen to me, beast, whenever we are in public, you will need to act as happy Luna. But inside our room. I don’t want to see your ugly face ever. Dammit! Do you think that you will trap me into that mating bond to pay for what happened to you? I don’t fucking care about what happened to you! It was an incident.” I threatened her, and she started crying heavily, but her cries didn’t melt my heart.

I just couldn’t understand how I will be able to wait until my father hands me the throne!

But I had to do that! I should wait, one year and I will kick her out of that castle. No, I will kick her out of the whole kingdom.

She stood up slowly and nodded, “Then, I’m here just to…”

I squeezed her jaw immediately by my strong grip and uncovered her face and pushed her to look at herself in the mirror “look! Do you know how disgusting you are?! I can’t even look at you? How do you bear looking at yourself? I will never live with a monster like you ever… you are here only temporary. Got that bitch?!” then I pushed her to the floor.

She crawled on her knees “ I don’t want to be with you either. But do you know what? I'm not the monster here. You are! You are heartless, I hate you.”

I mumbled “good! Then we do have a deal. After one year... You will be out of here. But until that time, don’t talk to me. Don’t show your face to me. Now go and sleep on the couch.” I commanded her harshly, looking up and down in disgust for her.

She walked to the bathroom and locked herself crying. I just changed my clothes and slammed my body to the bed and fell asleep normally. But I was thinking of how I could get out of that trap.

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