His Ugly Mate/C5 Chapter 5 a mistress!
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His Ugly Mate/C5 Chapter 5 a mistress!
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C5 Chapter 5 a mistress!

Alpha Kane

I woke up and found her sleeping on the couch, it was the worst morning ever!

I hopped off the bed, huffing, and puffing, then I nudged her shoulder, “, Hey, you! Wake up.” I yelled at her.

To see her fucking ugly face in the morning already switched my mood and ruined my day.

She opened her eyes slowly “mm, yes.”

I frowned, “wake up now! Get your ass off the couch.” I commanded her, but she was still yawning.

I hated her!

I clutched her hair aggressively and pulled her up, “ I told you, I don’t want to see your fucking face ever! Right?”

She nodded “yes,” she gulped nervously. I know I was too harsh, but for god sake! She was the ugliest person ever! If I had to be mated to a dog or a bear it would be better than seeing her face.

I crossed my arms over my chest “then why do you keep that ugly face uncovered?”

She glared to the floor fiddling with her fingers nervously, and stammered “I was sleeping, do you expect me to cover my face while I’m sleeping? This will be difficult. I won’t be able to breathe and I might die!” she was explaining her bullshit and I literally blocked my ears and acted like a deaf.

I strangled her neck by my strong grip “listen to me! I don’t care if you couldn’t breathe or not. Actually, I don’t give a shit if you died! And to be honest, it will be much relief if you died. Even for you. Don’t you think so?” then I pushed her away from my path “I’m going to take a shower now. I don’t want to see your face around. Go down or kill yourself or anything.”

I told her coldly and boldly and she started crying again. That was too annoying, seriously, thanks to my father, I will suffer for more than a year.

I walked to the shower and took a long cold shower to snap my bad thoughts…. I wanted to kill her, to be honest. Yes! But it came to my mind to make her feel miserable more and kill herself instead or decided to break the bond on her own.

So humiliation and ignorance was my plan to get rid of her fast. I just wish she won’t be bad-ass and patient and hoping that I may love her. Because she will be insane.

I stood up and dried my body with the towel. I walked to my bedroom and I didn’t find her and I was glad.

That's when it came to my mind to switch back my mood from bad to good and that will never happen without a lovely sexy girl.

I pulled my cell phone from my pocket and immediately called my mistress, yes, I do have a lot of them.

“Hey baby, I’m waiting for you,” I said to Lisa.

She huffed “how! I just was informed that you found your mate!” she gasped and asked me confused.

“Don’t worry about her. My father forced me to get mated with her and she is freaking ugly. Anyway. Don’t be late because my dick is too hard.” I chuckled.

I looked down at my dick, and thinking of Lisa underneath me already made my dick arose immediately by her sexy voice.

“Okay, I’m on my way,” she said and hung up.

In five minutes, I heard cracks in the door, I opened, and I found the beast, yes… my mate, “what brings you here now?” I groaned.

She whispered, “where should I go?”

I rubbed my chin “go to the bathroom, my mistress is coming now.”

She cemented by the door “Hey, did you hear me? I don’t want her to see you! Besides looking at you will make my dick sleep! And I want to fuck her. So go now.” I commanded her.

She dragged her feet slowly to the bathroom and locked herself in.

I waited for my baby Lisa to come.

She swayed her hips right and left seductively, I pulled her into my lap. She pouted “I’m so mad at you.” she said.

I kissed her lips “please don’t be.”

“So where’s she?” she asked me about my mate.

“In the bathroom.” I roared.

Lisa gasped and hopped off my lap “huh? But what if she saw us?”

I pulled her back and placed her on the bed and then topped her showering her neck and her cheeks with warm kisses “don’t worry, she knows that you will come. She’s so ugly. I will never touch her.”

“But! Kane, is she that ugly?” she wondered.

I called rosy “hey! Rosy come here now.”

And once she stopped, she plastered on her place “take off your veil!” I commanded her sternly.

And Lisa freaked out and gasped “oh my god! She’s so ugly! She’s a beast.”

I shrugged my shoulders “I told you, baby, now let me fuck you in front of that beast. To let her know how much I hate her. How much I disgusts her and that I will never accept her to be my mate.”

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