His Ugly Mate/C6 Chapter 6 blood!
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His Ugly Mate/C6 Chapter 6 blood!
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C6 Chapter 6 blood!


I couldn’t believe how he was treating me, he was the main reason for my suffering since I was a little girl. And I didn’t ask him to be mated to me!

Why he did that? That was the only question that was roaming in my head and I wanted an answer!

When he asked me to go away, I went down to find my father and talk with him. But I already by coincidence heard him talking with the king.

I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but the door of the office was already open. And yes, I heard everything. It was a hard shock to me, but it was expected.

They were talking about how Alpha Kane should be reasonable and pay for what he did to me years ago and that it was an unforgivable sin.

But they didn’t know that they made me suffer more. They didn’t know that someone like Alpha Kane did that to be Alpha king in a few months.

I wiped my tears, but one of the maids saw me “your highness.”

My father spotted me by the door “rosy, sweetheart.”

I pushed his hand away from me “sweetheart? Why did you do that to me? To humiliate me?! You know and sure that no one wants to look at my face, so how do you expect my mate to love me?!”

My father hugged me, “he will! I’m sure. You are so pretty…”

I mocked “yes, same words! Pretty from inside! Look at my father…” I uncovered my face.

I trailed off my words talking to him and to the king who was giving me pity looks “look at me both of you! Do you think any man would be able to love a girl like me? If I was a man I will never be able to do that? The face is important.”

I ran immediately to the room after I made sure to cover my face again.

I didn’t want to hear any more insulting or yelling from Alpha Kane.

But when he opened the door, I was shocked by his words, he didn’t even hide that his girl is going to come! I wanted to get out! But when he commanded me to go to the bathroom. I wanted to be inside to hear everything. To hear how sweet he could be with a woman. I was hoping that his nature was bad with everyone, not only with me.

Just stupid hopes, but I found out that I was the monkey in the zoo. When he asked me to uncover my face. He made fun of me with his girl. He kissed her and topped her body in front of my eyes.

He bent down in between her legs and licked her toes and her pussy! He was shameless and heartless, but to fuck her in front of me was something I couldn’t bear. Not because I was supposed to be his Luna and by his behavior insulted me and stepped on my dignity but because he licked her toes! He kissed her feet! He was like a too romantic and submitting to her even so she has been just a slut and he didn’t even think to be mated to her.

So he was really disgusting me to that degree! Which was so hurtful!

I couldn’t stand hearing her moans and see him digging his dick growling form pleasure. I locked myself in the bathroom and took a scissor and cut both my hands and my feet veins! Yes, I wanted to end my life. My life meant nothing… and I guess I waited for too long.

Blood was splashed everywhere, I didn’t know that it will be so painful. So I started whimpering and screaming.

He barged into the bathroom after he smashed the door, and guess what he hollers at me “what the fuck! If you wanted to end your life don’t do that here!”

And everything went black… I even lost the ability to breathe…

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