His Ugly Mate/C7 Chapter 7 slave!
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His Ugly Mate/C7 Chapter 7 slave!
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C7 Chapter 7 slave!


I opened my eyes to see myself in the bed and surprisingly I found Alpha Kane next to me.

My face was uncovered! I rubbed my chin confused, has he changed all of a sudden because I tried to kill myself? Was that possible?

He gazed at me “welcome back to life… I used my powers to heal your wounds. So…” he said softly.

But I heard a sharp cough, I turned my head to see the king standing there. He leaned and patted on my head “thank god that you are safe now.”

That’s it, then? He saved my life and treating me in a good way because his father is here?!

I guess monsters and devils will never change. They will remain heartless forever.

I drew a fake smile “thank you all.”

And that was it, I didn’t want to thank them, why the hell they saved me? I wanted to stay like this, I wanted to die. Why didn’t burn me alive instead?

The king smiled to me softly “okay, I will leave you now to relax and take a rest. And take care of yourself rosy.”

I tried to adjust my back to the bed to bow my head respectfully to him “thank you, your highness. I didn’t….” I was going to explain to him that I tried to kill myself.

But Alpha Kane cut off my words immediately, “she just fell down and I don’t know how her hands and her legs were…. But anyway, she is fine now. Don’t worry father. I will take care of her by my soul. She is my Luna after all.” he lied! Every word came out of his mouth was bullshit.

How could he fake his feelings and act like that?! For what? To be the next Alpha king? And how about me? I didn’t do anything to deserve this life?

I nodded mutely and didn't open my mouth because Alpha Kane shot me with warning deadly gazes.

I wasn’t scared of him, not yet at least! But I was so lonely and miserable and I didn’t want to open the hellfires into my face. I wanted everything to move smoothly and peacefully till this year-end.

Yes, I surrender to my fate, I will never stay with him anymore. Even if he begged me. And sure he would never do that. I was nothing to him, I was trashed and he would always see me like a piece of garbage.

But I don’t blame him for not accepting me, I was so ugly my face was full of scars. Even I hated to look at myself in the mirror.

But I do blame him for what happened to me. He should have some mercy, he should’ve asked me sincerely for what he did. He should at least treat me nicely.

Before the king stormed out of our room, he plastered Alpha Kane by his words “by the way Kane, I want an heir… so do your best with your Luna to make the bond together forever.”

And the king left, Alpha Kane locked the door after him.

Then he came to me and yelled at me “move your ass up now!”

I tried to drag myself out of bed, but it was so hard. I bled a lot.

But suddenly he pinned me back to the bed and frowned “I guess I need to get mated to you! I need to find a solution. I just hoped that your body wouldn’t be full of scars too.”

I stared at him confused, what the hell did he mean by that?

He raised his brows and grabbed the veil, then covered my face. He stood up again and turned off the lights. Then he started taking off all of his clothes.

I was speechless, shocked and lost, I didn’t know what he intended to do.

Until he ripped off my clothes, I screamed “What are you doing? Don’t touch me!”

He pressed his strong palm to my mouth, “don’t yell or I will make you regret it. I will fuck you now. Your body is not bad. So all I need to do is to cover your face and fuck you.” he explained to me boldly.

I squirmed underneath his strong grip, tried to push him away, but he wrapped my both hands up to my head by one hand and by his other hand stroked his dick until it was hard as stick iron, then he proudly and in monster tone announced “from now on you will be my sex slave.”

And dammit! It was the worst losing virginity experience ever! He raped me! He forced me and he didn't stop humiliating me while doing so.

“You ugly bitch! You are my slave now… your body is good and your pussy Is tight I like that….” he thrust faster and deeper, I screamed and cried. My tears were blurring my eyes. My face and my body were suffering from his slaps and slams. He didn’t stop even so I was begging him.

And once he reached his climax, he growled “I’m coming bitch… filling you with my fluid… now I did what my father wanted… I will be the next Alpha…”

And then he pulled his dick and scoffed “Not bad, I will do it with you daily.” he smirked and then left me and walked to the shower room. Leaving me surrounded by my blood droplets and in-store. Left me suffering emotionally and now physically.

I’m not the beast, but he is… I will make him regret someday.

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