Four years in Tianchen. Early winter. The capital, Hibiscus City.

As far as the eye could see, the ground was covered with white curtains of snow. The pure white snow fluttered down like catkins, falling on the ground, on the treetops, on the eaves, and wrapped in silver. The steps were covered in snow, and the sun shone brightly in spring. It was a beautiful scene that could be compared to a painting.

Yue Liu wore a green silk dress with a light purple belt that outlined her slender waist. There were a few elegant light colored hibiscus petals embroidered on the hem of her clothes, which made her look even more eye-catching compared to the snow. She carefully walked on the snow, making slight creaking sounds, adding to the serenity and elegance of the winter.

"It's snowing, what beautiful snow …" When she saw the first snow of winter, her eyes suddenly shone like diamonds, as if they could let out light. She carefully picked up a handful of the snow, and a cold feeling instantly spread from her palm to her heart.

Jinsi walked into the yard and saw Yue Liuying holding the snow as she spun around in the snow. Her black hair fluttered in the air as she spun around. There was a smile on her face and even the scenery around her changed.

After a moment of surprise, she walked in gently and with a raise of her eyebrows, she said with a straight face, "I've just been poisoned and my body is still weak. How did you come to the yard to play with the snow?"

Frowning, Yue Liuying walked up to tug on her sleeve and gently shook it, "What a beautiful girl. I've already been in my room for five days and I've been looking at the ceiling every day. "If I stay any longer, I'll become a worm."

He remembered that when she first woke up, the doctor had an expression of disbelief. After calming down, he sincerely and earnestly said to her, "This lady is truly a rich and powerful person. However, for the sake of safety, I would like to request young lady to rest for a few more days so that the poison can be completely purged from her body. "

Thus, Jinsi watched over her day after day, serving her in every way. Clothes, meals, washing up … It made her feel as if she was seriously ill, and her days were very uncomfortable.

The maid had also drank a poisonous hot soup, and her soul had returned to the heavens, so Manager Liu sent her to wait upon him.

He shook his head helplessly and said, "Lady, it's only the beginning of winter. When your body is well, it's not too late to visit the snow."

Yue Liuying tilted her head and looked at the flying goose feathers Xiao Xue. She could only walk back to her room in three steps, take off her jacket and lazily lie on the Imperial Consort's bed.

"The girl hasn't been out for a while, and she is a little bored indeed. Once he recovers, the young master will bring the young lady back to the mansion for marriage. The scenery of the predestined Ling Villa is beautiful, and the buildings and pavilions stand on the water. This way, the young lady will no longer call it boring. " Jinsi said softly as she followed him into the house.

When Yue Liuying heard this, not only did she not cheer, but her little face became even more sunken. Marriage! He had just been poisoned and was about to step into the grave of his marriage. Two or eight years, such a good youth time, from then on will be affixed "have been a woman" label.

When she thought of sharing a husband with a bunch of girls from the backyard and using them to fawn over each other to consolidate her position, Yue Liuying felt that her life was miserable and she had nothing to live for.

If she could, she would rather be sick for the rest of her life than be a concubine.

However, fortunately it was a concubine. This way... The probability of him planning to escape should be higher!

Yue Liuying thought.

After entering the Manor, he would quietly act as a concubine, trying to reduce the feeling of his own existence as much as possible. He ate and drank to his heart's content. Then, he saved up some money and waited for an opportunity to escape from the manor. When that time comes, I will be free and unfettered...

Hmm, there will be bread, there will be happiness, there will be silver, there will be friends, love … Uh, it's up to the heavens to decide.

Thinking of this, Yue Liuying's big eyes lit up again, with a hint of cunning and scheming.

In the study at the east side of the Precipice Villa, a man wearing a black embroidered robe was standing by the window with his hands behind his back. Outside the window, a gentle breeze blew the two crown bands up and down, fluttering with the wind. Although they were dancing lightly with the wind, when matched with the man's posture and aura, they gave off a sharp feeling that would intimidate the world.

As the sun set in the west, the afterglow of the setting sun shone through the window onto the man's body, adding to his mysteriousness and profoundness. Just this figure alone was enough to make people feel that he possessed an extraordinary nobility, an aura that could pierce the heavens. He was truly a peerless talent.

The study room was extremely quiet. The man seemed to have already sunk into his own thoughts. After a long while, he dusted off the dust on his body that did not exist and coldly asked his subordinate who was half kneeling in the room, "You've come back to life?"

"Reporting to the Young Lord, yes." We were originally diagnosed with the poison of 'Ming Xia', so without the antidote, we should be dead without a doubt. However, yesterday, we received news that other than our weak bodies needing to recuperate, our lives are no longer in danger. "

"Oh, that's new." The man slightly lowered his brows, appearing to be deep in thought. The cold expression on his face and the icy aura from his body, however, did not diminish in the slightest.

"Young master, do we need to check?"


Yue Liuying was only the daughter of a merchant from the Yanyun Country, whether she lived or died was not important to him. However, the Yue family was still a merchant that had a reputation within Yan Yun Country. If Yue Liuying died in the middle of the road for no reason, it would bring about some small trouble in the future.

He wasn't afraid of trouble, but … He would never do something like losing a man or a soldier.


Ming Xia was a mysterious poison, and it was said that there was no cure for it. Since the "Battle of Baiqi" seventeen years ago, the martial arts world had gone extinct. Now, it was being used on a merchant's daughter. Who was the one who drugged him? Then how could Yue Liuying escape with her life?

It seemed like … It was not simple...

After resting for almost half a month, Yue Liuying's body had basically recovered to its peak condition. The doctor that was sent to report to the Manor that they would be able to enter on an auspicious day in two days.

Yue Liuying was always optimistic, but she would occasionally mutter, "What a sinful capitalist!"

The next day, Yue Liuying put on her pink wedding dress again and looked into the mirror with a silly smile on her face.

Jinsi thought she was being bashful. After a "Pfft", she covered her mouth and smiled lightly. "The young lady Zhong Lingxiu will definitely be able to beat the other ladies in the backyard."

Yue Liuying didn't mind. "Jinsi, I heard that your Young Lord is cold and merciless and is often out there?"

"Actually, this servant has only seen the Young Master a few times from afar. One's every action, every word, and every action is noble and impressive. Everyone in the martial arts world said that the young master was' proud and aloof in nature, cold and unparalleled in appearance '.

Was Ling Qiye really so elegant when he gave such a high evaluation?

"The Young Lord doesn't like to talk or make jokes. He has a cold personality. "Yes, because of business, I often go out."

As she supported her chin with her small hands, Yue Liuying completely understood the situation. The more successful a person was, the busier they tended to be. In other words, he was the Gold CEO of a super big BOSS that was worth more than 100 million.

Every day there was a lot of paperwork to be approved, a lot of accounts to be looked at, a lot of meetings to be held, and every now and then business trips and inspections to be made.

Ah, so tiring!

Yue Liuying retracted her thoughts and continued to ask, "Then how many times did Young Master go to the backyard?"

"Hmm, about ten days a month."

"Ten days... Even though Zai Ling Manor had no matriarch, but he heard that there were over thirty concubines, and he often went out to do public business …. Wow, that doesn't mean that other than the wedding night, it would also require several months for me to serve the night. "

It wasn't that she hadn't thought of taking the opportunity to escape these days, but it was a pity that there were several guards guarding the entrance of this courtyard. They said that they had to protect her life and that they couldn't let her be harmed.

She wanted to climb over the wall but she didn't expect that the only material in the room that could help her climb over the wall was the bed curtain. The curtain was made of gauze and it was easy to pull her up to the top of the wall. The situation made her depressed.

However, she still needed a period of time to understand the geography and environment of Hibiscus Nation, so she needed to properly deploy her forces. Otherwise, with the strength of Zai Ling Manor, she would most likely fall into the trap before she could even get far.

The corner of Yue Liuying's mouth curled up, looking like a lowly person who had achieved his goals, leaving Jinsi unable to understand what she meant.

Before she could ask, a loud "It's time to —" stopped her in her tracks.

Suddenly, Jinx's eyes widened. It can't be? This new wife, it seemed … It was as if …

He was extremely unwilling to marry the Young Master!

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