There were a few white clouds floating in the blue sky. The cold wind of the past seemed to have calmed down. Only the leaves on the trees and the flowers by the side of the trail could be seen gently shaking their heads. The snow on the ground melted a little under the warm rays of the sun, and he felt his heart warm up as he immersed himself in it.

Yue Liuying sat on the swing, gently rocking back and forth, chewing on a sweet and smooth coconut cup.

"Jinsi, wait until the spring of next year, then find someone to help me move the three slim waisted Plum Blossom Trees to the outskirts of Qingying Courtyard."

"Oh, why?" Didn't those three trees grow well? How could they not attract the young lady's interest?

"Well, because I decided to switch to grape trees. That way, I can lie in the shade next summer and nibble on those round, sweet grapes. "

The three Plum Blossom Trees looked useless. When the wind blew, plum petals were scattered all over the ground, making it so that the young lord needed to be cleaned every day. When next year's spring blossoms bloom, it will be even more so without the change of season. In Yue Liuying's view, planting a flower was not as good as planting a tree. If you planted a tree, you would grow a tree that could bear fruit.

She is not a talented person, every day keen to appreciate the scenery, lyrics, poetry, all day to express themselves in flowers, hurt the spring and autumn. So, how good it is to plant a grape tree, hot summer, can not only take people to cool down, but also allow people to eat.

Breeze gently caressed his cheek and lay down on a soft chair under the shade of a tree. The sun was shining through the branches and leaves, gradually sprinkling onto his body.

"Miss, I can tell that you have no common sense. It will take at least three years for the fruit to bear fruit." Jinx made a three with her finger and waved it in front of her with a disdainful look.

"No way, hmm... Then … "Then just plant the mulberry trees. We'll definitely be able to eat the fruits next year."

"Miss, are you sure you want to stay here next year?" Jin Se supported her forehead. Could her young miss not be so full of thoughts of eating or sleeping?!

"Right." Yue Liuying stopped swinging in an arc, put one hand under her chin, tilted her head and thought seriously, "Sigh, in any case, I'll plant it first, we'll talk about it when the time comes."

Jinx nodded speechlessly. She walked over with a plate full of pastries and stuffed another lotus seed cake into her mouth.

"Miss, what did you drug that Miss Wan last night!"

She was very curious about the bottle of powder scattered on the black wood silver cutlery and the blue and white porcelain spoon that was specially used for the Ten Thousand Sunsets. After they came back, she didn't even have time to ask what happened before the Miss directly threw herself back into her room and slept, leaving her alone and in silence.

"Ugh …" She pointed to her puffed cheeks, indicating that she should wait a moment.

He tried his best to swallow the lotus seed cake in his mouth before running his hand over his chest to prevent himself from choking.

"The name is' Red River '."

"Wow, it sounds really amazing." Jinther sat down with a piece of cake and stuffed it into his mouth.

"On account of it being her first offense, she's already given the lightest medicine." Once, when she was bored to death, she looked at this and that in her room and found many bottles and jars in one of her small wooden cabinets, all kinds of famous or strange poisons and antidotes, marked with descriptions of their drugs. Poison consisted of Three Inch Gut Cutting Grass, Trident Turtle, Bamboo Peach, River-red, and Peacock Bile... Compared to the others, the Red River was indeed the lightest medicine.

Even though she didn't understand why there were so many poisons and antidotes in the room of her original identity as a lady, she was afraid that her identity wasn't as simple as a rich family's daughter. However, since she was already here, she might as well settle down. Now that she had been reborn, she naturally had to live her own life.

Jin Se's face was filled with curiosity, and she couldn't help but ask, "Miss, quickly tell me what exactly is so miraculous about 'River Red'."

"The reason why it's named 'River Red' is because the person who consumed it will have patches of red on their body and even their face is no exception. Wan Shuang Shuang didn't say that she was flustered and helpless so she let me fall into the river. Now, I'll let her have a taste of what is truly flustered and helpless. "

As she spoke, Yue Liuying thought back to her predicament that day and felt a lingering fear. If not for Ling Qiye rushing over in time for Qian Mu to come and save her, she would have lost her life once again if she wasn't careful. This time, he was punishing her a little. He just hoped that Wan shuang would be able to restrain herself a little and not hurt the innocent again for no reason.

"Red spots? Miss, this Wan Shuang Shuang Shuang seems to be a very beautiful person, she … Would she be unable to endure such a great excitement? " Jinx asked carefully, tugging at her sleeve.

"Don't worry. Your young lady is so innocent and kind. How could she be so ruthless?" She patted Jinsi on the shoulder, as if I was a kind person, "This medicine only serves as a warning. As time goes by, the effect will gradually disappear, at most, it will cause her to be shamed and unable to leave the house."

Ten days to be shameful!

Jin Se shrugged her shoulders and smiled embarrassedly. She followed her words and said, "Yes, yes, yes. The servant girl knows that the Miss is the most kind-hearted girl in the world."

"Yes, yes. This kid is worth teaching."

"That's right, Jinsi, why do you keep calling Ling Qiye 'Young Master' all the time, but you're not the manor lord? Could it be that Zai Ling Manor was built by his father?"

Ever since the day she had arrived in this world, the people around her had always called him 'Young Lord'. However, there was no one in the manor who had called him the Old Master, nor had she heard about Ling Qiye's father and mother. She didn't really care about this, but it was boring, so she just asked.

Upon hearing this, Jinsi frowned. "Miss, your servant has been in the mansion for two years. As for the reason why, it is not very clear, but it seems that very few people call Young Master 'Villa Master'. The servant is also full of curiosity, but does not have the guts to ask about the reason behind it. "

"Forget it, I don't really want to know. There is only one name for each of us. You can just call him whatever you want."

Yue Liuying jumped off the swing, and while the woman wasn't paying attention, she grabbed the pastry plate in her hands, picked up a piece of glutinous rice cake, and carefully savored it. Ugh, it was simply too delicious!

"Ah! Open your mouth!" Stretching out your hand, you take out another piece of cool cake and feed it to Jinsi. "Jinsi, you are so virtuous. Whoever marries you will die of happiness."

"My servant …"

"Stop!" Yue Liuying suddenly interrupted her, "You're not allowed to call yourself 'servant girl' anymore. It's so ear-piercing that it makes me feel uncomfortable."

"Yes, I won't dare anymore." She pursed her lips into a smile. With her previous experience, she could not reject him, "However, from now on, you have to follow Miss Dingdang firmly. Miss, please don't even think about pushing me out."

"Hmph, I'm afraid that when the time comes, you'll secretly approve of me. A person who loves others will immediately forget about me, a young miss who's in the middle of a journey."

"Miss, you …" You're not allowed to say anything else. " Jinsi was so embarrassed that he didn't know how to put his hands and feet together.

"Haha …"

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