It was day. The entire sky was as clean as if it had been splashed with water. There were no clouds, not even a speck of dust. It was a light blue colour, like a piece of light, tender, blue silk. It made people want to reach out and touch it, to feel its softness.

The air after the snow was naturally fresh, and after taking in a deep breath, his entire body and mind felt as if they were standing in a valley amidst an empty mountain.

However, this afternoon's Clear Wave Pavilion lost its usual tranquility. The sound of objects colliding together, the sound of women laughing, wailing and jesting was mixed together. It was no longer the usual tranquility and peace.

"Forty thousand... "Sigh, why are there so many useless things here?"

"Wait, don't move. I touched it." Water Lady of Yi Shui Pavilion was beaming as she accepted the forty thousand from Madam Rong of Lian Rong Garden.

"Nine!" She struck out a card and then brushed the hairpin with her hair and took the tea from the maid.

"Water Lady is in a good mood today, and her luck is not bad." Just now, I've already won two. One time I met him, I fought him, and the other time I fought with him. " Madam Hai covered her mouth with a handkerchief and said, "I'm so envious of you!"

"That's right, that's right. My money is flowing like water. "Oh, it's really a pity." On the opposite side, Madame Peaches stared at the silver taels held by the servant girl behind Madam Shui with a regretful expression.

"Three... Get ready, I've already started listening to cards. " Madam Rong rested a hand on her cheek, her eyebrows raised in pride.

"It can't be. It's only been a short while since the match started, and you've already begun listening to cards. Then I'll have to be careful … …" "Right. The east wind."

"Ruo Shui is really cunning, the east wind cannot eat, only touch. "Now, except for the three east winds, everything else is very stable." Madam Rong pretended to point at Madam Shui, but her smile was like a flower.

Madam Hai followed up with a joke and said, "Sister Shui probably inherited Liuying's true skills. Every card she plays is meticulously calculated. What cards are we playing so we can't use them for the time being. We just want to play them, but we always shake our heads and clap our against the table in regret."

"How could this be considered a skill? I was just thinking about it and decided to play as I please." "Oh yeah, speaking of Liuying, why didn't you see her out for a walk when the weather is so good today?"

"It's not like you don't know her. Ignoring the weather, sleeping and eating are the most important things in life. When the weather was good, she said, it was a good time for sleep. When the weather is not good and say that such a cold winter should stay at home warm bed, eating hot food is the right way. It is in the afternoon and the sun is warming the sky, causing the snow on the ground to fall away. I assume that Liuying's sister is sleeping soundly in the quiet garden. "

"Hehe, you're right. Ever since we all learned to play mahjong, she has lost her initial interest. However, this is also good. I can lose a few rounds and have a chance to earn some money. "

"I'm afraid that her laziness can't be transferred over …" Well, seven... "Sisters, now I'm starting to listen to the game as well, I have to win this round." "… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … Madame Peaches leaned back, narrowed her long and beautiful eyes, and looked with satisfaction at the mahjong who was about to show his hand.

"This is really good luck for all of us. Sigh..." Let me touch one first. Haha, to think that it would be eight, the sisters have finally agreed to it. " Madam Hai waved her hand and showed her card, grinning from ear to ear.

"What?" The other three people were surprised. They couldn't believe that Song Hai Yi, who had always been poor, had won this fight so suddenly.

"Look, my good luck has run out. "Other than the first two rounds, there is no other sign as of now. Since you've received the silver, why don't you hand it over just like that?" Water Lady took a silver ingot from a servant girl reluctantly and put it on the table.

"Ai, look at how free we are these days. We can only rely on playing mahjong to pass the time."

"That's right, that's right. I haven't seen the Young Lord for quite some time. I wonder what he's been busy with recently?" After washing the cards, Lady Yao supported her chin with one hand, looking as if her yearning had reached a state of illness.

"Don't all the women in the backyard look the same? I can only see the Young Lord once every few months. "Forget it, I haven't spoken to Young Master in two months."

"I really don't know anyone who can make the cold and estranged Young Master break the rules."

"You, it's better to give up on this idea. It's not very realistic. The sisters in our backyard are all different types, both beautiful and talented, which one isn't a beauty out of a hundred? Although it was not as beautiful as the emperor's harem of 3000 beauties, it was not far off. In all these years, there has never been a young master who took a fancy to any of the madams, and is only ranked according to custom. "

"Speaking of which, I have thought it through. It's not bad for Young Lord to be exposed to rain and dew." "Compared to other rich and powerful families who are fighting over a favor, we can at least sit here and play mahjong, gather together, and have a good time."

"That's true... Forget it, let's not talk about such a sad topic. Let's continue fighting! "

Before long, the crisp sound of mahjong could be heard again.

At this moment, within the Green Bamboo Forest, the gentle sunlight penetrated through the bamboo and scattered into specks of light on the ground. The mottled bamboo shadows were reflected on the ground or on the bamboo pole at the other end of the hall.

In the middle of the small open space, there was a man dressed in a white robe, dressed in a luxurious robe, who seemed to be waving his sword. The swordsman was extraordinarily handsome, and each move carried a biting cold aura. His wrist turned over the hilt of the sword, and the sword began to turn as well. It was already a warm sun high up in the sky, and the unsheathed sword was a dazzling silver light. A silver light suddenly appeared, and as it danced, it streaked across the sky like a meteor. The speed at which it practiced the sword art was like a shocking and intoxicating meteor shower. At the place where the longsword passed, the bamboo leaves danced in the air and flew gracefully to the ground. Looking at it from afar, it didn't seem like a biting cold winter, but rather a lively early spring.

The tip of his foot brushed past the bamboo leaves that were falling down gracefully. With a flip, he landed on his side and held his sword behind his back.

"Uncle Ling, have all the accounts books from different places been delivered this month?" The man in white spoke casually.

"Reporting to Young Master, other than the northern and southern regions of the county, which were delayed by the heavy snowfall, the accounts of the other regions have been delivered as per expected." Uncle Ling, who had been standing nearby, respectfully replied.

"Yes, the weather isn't bad today. Tell someone to send all the books to the Smoke Pavilion. I can do my investigation there."

Uncle Ling took the sword and handed it to Thousand Creations, then summoned the guard to carry the account book over.

Ling Qiye returned to the Xi Lingxuan and changed his clothes before leaving. He didn't expect to hear a woman's voice in the distance before he even reached the Smoke Pavilion.

He frowned slightly, his expression cold.

He originally wanted to take advantage of today's warm sun as it blew away the early snow, then work in the pavilion for a while. However, he didn't expect that he would already be occupied by a group of birds. He had never been happy with such a hubbub, let alone the fact that he still needed to read a book. As he thought this, he stopped and turned to leave.

However, the strange words that came into his ears and the laughter of these women that were different from the past made him change his mind all of a sudden.

He stretched out his hand to brush away the leaves that were falling off his shoulders. His eyes were lowered as he walked into the Smoke Pavilion with his hands behind his back.

The closer he got, the more he could see that the stone table in the pavilion was covered with boxes that were green on the back and had a series of frames on the front. Some engravings, some inscriptions.

He had always known the times. Not to mention that she knew everything in this world, the items that passed through her mind could be considered as treasures. But the square object in front of him that made these women laugh so happily was something he had never seen before. He did not know what it was.

"Young master, do you need Qian Mu to ask the madams to leave?" Seeing Ling Qiye halt in his steps, Qian Mu stepped forward and asked gently.

Ye Zichen waved towards him, "No need, let's go over."

In the pavilion, Lady Yao was sitting directly north of him. Just as she was about to touch the mahjong, she suddenly froze. A look of shock flashed in her eyes, followed by a look of ecstasy. Was she seeing things? Was that white-robed, colorful-robed man walking towards her, the Young Lord?

The rest of them saw that she had frozen for a moment and was staring into the distance without moving her eyes. They also turned their heads in confusion. When he saw the other three wives, he also became excited. He hastily threw aside the things in his hands, took out the embroidered cloth, and stood up.

When Ling Qiye walked into the pavilion, they moved in unison to shake Paphod's body. "I pay my respects to the young master. The young master is well."

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