Ling Qiye put down the cup in his hand and said loudly, "Let her in."

"Greetings, young master. Good morning, young master."

His finger gently touched the rim of the cup as he raised his head. This woman who was bowing to him in front of him caused him to be even more curious. He had spent so much time to sort out the result, yet it turned out like this?

He had only used a purple hairpin to make a simple flying bun. As for the rest of the makeup, he didn't use them. Was this his intention, or was it done on purpose?

However, whether it was the former or the latter, it wouldn't affect him in the slightest.

However, he had to wait for a long time, and his face was unavoidably gloomy.

He lowered his eyes and asked in a businesslike tone, "It is said that mahjong was invented by you?"

Yue Liuying was startled, what was going on? The manor lord's tone was filled with a hint of warmth and anger, the situation didn't seem too good.

Could it be that the mansion didn't allow people to play mahjong to pass the time?

… …. Could it be that someone had placed a bet while playing mahjong and had been caught red-handed by Villa Owner Ling?

Obediently, gambling was strictly prohibited in the predestined Ling Villa. Who would be so bold as to break the order, and yet be discovered by the Lord Villa Master in such a miserable manner …

Her heart was filled with confidence. What's more, it was a bad bet. Wasn't this a gamble to make an innocent person like her lie down in public?

Sob, sob, sob!

Seeing her eyes darting away, Ling Qi Ye was afraid that he was already lost in his thoughts and should not have asked that question for a long time. He raised his eyebrows and his voice became even colder.

"Didn't you hear what I said?"

Seeing his gloomy black eyes, Yue Liuying confirmed her thoughts.

Everyone knew that the manor lord was cold and emotionless, and her methods were ruthless. Everyone wondered how she would punish herself. It was best to use her as a reason to disrupt the order within the manor and to help others to gamble, and to chase her out of the manor, never to step foot inside.

However, what if he pulled out a few tens of canes and locked them in the water prison to think about what to do?

Once again, he raised his head and sighed. What a sinful capitalist!

Thinking of how great the evil influence of Villa Owner Ling was, she could only shake her head and reply, "I followed the experience of others and imitated it, its absolute usage is clear and beneficial to the body and mind!"

She automatically ignored the boring statement behind her: "Who is this other person?"

The mahjong's origins were still unclear, so how could she know which 'other person' it was? She calmed herself down and smiled lightly, "A few years ago, I met a senior on the road and he was the one who taught me the mahjong. As for the name of this senior, I do not know. I merely met him by chance. "

"Oh — is it?" Ling Qiye stared into her bright eyes, trying to see how much of what she had said was true and how much was false. Unfortunately, she had maintained a calm and composed expression the whole time, standing in front of him with no trace of hesitation in her eyes.

"Of course, everything I say is true."

"Come here." Villa Owner Ling leaned back in his pear chair, one hand on the table as he lightly tapped the edge of the table. His appearance was so beautiful that no one could bear to ruin this beautiful scene.

However, compared to watching this beauty, Yue Liuying was more concerned about her personal safety. Therefore, when she heard the manor lord calling her over, she was stunned for a moment. "What?"

What is there to say that you must stand so close?

Could it be that he wanted to personally make a move?

But at most, she would provide the source of the gambling.

"Come here, don't let me repeat myself a third time!"

Well, the pressure seemed to have dropped by a few pounds. She took a deep breath and replied timidly, "Yes!"

Two steps, divided into three steps, slowly approached the table and met Ling Qiye's gaze across the table. Villa Owner Ling felt an inexplicable sense of oppression when she looked at him at such a close distance.

Swallowing his saliva, he lamented the Ling Family's ingenuity as they gave birth to such a handsome and graceful man. He could not only nurture the eyes, but could also set up a business and provide financial resources. He was just a little cold and handsome, but why was it that when he met Villa Owner Ling, he was just like a harmless little white rabbit? It was just too embarrassing.

Ah ah ah ah, her entire life was brilliant!

Forget it, who asked him to be in the landlord level? At most, he was just a suppressed concubine. Patience was a must, and untimely resistance would only lead to reincarnation in advance.

His face was honest, but the price of his life was even higher! Yue Liuying comforted herself.

Ling Qiye took out a sandalwood box from the right drawer and opened it to reveal the mahjong.

He smiled in embarrassment but in his heart he exclaimed that it was not good. He had collected all the evidence and presented it to the table. Obviously he had come prepared.

Actually, this was not the case. Originally, Ling Qi Ye had asked Qian Jue to go to the backyard and find a mahjong as a sample. The mahjong was here, but she had not seen his shadow for a long time. Since when did he have to wait for someone so specially, moreover, it was an unknown lady in his backyard. It was no wonder that his face was so gloomy.

It was fine if he didn't say it, but when he said it, he felt depressed. Qian Jue came back to tell him that mahjong had already swept the entire Ling Residence's backyard. Other than the mahjong that he had seen just now, Yue Liuying still had another mahjong.

He poured the contents of the box in front of him and opened it. He looked at her: "From the creation to the usage, it is all taught to you by that senior?"

Yue Liuying looked at the object in front of her and raised her eyebrows. "Yes."

"Tell me in detail."


Afterwards, she told everything she knew, from the material, processing, polishing, to the rules clearly stated. While talking, he actually ignored the fact that Ling Qiye had already strolled over to her side to listen to her explanation. The two of them stood shoulder to shoulder; a handsome man and a beautiful woman.

Upon mentioning the things that she was familiar with, Yue Liuying reverted to her original confident face, just like when she was negotiating with a client in her previous life. The words she spoke were simple and easy to understand. The corner of his mouth held a faint smile as he spoke in a warm manner, causing those who heard to feel as if a spring breeze had passed.

Ling Qiye carefully memorized what she had said and when he turned around, he saw that her eyes seemed to be able to light up and her entire body was emitting a confident demeanor, as if everything was happening at her disposal. He could not help but feel a peculiar feeling in his heart...

"Yes, that's about it, Young Lord, can you hear me …" Yue Liuying had not finished speaking when she looked up to see Villa Owner Ling standing beside her, looking at her from the side. She was shocked, but then she awkwardly stepped back and continued, "Young Master, do you understand?"

"Yes." With his right hand behind his back, he nodded slightly.

"I dare ask, what do you think, Young Master?" She softly said. If it was used in business, could it be counted with her share of the shares? No matter what, she was still a mahjong's creative provider.

Of course, if this benefit could grant her freedom, it would be even more perfect!

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