"You want to know?"

"I …" I'm just a little curious. "

Recalling her earlier confidence, Ling Qiye tentatively asked, "What do you think?"

Did he make a mistake and throw the question at her?

As the saying goes, "shoot the bird in the head", she naturally wouldn't foolishly tell him her true thoughts. In this world where different levels of levels of cultivation exist, she should keep a low profile. This was a principle that she adhered to very well!

"Young master must be joking, I am only a retarded female. What can I think of this? It's just a casual question. "

Wise women? From the looks of it, she might look like a weak and delicate little girl, but he felt that he shouldn't use that word on her.

Perhaps it was due to her calm and collected explanation in the Hundred Colors Lake, or perhaps it was due to her eloquent explanation just now, or perhaps it was due to her pair of bright and cunning black eyes …

To be so familiar with mahjong, he must have some special insight into its operation.

"Ten percent profit", he clenched his left fist and extended his index finger, meaning "one". Ling Qiye turned to face her and spoke with a clear and cold voice. His tone was somewhat confident, as if he had predicted that she would agree to his request.

Wow, Yue Liuying probably did not hold her heart with her hands as her eyes lit up. The Ling industry was spread all over the country. Ten percent of the profits were equivalent to a steady stream of silver taels. This transaction was too reasonable!

Although she wasn't an ultimate moneymaker, making money was second only to eating and sleeping, making her the third most important goal in her life.

"Money is not everything, but not money." As a small white-collar worker in the new century, she did have this kind of knowledge.

If Jinsi was here and saw that she did not have principles for making money, he would have to spit at her, "Young mistress, are you sure this is okay? To advise the Young Master is the sign of falling into a wolf's lair! "

It was a pity that Yue Liuying had completely forgotten about the danger of the man in front of her!

"However, that is only if your suggestion is enough to attract me." He was not a short-sighted businessman, as long as it was a talent, both men and women, the same treatment was always given.

Ten percent of the profit might be painful for others, but he had always been a long shot. If Yue Liuying had the ability to convince him of her thoughts, then this ten percent of the profit would not be a pity.

"Young master, if you want to hear this, then I'll tell you a bit of my own bad thoughts." Yue Liuying smiled and bowed slightly to him, "There are countless casinos of various sizes in Hibiscus Nation, but most of these casinos are open to men. From this point of view, we can consider developing a market for women, and let those ladies who have nothing better to do come and enjoy themselves as one of them. "

"Secondly, as long as you have money, you can enter a normal casino to gamble. However, I believe that the number of people needed to enter the casino is fixed at four per table, and the cost of the building is much higher than dice, four-color cards, and other things. Naturally, it is not suitable for low-profit operations. "I suggest that the mahjong be made into a luxurious and high-end industry, especially for those rich girls who can afford to spend. What do you say if you don't have any ideas?"

Ling Qiye looked at the delicate woman beside him. She had clearly agreed to his request in the blink of an eye for the sake of the ten percent profit. She should be someone who only wanted profit.

However, she always had a clean smile on her face when she spoke, which made people feel that she was born to be a money merchant.

"Your suggestion is not bad." Ling Qiye's heart trembled, but his face remained as calm as ever. "Thousand Sunsets, notify Liu Xun to begin preparing for this matter."

"Yes, this subordinate understands." As soon as he finished, he turned around and left.

Seeing that Qian Jue was still standing at the side, Yue Liuying smiled and thought to herself, "Seeing that I have obtained ten percent of the profits today, I won't bother with you about what happened just now. If you disturb my good sleep again next time." Hehe, she couldn't guarantee what would happen.

QianJue felt a chill run down his spine as she stared at him. He had a bad feeling about this.

Shifting his attention back to Villa Owner Ling, the lines on his face seemed to soften a little. Unlike the gloomy look when he first came in, this was the perfect time to ask for his help.

"Young master, can you accept a small request from me?" She lowered her head, her two large eyes swiveling around, afraid that the manor lord would say "no".

Master Ling, who was already seated behind the table, sneered. It seemed that he had overestimated this woman and the benefits she had given him were still not being satisfied. At this point in time, he could only ask for favors.

"Tell me about it." His gaze suddenly turned deep.

"I wonder if Young Master can … Can I go out for a day to see the snow scenery of Hibiscus Nation? "

Just now, she wanted to say: I wonder if Young Lord can grant her freedom? However, at that moment, a familiar yet strange feeling surged through his mind, as if he was still unwilling to leave.

Could it be that her original body's consciousness was still here? Could it be that she really loved this lonely man to the core?

However, this was good as well. He thought about what he had just said and felt that it was a bit impulsive. Not to mention that he had married into the family on his own. He had even tried to kill his parents to show his sincerity. Now that he wanted to get rid of his identity the moment he arrived at the Manor, he couldn't help but feel suspicious.

Moreover, the two families were both big shots and the Ling family was the wealthiest in Jin Kingdom. Regardless of whether it was himself inviting the lower class or Big Villa Master Ling, giving a letter of rest would have a huge impact.

Since she could understand this simple logic, Villa Owner Ling could naturally understand it as well.

It wasn't that Ling Qiye couldn't forgive her, it was just that if he abandoned her for no reason, he would definitely arouse the resentment of his original parents. How could the astute Villa Master Ling do such a thankless task?

When Ling Qiye heard this, his expression immediately relaxed. "Bring two guards with you."

Seeing that the big boss had agreed, Yue Liuying was overjoyed. "Thank you, Manor Lord. However, I only need your protection, so there's no need for any guards. I'll take my leave."

After finishing her sentence, she hurriedly left, afraid that the manor lord would suddenly go back on his word and stop her.

As she walked outside and looked at the sky outside of the Rain Ink Pavilion, Yue Liuying curled her lips childishly. What kind of joke was this? Going out and playing with two bodyguards with a serious face, it was like a landlord out on a trip with two bodyguards. How could he enjoy himself like this?

The last time she had gone out, she had been a peaceful and happy person. There was no such thing as' domineering 'to the children of the Yi family. Presumably, the probability of the Son of Heaven committing a crime under his feet would always be lower.

Besides, he had practiced judo and Taekwondo for five years. Although he climbed the wall with the same skill as Jinsi, he could still guarantee the amount of gold he would be able to get in a real battle. Even if Fleeting Time encountered any danger, he wouldn't be forced to surrender.

Thus, it was the wisest decision to reject the guards sent by Eldest Manor Lord Ling as soon as possible.

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