The three of them turned around to look. It was actually a charming young lady. One of the bearded man sneered, "Little beauty, are you trying to meddle in my business?"

Yue Liuying clasped her hands in front of her chest, "Now that I believe that the world is relative, since there are chivalrous people who rob the rich and the poor, there will naturally be ignorant and despicable people. As for this chivalrous hero, this little girl has never met him. However, to be able to meet the latter can be considered as buying experience. "

"Hmph, don't scold us like that. How do you know we aren't the heroes who rob the rich and help the poor?" The other square-faced man seemed to get a little angry from embarrassment.

"Pfft, forgive me for being blind, but I really can't see how these three 'men' are worthy of the words' robbing rich to help the poor 'and' chivalrous men '. I can only see you holding a saber to intimidate and bullying a powerless woman and child." She sighed. "If that's what you call a chivalrous hero, this lady would rather cover her eyes to avoid being tainted by you shameless people."

"You sharp-tongued little girl, do you think that you can meddle in everything just because you have chivalrous feelings? "How naive!" The bearded man waved his right hand and took out his bright broadsword. "Hmph, today, I will bring you back along the way and teach you a lesson."

"Miss, I appreciate your good intentions, but with the sharp weapons in their hands, a weak and delicate girl like you is unlikely to be a match for them. You shouldn't have gotten involved in this anyway.

Seeing the bandits brandishing their shiny sabers, the beautiful woman began to panic a little, but she did not want to implicate this innocent girl, so she urged her to leave quickly.

"Madam, it's alright. Please be at ease. The three of them won't be able to harm me." Yue Liuyi smiled, as if she had already made up her mind.

"Boasting shamelessly, how could we, three men, not subdue a silly little girl like you?"

"Is that so? Then Uncle, do you need this little girl to remind you of a very important matter? " She tried her best to suppress her laughter. The craftiness in her eyes was obscured by her lowered eyelids. After pausing for a second, she slowly opened her mouth …

"Uncle, your blades … It doesn't seem to have been cut by blades! "

That was the truth!

Others might have been intimidated by the sharp weapons in their hands, but she could tell at a glance what was fishy. Bringing a knife without a knife to rob, it was unknown if it was out of fear of accidentally injuring someone, or —

Afraid of accidentally injuring himself?

Judging from these people's behavior, it was likely that the latter had a higher proportion!

"You … How do you know? " After being exposed, the other three weren't as arrogant anymore. To be able to see through the problem with a single glance, could it be that they were going to practice martial arts?

She shrugged and thought to herself: Of course I know what I'm talking about.

Weird, why is there something wrong? She … How did he see through it?

He lightly shook his head. Forget it, this wasn't the time to be thinking about this.

The bearded man was still relatively calm as he said to his partner, "Perhaps she's just spouting nonsense. Is our San'er afraid that we won't be able to beat her?"

"That's right, that's right. Let's capture this woman who's full of nonsense first."

The three of them came to a consensus and charged towards Yue Liuying with their weapons raised.

"Jinsi, I'll deal with two of them. I'll leave the other one to you."

"Yes, miss."

Seeing the blade coming at her, Yue Liuying took a few steps back before lowering her body to avoid the incoming danger. Then he turned to the right and kicked the man in black who was about to launch a sneak attack. With his left hand, he punched the bearded man in front of him, using all his strength to hit him on the left shoulder. He grabbed the man's collar and used his left foot to hang on to the outside of the man's right foot.

After such a few moves, the three of them were beaten black and blue by her and Jinshan. They could only beg their grandfather to tell them to stop, saying that they had eyes but could not recognize a female hero and would never dare to offend them again.

As for the few useless big blades, they had already been abandoned by the three of them and had no time to pay attention to them.

"On the account that you guys have no intention of harming others, quickly leave. Next time, if I see you guys doing this again, I'll definitely let you guys go to jail for a year or so."

"Yes, yes, yes. We will leave now. We will leave now." His voice was no longer as boastful and boastful as before. The three bandits ran away from the scene as fast as they could ever manage.

Seeing that the danger had been averted, the remaining people present let out a sigh of relief.

"Miss, I don't know how to repay this great kindness." The beautiful woman bowed deeply towards Yue Liuying, her face filled with gratitude.

"Madam, you can't do this," Yue Liuying hurriedly reached out to help her up, shaking her head. "It's just a small matter, don't worry about it."

"This lady is too modest. If it wasn't for you saving us, mother and I wouldn't have known what kind of situation we would be in today." The young lady in the sedan behind came forward and bowed to her. "Thank you for saving my life."

"Miss, I originally wanted to go to Zen Light Temple to worship Buddha, but from the looks of it, it is better for me to return home. "Just come back with me and be my guest. Let me have a chat to express my feelings."

"No need … No need …" She smiled awkwardly and waved her hand to refuse.

Hearing that, the beautiful woman intentionally gave him a cold look, "Does young lady dislike our family? Otherwise, why would you reject my invitation?"

"Madam must be joking, but I still have some matters to attend to. I'm afraid it won't be convenient for me."

The young woman walked to her side and took her arm. "Sister, please don't push it away. It is natural for you to invite us to your house as guests after you saved us. If you don't go, my mother will always keep it in mind."

As she spoke, she dragged her into the warm sedan chair and was carried back by the remaining servants.

Before long, the sedan slowly stopped and opened the curtain. There were four words written on the plaque: Duke of Song's Mansion

As soon as they entered the manor, they were arranged to be seated as honored guests. The courtesy of being seated made Yue Liuying feel somewhat flattered.

The beautiful lady then asked the steward standing below, "Is the lord and young master still not back yet?"

"In reply to Madame, the old master was summoned by His Majesty into the palace for a chat. The young master went to Prince Yu's estate, so he should be returning soon." The Head Supervisor understood tacitly and did not ask why he had withdrawn halfway and even brought back a pretty girl.

"Yes, when the Young Master comes back, ask him to come meet your esteemed guest."

Song Qirong handed the top-quality Maojian tea that the servant girl brought over and chatted with Yue Liuying with a smile. "Your surname is Yue, it's really nice to listen to. How about I call you Sister Yue?"

"Then wouldn't I have to say 'Sister Song'?"

"Very good. I will call you that from now on. Wow, that's great. With such a beautiful sister like you, your martial arts are also extremely good. You want me to say that you want to walk around with me more often in the future? Let's see if Big Bro will bully me again with the Martial Competition. " Song Qirong sat beside Yue Liuying and shook her arm. It didn't take long for the two to be as close as sisters.

"Sister Song has another brother?" It turned out that there was also a father-in-law.

The nobleman interjected, "That's right. Qi Rong also has a brother named Qi Ran. This little girl always said that Qi Ran used martial arts to bully her.

"Mother, why did you …" Before he could finish, the old steward ran into the room, pointed to the back and said, "Madam, the young master is back."

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