Yue Liuzhu covered the bridal veil, and with the support of the bridal concubine, she slowly walked towards the bridal sedan covered by a red curtain.

In the wedding procession, other than the wedding bride and several maids, there was also the sedan bearer carrying the bridal sedan.

Yue Liuying was rather satisfied with the process of her country marrying a concubine. The procedure was simple and the personnel were streamlined. Other than the palanquin being a little bumpy, there was nothing else that could be considered flawless.

En, I heard that the road to the villa is quite far. I should first take a nap, squint …

Yue Liuying thought.

After an unknown period of time, the bridal sedan went in through the eastern gate of Zai Ling Manor. It only stopped when it reached the garden of Clear Stream Garden that Yue Liuying would be staying in the next day.

The bride bent over to lift the sedan, calling out to him with a smile, "My wife, we are here. Please get off the sedan."

There was a moment of silence …

No response?

The wedding lady looked at the person in the palanquin with his head lowered. Could it be that her voice was too low? Thus, he raised his voice slightly and said, "My bride, we are here. Please get off the palanquin."

There was still silence.

The smile on the bride's face slowly froze as her brows creased. This bride couldn't be deaf, could she?

At this moment, Jinsi suddenly thought of something that would never happen to a bride since ancient times. 'Miss, could she be …' Are you asleep?

It should be … It can't be?

He tried reaching his hand into the left window and gently pushed Yue Liuying's shoulder.

The person in the palanquin suddenly tilted her head. She then lifted her hand to press down on her stiff neck and stretched. She softly said, "Oh, we're here. So fast!"

The voice was obviously hoarse and lazy

The Empress seemed to have received quite a bit of shock today. Her mouth was agape, and her expression was dull. It was obvious that she had yet to recover from the strange events that had occurred in the past hundred years.

It was said that when this girl was married from Swallow Cloud Country, she was extremely adoring and adoring the manor lord Mu Ling, so he asked her father to help her arrange a marriage. A dignified rich girl would rather leave her homeland than marry Ling Qi Ye.

But now, looking at this situation, he actually closed his eyes and fell asleep on the day of the wedding. It didn't seem like he was infatuated with the Ling Family's Patriarch until he passed away, and he wouldn't marry anyone other than Qing.

It was too unexpected and illogical.

At this moment, Jinsi felt like she had been struck by lightning. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, her family's girl is really … He fell asleep!

Yue Liuying did not feel that anything was amiss with her actions. She frowned and whacked her shoulder. Her neck was really sore. Wu, she really wanted to take a hot towel to apply.

Just as he was about to get out of the sedan chair, he realized that his head was still covered with a bridal veil.

Seriously... Trouble, "Jinsi, come and help me up."

"Yes," Jinsi came back to her senses and hurried over to the sedan chair and extended her hand to help Yue Liuying into Qinying Courtyard.

The garden was decorated with lanterns and decorations, and was filled with a festive atmosphere. There were fiery red letters, auspicious paper clippings, and red ribbons with colored balls hanging everywhere. Before long, night fell and the sky gradually darkened. However, within the clear and bright courtyard, there were candles and a red light shone. The maidservants were holding the good luck plate, placing lotus seeds, peanuts, round osmanthus, apples and so on. The meaning of the birth of a son, full of success, a life of peace. The servants were carrying the case of the Fu Lu mandarin duck, the case of the phoenix flying red candle flame, the perfect moment of the same heart cup. Dao is red fire auspicious star light, a hundred years good likeness of the heart of people.

Inside the bridal chamber, Yue Liuzhu was sitting on the bed with her head covered by a veil. Her fingers lightly tapped her clothes, making her a little flustered.

He didn't eat or drink anything all day. In addition, there was a golden tasselled crown on her head, which was surrounded by all kinds of golden hairpins and hairpins. It made her small face wrinkle, making her feel extremely uncomfortable.

He really wanted to rush to the table and pacify his five viscera temple.

He knew that his thoughts were too much for him, so he murmured depressingly, "Marriage is really tormenting. Next time, I'll hide seven or eight kinds of food in my palanquin and eat them all along the way. Otherwise, I'll have to wait here for the consequences."

There was a slight movement from outside the door, and she knew that it must be the husband she had never met. Was the time passing so fast? In the blink of an eye, the sky had turned dark.

At this moment, Ling Qiye was not wearing a red groom's uniform, he was only wearing casual clothes. He wore a blue brocade robe, and by his waist, there was only a simple piece of Liu Yu Qing Li pattern jade. There was a heavy snowfall outside, and the ground that had been swept at noon had accumulated another thick layer, to the point that even with the protection of internal energy, there was still quite a bit of moisture on his clothes.

Ling Qiye took off his snow-soaked outer garment and started to walk inside the house.

"Young master, Liu Xun has something important to report." Manager Liu's voice came from outside the door.

Important things? What was there to report at this time?

As soon as he finished speaking, the man did not even glance at the bride by the bed before he turned around and walked out of the room without hesitation.

"Young master, the steward of Ru Yi Zhai on the east side of the city reported that fifteen bottles of Snow Dew were found mixed with some unknown substances. Three of the bottles were sold and the women who used them had large amounts of red rashes on their hands. They were causing a ruckus in Ru Yi Li not long ago."

"Are there similar phenomena in other shops?" The man's voice was warm and cold.

"If you don't mind, I will send someone to check on the other shops after Ramadan. I don't know yet."

"Where is the source of the purchase?"

"It's the Jade Cloud Workshop in the South. In recent years, aside from the self-made products of the Ling Family, the remaining thirty percent comes from the Jade Cloud Workshop."

Seeing that Ling Qiye was silent, he raised his doubts, "Young master, could it be … Is it that person? "

"No." Ling Qiye stopped walking and said seriously, "If it was him, things would have been very troublesome." In this case, the strategy is still quite crude. "

"Young Lord is right, your subordinate was inconsiderate."

"Send the Mo Pavilion to investigate this matter immediately. I want to see who dares to oppose the Ling Family." There was a hint of a smile in his cold voice, but the sharpness in his eyes made others fear him.

"Let Ling Chen be in charge of treating those three women, and also send the information of these three to the study room. I'll wait in the study room." He harrumphed and walked towards the study room.

The identities of these three women were obvious even without asking.

Snowfall dew is the snow water that was sealed last winter. When spring blooms next year, the petals of different kinds of flowers are collected and boiled in a certain amount of snow water for four hours. Then, the petals will be frozen and slowly precipitated, and then buried in the ground for a second half of the year to let the fragrance be rich and long-lasting.

Yizhai only produces 25 bottles of snow dew in the early winter, including lilac, osmanthus, lilac, daisy, rose, magnolia, jade hairpin and other 25 kinds of flower fragrance. The process is complex and difficult to produce. Especially because the ice cost of ice-cold snow dew is quite high, make snow dew more precious.

Naturally, the status of a person who could afford Snow Dew would not be low.

Hearing the footsteps gradually fade away, Yue Liuying was slightly stunned before recovering, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Before she had come here, she had thought of countless possible scenarios.

For example, when Villa Owner Ling entered the new house with an indifferent expression, he told her coldly, "Once you enter the Ling family, don't think about things that you shouldn't have." After that, he left in a carefree manner.

Of course, she raised her hands in the hope that this was the case.

Another example would be when Villa Owner Ling wordlessly took off her red hair, then the two of them lay on their respective beds and entered their dreams.

Or maybe …

Well, the worst thing to do was to get bitten.

She blinked and the corner of her mouth lifted in a beautiful curve.

Her eyes were crafty. She hadn't expected such a situation to happen tonight, but it would be the best outcome.

Then, her only goal right now was to make use of the time she had left to plan on how to get out of this predicament perfectly and pave the way for her future adventure in the martial arts world.

She gathered her thoughts and called Jinsi to help her remove the messy pile of ornaments on her head and replace them with heavy bridal clothing. After dripping the various kinds of food on the table, he fell into a deep sleep.

The moment before she was called away by Zhou Gong, she subconsciously pouted and muttered to herself, "Jianghu, wait for me."

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