The next day, the sun had already climbed high, lazily nestling against the clouds, yet no one could feel the slightest bit of warmth. There was still a thick layer of snow on the ground that had fallen last night. Under the illumination of the sunlight, it seemed even more crystal clear, like a painting.

It was already past morning, but Yue Liuying was still curled up in bed, sleeping. The winter was cold, and since she didn't need to punch in early to get to work, neither did her mother-in-law or matriarch knock her out in the morning. Furthermore, her new husband had been involved in official affairs on her wedding night, so she didn't know how long it would be before they met again. Then naturally, she would do as she pleased and sleep until she woke up naturally.

In this situation, Jinsi was already used to it. In the half a month that they spent in the manor, Yue Liuying had always had this kind of work and rest. If someone had suddenly told her that Mrs. Ying had risen from her bed when she had laid her eggs, and then had quietly sat in front of the dressing table, smiling and embroidering, stroking the strings and painting the zither tenderly, then it would have been more realistic to tell her that Mrs. Ying had already taken up residence in the hometown of Hua Yin Xiao Dai, to which the matriarch belonged.

However, she was extremely fond of an exquisite person like Madam Ying. After being with Yue Liuying for less than half a month, she felt that her previous playfulness had gradually been piqued. Her life had suddenly become exceptionally beautiful and cheerful.

However... In the eyes of the servants and maids, such a phenomenon was worthy of further investigation.

The young master hurriedly left the wedding night without lifting his head, spending the night in the study. Mrs. Ying did not wake up in the morning. Why?

Thinking about it must have been because he felt extremely wronged after being embarrassed last night, stayed in his room alone, and slept soundly until the dawn before finally falling asleep …

The bride and groom's absence on the wedding night was a pitiful experience for a new bride. It was within reason that she cried.

It was a pity...

It wasn't long before they realized how ridiculously wrong their guess had been!

Madam Ying's every move could not be considered with normal thoughts.

Yue Liuying naturally did not know that her working time had been tarnished by the servants around Clear Firmament Garden for quite some time. Of course, even if she did know about it, it would only end with a smile.

He drowsily opened his eyes, put on his coat in a daze, and walked to the warm water that had long been prepared for him. He caressed his face and immediately became much more clear-headed.

Hehe, Jinsi is really smart and considerate. They have only been together for a few days and he already knows her personality. He knows that she likes to lie in bed, so he definitely won't disturb her before Chenchen. Furthermore, she would gently place warm face washing water in the outer room before dawn. She would be able to wash her face immediately after waking up because she was not used to being served by others because she liked to live by herself.

Yue Liuying's face was filled with worship. This was simply the modern version of 360 degrees of the perfect assistant!

"Creaaaak." The moment Jinsi opened the door, she saw this scene — Yue Liuying's long black hair was scattered all over the place, her fingers were crossed over each other to cover her chin, and she looked half asleep. Xiao Li tilted her face up slightly in a 45 degree direction, with a faint smile on her lips. Her half-closed eyes were filled with a bit of foolishness and liveliness. She looked like a little girl who was satisfied with getting candy.

Seeing her expression and her usual work and rest, Jinsi finally understood that this Madam Ying was really a weirdo, and she really … He really didn't like being the young master's concubine at all.

Or to put it more bluntly, she didn't like the young master at all, and didn't like him at all.

Shaking his head, he took a few steps forward and softly said, "Madam, are you alright?"


Yue Liuying was stunned for a moment. She frowned and asked, "Madam? Me? "

"That's right. From today onwards, you are the young master's legitimate concubine. Naturally, I have to call you Madam."

"But... "But, I'm only 16 years old. Your way of calling me would make me think I'm already 36."

"This is how the rules of the preliminaries are set. Moreover... Why would a "Madam" make Madam turn twenty years old all of a sudden? "

"..." She looked up at the sky in speechlessness. "In short, unless it's absolutely necessary, don't call me Madam!"

"Then... "What do you want to call me?" Jinsi frowned, as if she was at a loss for what to do.

"Mm, just call me Liuying."

"..." Can I ignore it? If Chief Steward Liu knew that she dared to call out her master's name directly, she would definitely die miserably.

"Otherwise, you can call me elder sister, elder sister Yue, elder sister Ying!" Yue Liuying's eyes lit up as she felt that these names were pretty good.

"..." She seemed to be three years older than the old lady.

Seeing that she kept shaking her head, Yue Liuying could only compromise. "Then you can just call me 'Miss'. If that doesn't work, you can just call me 'hey' next time. '"

This was already the biggest concession he could make. No matter what, he could not accept the fact that Jinsi would always call him "Madam" and "Madam" by his ear. It was too contrary to his sense of camaraderie.

Jin Se raised his head. Seeing that Yue Liuying was quietly staring at her, he could only helplessly smile and say, "Yes, mistress."

"Hmm, that's more like it!" Yue Liuying pulled the hand in front of her with a smile on her face.

This Jinsi was clearly only a teenager, but he always spoke in a straight forward manner.

With a beauty like her, he should talk and laugh more.

Happy, sunny, free, lively, willful...

Occasionally... It could also be more barbaric … Uh, be more shameless...

Sigh, so the feudal society maimed many young girls' fragile souls.

Hm, ma'am? She was sixteen years old and a very young woman, and she didn't want to be a Lady Losher.

In his previous life, Zhao Tianqi, a white-collar worker in the 21st century, and now Yue Liuying, the daughter of a rich merchant in Hibiscus Nation, was referred to as "Madam" by servants every day. Of course, the most important thing was that she did not like the Wealthy Class families.

This was because she was the product of the so-called struggle within the Wealthy Class.

She was someone that her mother wanted in exchange for her father's favor, but her father didn't approve of …

She had never been loved by a mother, let alone by an unreachable father. From the age of five, perhaps because she was no longer of any use, she had been raised by her mother as a gift to a childless old man. From then on, she no longer had parents in her life, only adopted her "grandfather", "grandmother".

However, she had never hated it. The reason she came to this world was to live better, not to be filled with resentment.

She knew how to be content, and she also knew how to be grateful!

Her grandparents treated her like a granddaughter, teaching her how to read and write, her ethics, and her principles. It made her feel that she had always been cared for and cared for. Such simple happiness had already made her feel blessed for three lifetimes.

Thinking about it, the bigger the family, the more deceitful they would be.

Even modern monogamy couldn't stop Little San from appearing one after another …

Furthermore, it was an ancient era where both men and women were inferior to each other …

She didn't want to be like her mother, a pitiful woman who had lost her ego for power.

As the saying goes, "Do not forget not to help, be on guard every day, nurture it for ten months, switch it to the precelestial stage and remove the innate Dharma Body. My life will be decided by the heavens!"

Women should be strong!

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