On a winter afternoon, the sun was warm. Yue Liuying placed Imperial Consort Zhang's bed in the courtyard. She laid on the bed, closing her eyes and dozing off. Because of the sunlight, her cheeks were slightly red, which added to her originally refined and beautiful appearance. The tea white brocade snow fox cloak that covered her made her blend with the objects in the courtyard. She did not break the simple elegance of the scenery, instead adding a bit of liveliness to it.

The scene appeared so serene and beautiful.

"Miss, Miss, it's bad, it's bad …"

Jinsi hurried in from the outside. It was clearly a snowy and cold season, but a thin layer of sweat had appeared on her forehead.

Yue Liuying opened her eyes, pushing a few strands of hair that had been blown away by the wind behind her ears, and asked excitedly, "Did one of the three from the backyard come to provoke us?"

"No!" Shaking his head.

In her opinion, whether it was the imperial palace in the ancient times, the rich and powerful clans, or the backyard, they should all be in a state of chaos. For example, today's concubine had beaten up the second concubine, tomorrow's concubine had set up a trap for Lady Ding, the day after tomorrow's meeting with the concubines in the back garden to compete with each other — who was the most talented, who was the most beautiful, who was the most talented, who was the most young, who was the most talented …

The fights between concubines could be said to be the only prescription for a concubine's life. Yue Liuying had long since made preparations to fight, but …

After so many days, she had been anxiously waiting for an idle concubine to come knocking and provoke her, causing her to feel depressed and slightly sad.

It was one thing for Ling Qiye to be successful in his business, but even the backyard was managed so peacefully.

"Then... You were chased by a wild dog? " Just as Jinsi was about to open her mouth, Yue Liuying made a strange guess.

"No …" He shook his head.

"He couldn't have lost his heart, right?"

"..." Keep shaking your head

"Eh, something's not right!" Yue Liuying shook her head, revealing a curious look in her big eyes. "You and I both look fine. Eat well, sleep well, and play well." Apart from your pale face, your life has gone smoothly. It seems... Nothing bad about it? "

Jin Se originally wanted to explain, but suddenly, Yue Liuying jumped up from the bed. Her expression changed, and with a "Ah", she interrupted all her thoughts.

"Could it be that my legendary hubby has suddenly come to visit?"

"..." Jinsi's anxious mood was diluted a little by her unreasonable guess. Not to mention that the young lord had never stepped into the wives' courtyards during the day, even if he did make an exception to visit Jingying Garden, how would he have time for the young miss to talk nonsense?

"Miss, you're thinking too much!"

"That's good," Yue Liuying clearly heaved a sigh of relief, "Hehe, as long as it's not Ling Qiye's great visit, the rest of the matter is not a big deal.

If this was a normal situation, Jinsi would ask him in confusion, "Miss, why is it that the Young Lord isn't liked by you?"

However, she was now very worried. Without even bothering to ask, she kneeled down in front of Yue Liuying and pleaded, "Miss, I beg of you to save Uncle Chen. You definitely have a way. Please."

She was so frightened by Jenser's sudden action that she didn't know what to do. After a moment of surprise, she quickly bent down to help him up and gently asked, "Stand up and speak properly, is something wrong? And Uncle Chen … Who is it? "

"In reply to Miss, there are a total of two stewards in the predestined Ling Villa. Manager Liu manages the internal affairs of the Villa, while Uncle Chen is responsible for the businesses outside the Villa. Two years ago, the servant had been in trouble in the capital, unable to eat her fill. She was already someone who had stepped into the gates of hell, and absentmindedly crashed into Uncle Chen's carriage. Uncle Chen felt pity. Not only did he not blame them, he even brought the servant back to the prelude to Ling Villa and created a place for her to rest. "

Hearing this, Yue Liuying no longer joked. Her expression immediately became serious. "Did something happen to Uncle Chen?"

"A few days ago, the Snow Dew from Ru Yi Zhai was mixed with some unknown objects by the thieves, causing the skin of the three girls to become allergic to it, causing a lot of trouble. And the young master made the head of the Ruyi Sai into the post, and put Uncle Chen in the dungeon for three days to reflect on his punishment. "

So that was how it was. It was like thinking before a wall, not considered a severe punishment. This girl was probably just a fan of the local people. If she was worried, it would be a mess!

"Jinye, listen to me. One of the most important points of anyone who has achieved great things is that they can hire people. I believe that this Snow Flower Dew is definitely not ordinary. Our family's goods have been tampered with by outsiders and have damaged the reputation of prefecture head's villa. As such, we should naturally be responsible for it. Rest assured, nothing will happen. " Yue Liuying gave a rare proper analysis.

"No, no, the dungeon is dark and humid. Even a well-built adult male would get wet and become seriously ill after going in for more than five days. Although it was only two days, but … But Uncle Chen is already over a hundred years old. He won't be able to take it. " As she said this, Jin Se's words clearly sounded like she was about to cry.

It can't be? He wouldn't let anyone retire even after the age of fifty. Hmph, you are indeed a sinful capitalist who specializes in squeezing out cheap labour.

Thinking about it, it was indeed better to be modern. Traffic information, the institutionalization of management, the institutionalization of social law, the democratization of the country …

But then again, even though Uncle Chen was at fault, with Ling Qiye's ability, this was not a big deal. Logically speaking … It shouldn't be so ruthless!

However... Judging from the anxious look on Jinsi's face, what he said must be true.

It was really strange, could it be … Was Ling Qiye a cruel and merciless person?

According to the theory, since he was able to make the prelude to Ling Manor become a strong person in just a short six years, becoming as wealthy as a country from being unknown to becoming as wealthy as a kingdom and resounding in every direction, he should be an extremely courageous leader. She had worked in a large enterprise before, so she had some understanding of the internal system. The birth of an enterprise was far less difficult than the steady development of an enterprise. In six years, if we want to expand our influence across the country, we need not only the long-term vision of our leaders, the tough tactics and the bold tactics, but also the full utilization of our talents and the pluralism of our management and application.

Since ancient times, who wouldn't be able to possess a thousand li of land and a thousand of gold with the help of a capable person?

If Ling Qiye were to commit a light crime and impose heavy penalties on him, it would be absolutely unreasonable for him to be ruthless and merciless.

Jinsi suddenly looked at her with a face full of hope and her eyes lit up. "Miss, you must have a way, right?"

Yue Liuying pouted slightly, and leaned forward to knock on her door, "You've been following me for less than a month, why are you so sure that I have a way?" Moreover, I don't have the right to be without money or influence right now, barely able to be considered as a new mistress, what can I do? "

Yue Liuying lay back on the couch as she spoke, indicating that she seemed to have the strength to do so. Suddenly, she mocked again, "Could it be that you want me to seduce Villa Master Ling?"

However, even if she were willing, Villa Owner Ling would not accept it. On the contrary, he might even lock her up in the dungeon in a fit of rage, to enjoy the pain of the damp seeping into her body.

Jinsi quickly followed up, "Although Miss is usually lazy and likes to mess around, but the servant always feels like she knows a lot. The servant spoke lightly, and thought of you the first thing that came to mind, aside from this matter. "

Yue Liuying lay on her side with her forehead propped up by one hand, not saying a word.

Uncle Chen was Jinsi's savior, and he had long since treated Jinsi as a good sister.

It was as if … He should have helped.

However, this quest was a little difficult!

What kind of person was Villa Owner Ling? Other than his status of a concubine, he had nothing else. There was no friendship to speak of, and there was no emotion to speak of.

Ah, what a waste of a brain meridian...

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