Ever since the incident with Uncle Chen, the lives of Yue Liuying's concubines had been smooth sailing for the past few days. It wasn't as if the legendary evil grandma was making things difficult for them. Occasionally, a few concubines nearby would come over to visit when they had nothing to do, clinking seeds with melon seeds; it was just a common occurrence.

Women seem to have a natural tendency to gossip. In her previous life, Yue Liuying had often gathered with her friends to discuss entertainment news, astrological signs, tourism experiences … They would also spar together on professional skills, or even military intelligence …

However, these women …

All day long gathered together to talk about embroidery techniques, styles and lines, rouge color, quality, as well as the lament of spring and autumn when admiring flowers.

They even communicated with each other as they pounced on the butterfly … Pleasure?

Of course, the one who spoke the most was still their legally legal husband — the Lord of Zai Ling Manor, Ling Qiye.

Madam Huang continued, "Today, I was passing by the garden and saw Young Master Lin talking to Sir Lin from afar. Young Master Lin is wearing a black silk robe and a white jade Hornless Dragon hairpin. He is truly infuriatingly handsome."

… …. Are you sure you're just passing by?

Madam B: "Last night, it was my turn to serve the night. This time, Young Lord said three more words than last time."

… …. What was there to compare?

Madam C: "Young Master is truly wise. Last time, Xia Zhilan secretly tried to frame us and now, we're going to lose everything because of Young Master."

Mhmm, it also showed that Ling Qiye was a black-hearted master. Therefore, a plan to run away had to be carefully thought out and thought of carefully, staying away from the young master and cherishing life!

Madam Ding: "Young Lord is simply a godlike man. I don't know how many lifetimes of fortune it is for me to be able to marry him."

Uh... Maybe you broke your neck over and over in your previous life.

… ….

And so on and so forth. Although there was no unhealthy tendency to health, it always felt … His scalp was hurting!

In order not to be poisoned by such boring topics, she decided to spread the knowledge of the country and inherit the puzzle game from the ancient Chinese nation. He got Jinsi to hire someone to play mahjong, pulling YunRan from Taoran Residence, Ruo Shui from Yi Shui Zhai, and Jinsi to just enough table for four people.

Ever since the birth of Mahjong, YunRan and Ruoshui had been insisting on reporting to Qingying every day.

After Yue Liuying finished her breakfast, the four of them began to fight on the table.

Because she hadn't played with him for a long time, Yue Liuying's hands were itching, she wanted nothing more than to fight for 300 rounds. The other three did feel fresh and exciting because of their first contact with Mahjong.

As a result, the four of them clapped their hands and enjoyed the match, completely oblivious to what was happening ….

It was almost the beginning of the afternoon, and lunchtime was already up. Yun Ran and Ruo Shui had no choice but to return to their own courtyard to eat. Yue Liuying had spent nearly three hours playing mahjong, and now her stomach was rumbling with hunger as well. He let Jinsi clear the table and ordered people to prepare lunch. Then, he sat down on a chair and ate some pastries to cover his stomach.

"Jinsi, can you help me do something?"

Jin Se tidied up the mahjong table and walked over. "Miss, you can just say what you want to do."

"En, this matter is a task with a long journey ahead of you. You need to fully utilize your language skills, adaptability, and strong mental fortitude."

Hearing this, Jinsi seemed to think that this was an extremely important mission. He then revealed a solemn expression, as if he was sacrificing his life for righteousness.

"Miss, please give me your instructions. The servant must have done her best. "

"Yes." Yue Liuying patted her shoulder, and after looking around again to confirm that there was no one around, she said, "I want you to secretly investigate Ling Qiye's daily routine."

"Miss, you're finally connected." "If a servant knew that such an outstanding and perfect person like Young Master was present, how could the young miss not be moved?" His tone was somewhat comforting.

When Yue Liuying saw her expression, she was amused.

"That's right. Young master is handsome, wise and wise, both civil and martial. His temperament is otherworldly and can compete with the sun and moon." You are truly a peerless man from the heavens and the earth! "

Yue Liuying suddenly changed her tone, "Unfortunately, Luohua doesn't have any intention to do that, and the waters are also ruthless. Two people don't love each other, so why do you insist on staying together?"


He suddenly recalled that he would need her help in the future and decided that it would be good for him to tell her in advance. So he said, "Jinsi, you are so smart, you should know that the richer and more powerful a family is, the more complicated things they do, and the more tired they will be from living. Life is very short, I do not want me to live in the future in the struggle for jealousy and scheming. There was no freedom or equality in Ziling Villa, and once Ling Qiye married, his life would probably be even more miserable. Now he could only think of a way to get rid of his identity, or perhaps escape from the Manor. Only then would he be able to live happily. Even though we've only known each other for a month, from what I can see, you're really helping me. But because you are a Ling family's girl, I only ask you one question: are you willing to follow me? Even if it's roaming the world and the seas came to you as your home? "

Jin Se's eyes were already filled with tears. "Putong!" She kneeled down and said, "Miss, you have never treated Jin Se like a servant, treating her like family. It was a brothel... The young lord might be one in a thousand, but he was still a group of his wives. Miss being so good, being so cute and kind, and having such a free and easy personality, a man should be able to wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly love and care for her. "

He carelessly wiped the tears on his face and said, "This servant understands. In the future, I will definitely help Miss get rid of her identity as' Madam Ying ', or …. Uh... He fled. However... However, her servant had already … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Please, miss. No matter where he went, he would definitely … You have to bring the brocade. "

With both hands, he helped her up and used a handkerchief to wipe the tears at the corner of her eyes. Haha, you really are my close friend. "

"But, the young lord is so shrewd, those around him are loyal and unwavering. It's not easy to investigate the young lord's daily routine, I'm afraid!" Jin Se calmed the agitation in her heart a little.

"No, no, no. I'm not asking you to carefully investigate his every movement. "If so, I'm afraid you will be sent to see the Virgin Mary before you do anything."

"Who is the Virgin Mary?"

"Ugh …" They are the relatives of Lord Buddha. "

"... "Hur hur, what Miss has said is really funny."

"In any case, as long as you can get a rough idea of when he's in the mansion, when he leaves the mansion, and where he's going, that's good enough." Yue Liuying patted Jinsi's shoulder with an expression as if she was entrusted with an important task.

"Oh —" Jinsi suddenly came to a realization, "Miss right now you are unprepared and unable to run, but you are so bored that you are panicking, so … I want to sneak out of the manor to play. "

"Good child, although you were not born of me, but you are really my intimate little cotton-padded jacket!" Yue Liuying excitedly hugged Jinsi tightly, strangling her to the point where she almost couldn't breathe.

"Little... Miss, how. If she doesn't let go, then this servant will really … If he really went to see Lord Buddha … Relatives. "

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