"Miss, we've already wandered around for two hours. Should we find a place to rest?"

Two hours? So they had been walking for two hours.

After hearing Jinsi's words, she seemed to really be a bit tired.

"Fine, but it's still too early for lunch time. Let's go to the teahouse and take a seat." Yue Liuying pointed to a teahouse in front of them. Although the door was rather spacious, she did not know what it looked like inside.

Walking into the Immortal Tsai Residence, Yue Liuying lamented in her heart. This teahouse was simply decorated and had an elegant atmosphere, giving people who were sipping tea a comfortable and warm feeling. There were many famous paintings on the walls of the hall, and the cultural background was very thick. The corner of the wall was hung with elegant flowers and plants, which made people feel as if they were living in nature and taking care of their body and nature.

Ye Zichen looked around at all the guests in the hall, and saw that most of them were refined scholars singing poems in opposition to each other, and were discussing small matters from the ancient times to the modern times. Raising his head to look at the second floor, he guessed that all those influential nobles were in private rooms!

He walked to a vacant seat in the hall and sat down. Very soon, a waiter came to serve him.

"What tea would you like to have?"

Yue Liuying favored Dark Dragon and Silver Needle Jun Shan in all the teas. After thinking for a while, she spoke up, "Frozen Head Dark Dragon!"

The waiter replied, "Please sit down for a moment, both of you," then left to prepare the tea.

The master and servant duo quietly waited. The conversation between the three people sitting next to them was naturally heard.

"I heard that yesterday the Emperor appointed Prince Yu's second son to be a third-grade official in the annals of government. He was praised in the hall for being so young and yet so young. He's definitely not a common person!"

"Xiao Clan's Second Young Master is only in his early twenties, but he has both martial and literary skills, and is also extraordinarily handsome. I'm afraid that it's his turn to be the overseer of Prince Yu's Mansion." The blue-robed man sitting next to him replied.

"Nonsense, First Young Master Xiao is the son of Prince Yu himself, and he hasn't changed at all. Naturally, the position of prince will be inherited by First Young Master." The bearded man who had spoken at the beginning retorted.

Another elderly man wearing an jacket beside him said, "Ai, it has been eighteen years since Young Master Xiao was sent to another place to recuperate from his sickness, but he still hasn't appeared. If I say it's disrespectful, I'm afraid it's hard to predict whether you will live or die! "

"No matter what, both young masters are dragons among men. Prince Yu is truly blessed."

… ….

The Frost Summit Dark Dragon had already been delivered, and Yue Liuying no longer listened to the idle chatter that had nothing to do with her. She focused on brewing the tea.

She was a tea lover and knew the art of making tea. Dark Dragon used a lot of tea, but she preferred a lighter taste. She put two-fifths of the tea into the teapot and added boiling water to moisten it.

The ancient saying was, "Tea is always made from water. 80% of tea comes in 10%, tea is also very good. 80% of tea is tested in 10%, only tea has 8% of ears." Therefore, which kind of water is used to make tea is one of the important factors to decide whether the tea is sweet, fragrant and alcoholic. She looked to the side at the boiling water. The waiter said it was a mountain spring from a sweet alcohol that made the tea fragrant, turbid, and fresh. Now that the tea leaves in the cup had been spread out, the tea leaves in the cup seemed to be floating in the air. He nodded his head in satisfaction. This teahouse was indeed extraordinary.

Jin Se was very interested to hear this. She leaned in and asked, "Miss, do you think this Second Young Master Xiao is like the young master and is an elegant and refined young master?"

Yue Liuying's underlings did not stop moving and their tone was even more indifferent, "I'm sorry, but I still don't know what Villa Owner Ling looks like. Even more presumptuous of the reckless Second Young Master Xiao, this question is too illusory."

"How could that be? This question is very realistic!"


Just when Jinsi thought that her young mistress was cooperating very well and prepared to delve deeper into the matter, he didn't expect that Yue Liuying would slowly put down the teacup. She narrowed her eyes in satisfaction and smiled, "It's really good tea."

… …. Jenser's failure

The two of them chatted for a while longer. Noticing that it was almost noon and they did not want to stay any longer, they got up and left.

However, not long after she left the Immortals' Residence, Yue Liuying discovered that something was amiss.

He approached her and reminded her in a low voice, "Jinsi, no matter what I tell you later, you have to stay calm and continue walking forward, okay?"

Seeing Jin Se nod, he then said: "We seem to... I've been followed. "

Jin Se was so shocked that she almost stopped her steps. When she thought of Yue Liuying's instructions, she immediately calmed down and continued forward as if nothing had happened.

She lowered her voice. "Miss, who are those who are following us? Why are they following us?"

"I'm not sure either. We're heading towards a place with a lot of people. We have to get rid of them."

The two of them reached a tacit understanding and made their way to the place where the crowd was gathering. After making sure that there was no one around, they moved the pile of grass back to where they came from.

The sun was setting, and the afterglow of the setting sun had dyed half the sky red. Soft rays of light shone through the windows and onto the ground.

Yue Liuying was lazily lying on the imperial concubine's bed, using one hand to prop herself up. She was thinking if the person following her in the morning was related to the person who poisoned her when Jinx walked in with a light green dress.

"Miss, come and try on your new clothes for tonight."

"I went to bed after washing up. What's the point of wearing new clothes?" He was a bit puzzled.

"Miss!" "Have you forgotten what your servant told you the day before yesterday about the Zhengyang Festival?"

Zhengyang Festival? That's right, it seemed to be true. It was just that at that time, she seemed to be in a trance and only vaguely understanding what was going on.

"Good Jin Se, why don't you explain the situation to me again?"

"This Zhengyang Festival is a special day in our country. In the daytime, the owners of every household have to wash their bodies and burn incense, report this to the heaven and earth, and offer sacrifices to their ancestors. At night, all of the family members will be watching the fireworks and having dinner together. All of the wives and concubines will have to get dressed in new clothes and kneel before their husbands, saying words of auspicious fortune. "

It sounds like the Mid-Autumn Festival.

"There's no need to try on clothes, just bring them over for me to wear."


After Yue Liuying wore it, she discovered that it was an ordinary set of clothes. It was neither ostentatious nor vulgar, nor gorgeous nor plain. There was nothing to look at in the crowd with clothes like these.

Wonderful, wonderful.

He turned his head and raised his eyebrows at Jinsi, giving her a thumbs up: "This kid is worth teaching."

"There's nothing I can do. Miss is so smart, so I can only be more quick-witted on the side. I don't want Miss to leave me alone in the Qing Ying Yuan when she travels."

As he spoke, he brought Yue Liuying to the dressing table, skillfully tying up her long hair, fixing it with a few pearls, and adorning it with a small crystal hairpin.

"Miss, this Zhengyang Festival is too simple and clean. We can't do that, let's choose another hairpin!"

She looked at the bright and vibrant jewelry box. "Hmm, just wear that exquisite white jade hairpin."

After she was done, Yue Liuying decided to go to the feast.

The earlier he went, the less attention he would attract …

However, Yue Liuying had not expected that she would arrive so early, and there were already five to six little girls whispering in one another's ears inside the Qi Shadow Tower. He didn't want to attract attention, so he quietly found a side seat and sat down to wait.

Not long after, the shadow tower was filled with all sorts of beautiful women. The originally quiet pavilion became very noisy because of these people's arrival. It was said that "three women for one". Now, more than thirty women had gathered in a crowd. It was truly too lively.

Fortunately, all the noise stopped with the sound of "Young Master has arrived".

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