She turned her head and looked at the man walking towards her. Just as the rumors had said, his eyebrows were sharp and his eyes were bright. He was truly a handsome man. Her black hair was tied up and slipped into a luxurious jade crown. Wearing a milky white robe with ice blue satin, she appeared even more magnificent and elegant. It was just that a cold aura was emitted from its body, causing people to feel fearful at first glance.

Seeing the man enter the second floor, Yue Liuying bowed along with the rest, "Good morning, Young Lord!"

Ling Qiye's footsteps did not stop. "En," he answered and walked towards the main seat.

Villa Owner Ling was seated at the head of the table, while the rest of the concubines were seated on either side of him. Unwilling to show off, Yue Liuying chose the right end and sat down.

Housekeeper Liu, who was standing next to Ling Qiye, shouted, "The day of the coming of the rising sun, the flame —"

Following that, numerous fireworks flew into the sky. With a "beng" sound, they scattered in all directions with brilliant colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple. Rainbow colors formed many colorful flowers in the night sky. Under the flickering of the stars, they were like flowers that were clustered together, blooming with a myriad of splendor.

The petals that scattered in all directions fell down like a drizzle. They didn't wait for people to look at them for too long before instantly disappearing into the boundless and resplendent starry sky.

The second floor was spacious and luxurious. What surprised Yue Ying was that the second floor was actually an open-air pavilion. On both sides of the pavilion, there were huge white jade tables with fine carvings on them. They were inserted from the first floor and were extremely beautiful, causing her to gasp in admiration. The interior wall was a pale yellow, with curtains decorated with pearls and crystals around it, adding a touch of elegance to the entire two-story building. There was a fist-eye sized luminous pearl inlaid on each of the white jade and jade tables. They emitted a faint yellow radiance and were extremely beautiful.

As he sat on the second floor, he looked up and saw the sky full of fireworks. All the girls present were extremely excited and delighted, clapping their hands and beating their drums. Or with the lady and maidservants next to the instructions, Jubilee Joy.

Being used to seeing red and green lights flickering, this type of firework wasn't enough to shock Yue Liuying at all. Instead, it was the food on the table that attracted her attention.

Pear Sauce Cake, Bean roll, Rice Cake, Pine Yellow Cake, Twin Horseshoe Cake, Glutinous Rice Cake, Coconut Cake, Sweet Potato Sauce … Every single one of them was exquisite and fragrant.

While everyone else was watching the fireworks, he quickly ate one or two pieces to fill his stomach.

Wu, sweet and refreshing. The crispy skin melted in his mouth, and the fragrance lingered in his mouth. It truly was extremely delicious.

About a quarter of an hour later, the luxuriant purple and the colorful fireworks finally came to an end. Housekeeper Liu shouted again: "Ladies and gentlemen, please begin the ceremony."

Upon hearing this, Yue Liuying swallowed the drunk peach blossoms in her mouth as fast as she could and used the handkerchief to wipe her mouth. She straightened her sleeves and waited for the people in front of her to greet them.

The various ladies had exquisite makeup and were all smiling. He must have yearned for this opportunity to get close to Young Master Ling for a long time. He wished that it was his turn early so that he could resolve the pain of longing that he had not seen for many days.

She felt that this formality was rather boring. Every lady blushed red in front of Villa Owner Ling, their eyes filled with spring water and their rosy cheeks. Lucky kept talking, seemingly endless. It was unknown if it was to give Ling Qiye an extra look or if it was for him to give them another look.

Originally, there was such a tradition of happiness and joy, so that people would feel the joy of the festival. However, with this delay, the listeners were no longer annoyed, and the people below were also tired of it. Only the lady who was making a statement would feel happy about it.

The time she had to wait was too long, and she couldn't help but think in her heart: Damn Ling Qiye, why did you marry so many concubines? The amount of concubines is so large that it almost matches up with the emperor's harem beauties.

Eldest Villa Master Ling was also wrongly accused as he had never been greedy for beauty. All of the concubines in the backyard were the result of the various families wanting to get married with the Precipice Villa. It had always been the pavilion's daughter who had voluntarily married into the Ling family, just like her previous self.

It was finally her turn. Yue Liuying thought that she would just casually say a few words to end the situation later.

With gentle steps, he shook Pa Fu. "I am from the Yue Clan, here to congratulate Young Master Zheng Yang. May Young Master Fu Ze be as long as a hero and stand on his feet, and the entire Ling Villa will be a gathering of thousands of merchants, and a new and prosperous life for all. "

It had been a long time since she heard a 'wake up'. Yue Liuying lowered her head and frowned. There seemed to be nothing wrong with her words. No exaggeration, no procrastination, no tedium, no extravagance, no vulgarity. In her eyes, it was simply the best example of pleasantries.

"She didn't have a clear impression of what the other ladies had said, she only knew that it would be right to say something that was beneficial." Fukuze long "," Ying Shi Shi "," Wan Shang Yunji "," Jia Yi Xin "are all very ordinary auspicious words, it is impossible to offend the possibility of taboo.

Then, thinking about it, could it be that: For thousands of years, there would be no end to Ling Villa's life?

Or was it to say, "May the young master enter the path of treasures and the four great powers come to wealth?"

Staring at him with such a pair of watery eyes, Ling Qiye couldn't possibly like this sort of arrangement, right?

He could not help but raise his head in confusion, only to see Villa Owner Ling staring at his forehead, his expression as cold as ever.

It turned out to be the result of the beautiful white jade hairpin.

"You like pear blossoms?" His tone was so indifferent that no one could tell if he was happy or angry.

Yue Liuying was startled. Some liked plum blossoms, cold and elegant; some liked lotus flowers, but not mud. Some liked orchids, clean and elegant. Some liked peonies, noble and dainty. Some liked hibiscus, elegant and elegant … However, there were very few women who liked the white and flowery pear blossoms.

Pear blossoms are not common in our country, there are even many people who do not know of the existence of this flower, even if they have seen it they do not know its name. Just like the aunt who sold hairpins, when she carved this pear flower, she named it "White Jade Linglong Hairpin".

Not understanding the meaning behind his words, she could only answer truthfully, "Amongst all the flowers, I prefer the Pear Blossom."

Another silence.

After Yue Liufu's posture had become stiff, he finally opened his mouth to greet the eighteen generations of Lord Ling's ancestors, "Rise, you will represent us tomorrow!"

Thunder from a clear sky!

She could already feel the cold eyes of the knives shooting at her from all directions.

What kind of joke was this? Tomorrow was the Small Sun Festival after the Zhengyang Festival, and Villa Owner Ling wanted her to attend the Small Sun Festival?

Xiaoyang Festival is a traditional festival in Hibiscus Kingdom. The day after every family reunited to welcome the positive sun, each family head brought a woman to participate in their own circle. He could take his wife or his daughter. Of course, people like Ling Qiye, who had yet to get married and have children, would choose a concubine to go with him.

It was said that in the past, Manor Lord Ling would simply point with his eyes closed, and whoever it was would be chosen to participate in the gathering.

Yue Liuying speechlessly looked up at the sky. She … Can I refuse?

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