His Wild Cute Wife/C100 I'm Addicted to Getting Sick
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His Wild Cute Wife/C100 I'm Addicted to Getting Sick
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C100 I'm Addicted to Getting Sick

His flirtatious voice rang out, and the ruffian look in his eyes grew even stronger.

Not only was he a hooligan with words, his hands naturally followed the hooligan as well.

He attacked her waist.


Kin Chuyang did not hesitate and slapped away his pig hand without the slightest bit of pity.

"You were still fine just now. Why do you have a fever again?"

He smiled, that smile was beautiful enough to topple cities.

He looked at her and said as if he was looking at her. "So now I need you to help me recover my fever."

He didn't approach her. The heat emitted from his body was enough to surround her.

"How did you help me with my fever yesterday?" He asked with a serious expression, "I don't know what happened, but it suddenly became hot again."

As he spoke, he pulled his collar.

When he returned home, his tie had already been untied.

The two buttons on his shirt had also been undone, revealing a small piece of his chest below his neck.

As the temperature rose, his wheat skin turned slightly red.

He raised his hand, slowly unbutton the third button, and made a gesture of wanting to take off his shirt.

Kin Chuyang's brows furrowed. This action of his was a little hooligan, but wasn't he having a fever?

His entire body was hot, so it was normal for him to want to take off his shirt.

Yesterday, she had asked Uncle Dong to give him a fever injection, and then gave him anti-inflammatory medicine.

But now, he couldn't possibly ask Uncle Dong to come over and give him an anti-fever injection, right?

Besides, it wasn't a good thing to have too many fever injections.

"Wait!" Kin Chuyang stared at him and turned around to walk towards the stairs.

His speed was very fast, obviously very worried about his physical condition.

Seeing her agile and quick movements, a sinister smile appeared on the man's face.

There was a hint of pride and satisfaction in her smile after her calculations were successful.

That pair of eyes stared straight at Kin Chuyang's back.

It was just like the combination of the fox and the cobra. It was so deep and unfathomable, yet it was still not enough.

That hand that was still holding the button touched the button bit by bit with its slender fingers. It did not have any intention of undoing it.

When Kin Chuyang came down, she saw that he had already fallen asleep on the sofa.

He only unbutton one button and his face was even redder than before.

That crooked posture looked very awkward. His upper body and lower body were almost ninety degrees crooked.

His eyebrows were tightly furrowed, and there was a word "Chuan" between his eyebrows. He looked very uncomfortable.

She held the medicine that Shen Guo Dong had prepared yesterday in her hand, but it was obviously impossible to take it now.

She swept the thermometer at his forehead.


39. 5 degrees.

Compared to yesterday's 40.5 degrees, it was only one degree lower.

"Yan Bai, wake up. Take the medicine." She lightly patted his cheek, trying to wake him up.

He did slowly open his eyes and looked at her with some difficulty. "What is it?"

"Take the medicine, and you have a fever to 39. 5 degrees. " She said softly to him, turned around and took half of the water she drank from the coffee table and gave it to him along with the medicine.

He glanced at her indifferently and did not have any intention of getting the water and medicine.

He staggered and stood up from the sofa.

"Where are you going?" She quickly went forward to support him, so that he wouldn't accidentally fall.

He used the opportunity to press his entire body's strength on her body, enjoying her warm, soft jade and sweet fragrance.

"I'll go back to my room to sleep for a while, just like yesterday. I'll be fine after waking up."

He said it very naturally, just like yesterday when he woke up and was completely fine.

Kin Chuyang was speechless. Young Master, how could you be fine after waking up yesterday?

Yesterday, he did not tire her out.

He took off his clothes again, cleaned his body, and even cooked porridge for him. He was even like a child, mixing the medicine into the porridge and coaxing him to eat it.

It was countless times more tiring than taking care of a child.

Also, the fever had gone down yesterday because of the fever injection.

However, he just couldn't tell him about it. Moreover, he was clearly still muddle-headed from the fever.

Kin Chuyang was 168 centimeters tall and almost carried him from the first floor to the stairs. She was almost 190 centimeters tall and carried him up the stairs from the first floor.

It was easy to imagine how difficult it was. He had almost used all his strength on her.

Bastard, why did you grow so tall? Why are you so heavy?!

I'm so tired of her.

When she carried him up to the second floor, Kin Chuyang was already exhausted to the point of gasping for breath. Her legs were trembling as if they were not hers.

Gritting her teeth, she continued to carry him towards his room.

At this time, he was slightly awake. He looked around at the rooms on both sides and walked towards her room on the left without hesitation.

"Your room is on the right." Kin Chuyang wanted to carry him back but he had already walked into her room with his long legs.

"Bastard, I suspect that you did it on purpose." Kin Chuyang gritted her teeth and said angrily to herself.

Otherwise, why would he wake up when he reached the door?

How could there be such a coincidence?

However, he acted as if he didn't hear her. He pushed her down by three points, dragged her down by two points, pulled her down by two points, and entered her room shamelessly.

Just as he walked to the bedside, Kin Chuyang did not even let go before he fell towards the big round bed with a thud.

He did not fall down by himself. He fell down along with Kin Chuyang.

Furthermore, he also pressed Kin Chuyang down at just the right time.

"Oh, Yan Bai, bastard! Get up, don't cheat by borrowing your illness here!"

Kin Chuyang patted his shoulder with both hands and protested very unwillingly.

However, he did not have a shadow at all. He pressed her down and fell asleep.

His breathing was uniform and calm. If it was not for the hot air that came out of his mouth, Kin Chuyang would not believe that he was a patient.

He was completely a rogue and rogue.

Although his entire body was pressing down on her, it did not give her a very heavy feeling.

It was as if he had lifted more than half of his weight and was only closely attached to her.

Kin Chuyang was unable to push him away. He was like a huge mountain pressing down on her body.

After pushing and rejecting for a while, Kin Chuyang could only helplessly give up.

Just like that, she let him press down on her body. Then, she looked at the ceiling with a defeated and helpless expression.

She did not realize that the man who pressed down on her body currently had a dark smirk at the corner of his mouth.

And why didn't she feel his weight? That was because he used his elbow to support his weight without leaving a trace.

If he were to press all the strength in his body onto her, it would be strange if he did not flatten her.

He was the one who felt the pain.

The hot breath sprayed on her neck, giving her a numb feeling.

Suddenly, a moist and warm feeling came from her neck.


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