His Wild Cute Wife/C103 You Are Secretly in Love with Me?
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His Wild Cute Wife/C103 You Are Secretly in Love with Me?
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C103 You Are Secretly in Love with Me?

A white transparent bag printed with a convenience store logo and a very clear view of the sanitary pad inside.

The sanitary pad was her usual brand.

The bag was in his hand. He stood at the door and stared at her slightly angrily.

But she saw concern in his eyes. That anger was also because he cared about her.

Did he just go out to buy her sanitary pad?

This thought flashed across her mind and Kin Chuyang looked at him in disbelief.

She could not accept this fact no matter what but she had to accept it.

At this moment, he was standing in front of her with his aunt's scarf.

Yan Bai took a big step forward and put the bag containing the aunt's towel on the sink. He reached out his hand to grab the towel hanging on the towel rack and twisted the water towards the hot water.

Kin Chuyang just stared blankly at him, not knowing what he was doing.

Then before she could react, he had already dried the hot towel.

He turned around and threw the hot towel on his palm. He stretched out his hand towards her face.

While wiping the cold water on her face, he said seriously and seriously, "You are not allowed to touch cold water in this kind of day in the future, do you hear me?!"

Kin Chuyang did not react at all and continued to stick like a wooden stake.

Only, his voice that sounded like an order rang out in her ears.

"You are not allowed to touch cold water in this kind of day!"

"You are not allowed to touch cold water!"

"Did you hear that?!"

"Did you hear that?!"

His voice was deep and magnetic, echoing in her ears.

Her face was hot. It was unknown whether it was because of the warm water or because he was cleaning her face.

In short, at this moment, she felt that it was unrealistic and that she was in a dream.

Then, his voice sounded again, "It's not just special days. You're not allowed to touch cold water for the rest of the days. Girls, don't you know that you cherish your body? "

... ""

Kin Chuyang did not know what to say anymore. In short, her face was as red as fire.

It was the same feeling as when she was pressed down by him.

He finally finished wiping her face and threw the towel into the basket at the side. He cast a sidelong glance at her butt and said, "Clean up."

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Kin Chuyang finally came back to her senses and looked up at the crystal lamp above her head speechlessly.

How did he know that she was used to using the brand of the scarf?


"If he didn't have feelings for you, why would he do such a thing?"

Wen Ling's words rang in her ears.

Could it be that he had always been interested in her?

Impossible, impossible!

Kin Chuyang immediately dismissed this thought.

How was this possible? How could Yan Bai possibly like her? This was simply a matter of discussion between the heavens and the earth.

When Yan Bai entered the room again, Kin Chuyang had already changed into a set of clothes and just came out of the bathroom.

He held a transparent glass cup in his hand, which contained more than half of the dark red stuff.

Could it be...

"Drink the sugar water."

Kin Chuyang was thinking that the thing in the cup could not be the sugar water, right? He said calmly.


Kin Chuyang simply did not know what words to use to describe her current mood.

This did not seem to be something that a bastard man who constantly opposed her, teased her, teased her for fun, should do.

This... No matter what, it was more like a man who was considerate and cared about his wife that was in his belly.

But why does she feel that it's so unrealistic, so... It was like a dream?

She just stared blankly at him. Her eyes were filled with doubt and vigilance.

"What are you doing standing there like a fool?" Seeing that she didn't stare blankly, Yan Bai threw her a glance. He bent his right index finger and flicked it at her forehead, which was neither light nor heavy.

Kin Chuyang came back to her senses and reached out to take the cup in his hand.

The water temperature was just right.

A touch of affection arose in her heart and swept across her limbs and bones as she smiled sweetly at him.

This smile was like a blooming flower in spring, alluring and infatuated.

Yan Bai was momentarily entranced by it, and didn't move his gaze away for a long time.

Kin Chuyang drank the sweet water in the cup in one gulp.

"Lie on the bed." He reached out and took her cup, put it on the table, and turned his head towards her.

"Ah?" Kin Chuyang was stunned and looked at her blankly.

He looked at her calmly and gently and said slowly, "I will massage your back!"

Kin Chuyang's eyelids jumped twice.

No, this... How did he know?

Every month, during these few days, her back would ache and she would also feel bloated.

Her stomach didn't hurt, but her waist and back didn't seem to belong to her.

He said to massage her back, this is... Know the rhythm of her situation?

But, how did he know?

Kin Chuyang looked at him with a puzzled expression.

He was calm and composed, and his face did not show any signs of discomfort or guilt when she questioned him.

He saw that she did not follow his instructions and lie down on the bed, and directly picked her up at the waist.

"Ah, hey!" Kin Chuyang was frightened by his sudden movement and screamed. She quickly put her hands around his neck.

This was a habit action, but at the same time, it was also a sign of trust and reliance on him.

Regarding this, Yan Bai smiled with satisfaction, revealing his white and neat teeth.

He gently placed her on the bed, "Turn around and lie down."

Kin Chuyang no longer hesitated and turned around to lie down.

He sat beside her and pressed his palm on her waist.

The force was just right to rub her waist and back. His movements were familiar as if he often did such things.

"How do you know how to massage? Have you massaged people before?"

She tilted her head to the side and smiled strangely as she looked at him with curved eyes.

There was a hint of entertainment in her words, but there was also a faint sourness to it.

He glanced at her indifferently and said in a dry and hard tone, "No!"

"No?" She looked at him with a look of disbelief." Young Master Yan, then may I ask how you got your skillful hand gestures and movements? It can't be that you are born with this kind of talent, right?"

His thin lips curled up, forming a very beautiful and charming arc.

His deep and refined eyes silently and warmly looked at her, and he smiled without saying a word.

However, the hand that pressed down on her waist and back didn't have the intention of stopping, and it still pressed down with a gentle and moderate force.

Their eyes met.

A shallow probing and interrogation.

The other was calm and welcoming.

"If I say that as long as it is something related to you, I am born with complete talent, do you believe me? Mrs Yan!"

He suddenly said these words unhurriedly and then looked at her with a strange smile.

" You mean, you are secretly in love with me? "

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