His Wild Cute Wife/C126 I'm Happy to See You in My Arms
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His Wild Cute Wife/C126 I'm Happy to See You in My Arms
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C126 I'm Happy to See You in My Arms

Tang Yiru's gentle voice was heard.

A trace of gloominess flashed across Yan Yi's eyes. It was the kind that carried hatred.

"Miss Tang, is something the matter?" Yan Yi asked unhurriedly. Her tone was no longer as friendly as before. Instead, it carried a sense of alienation.

Tang Yiru naturally also heard the trace of alienation in Yan Yi's tone and was slightly stunned for a moment.

Then, she smiled sweetly and continued to speak in a very friendly tone, "It is time for lunch. Miss Tang will eat together and chat at the same time."

"Sorry, I am not free today! I already have an appointment." Yan Yi said coldly.

"I see." Tang Yiru said with slight tenderness, "Then let's meet again next time."

"Let's talk about it when we have the chance." Yan Yi said coldly and then hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Yan Yi's face was full of anger. She gritted her teeth and held the phone tightly with her right hand. She looked like she was crushing the phone.

"Yan Yi, what's wrong?" Tang Wanlin's voice sounded beside her ear.

"Are you not used to work? It's fine. I don't need to rush. Take it slow. It's your first day at work. Don't give yourself too much pressure. You need to go through a process."

Tang Wanlin softly comforted Yan Yi. Her words were gentle and pleasant, and there was a faint smile on her face.

Yan Yi came back to her senses and smiled at her, "Sister Wanlin, thank you. I know, I will take my time."

"Yes." Tang Wanlin nodded, and said, "It's time to get off work. Let's go eat together."

She gave her a charming smile and said, "Older sister Wanlin, I have an appointment. Next time. I'll treat you next time. "

Tang Wanlin smiled knowingly, "Alright, next time."


In Yan's, Yan Bai was sitting on his chair, leaning against the back of the chair. His left hand was crossed over his chest, and his right hand was tapping on the table gently. He looked like he had thought it through carefully.

His deep and exquisite eyes were narrowed into a fine line, revealing a touch of profound mystery, making one unable to understand what he was thinking at this moment.

His gaze stopped on Kin Chuyang who was opposite him. Kin Chuyang lowered her head and focused on the work at hand.

The phone rang.

"Hello, Kin Chuyang." He did not raise his head and directly took the phone to his neck. As he answered the phone, he continued to work on his head.

Seeing her serious look, Yan Bai's lips curled into a meaningful smile.

"Chuyang, it's time to eat. Are you coming with me? Or with your big CEO?"

Shen Yuzhao's mischievous and teasing voice rang in his ears.

"How did you know?" Kin Chuyang asked in surprise.

She had just told her yesterday that Yan Bai and Shen Yuzhao had gone on a business trip together. It would take them about a week to come back.

Why was she so well-informed that he had returned?

He had only come back in the middle of the night last night.

Oh, she forgot that there was a eunuch in her house. Naturally, he knew all of Yan Bai's whereabouts.

"Hehe," Shen Yuzhao laughed slyly.

"It's not like you don't know. I have a eunuch who works for the president of your family. How could I not know? Everything on my side is first-hand news. "

" Oh, I forgot about this one thing. " Kin Chuyang said with a smile.

"Okay then. Give me a definite answer. Do you want to accompany your friend or choose your boyfriend? Choose one out of two. I will give you three seconds to consider. One... Two..."

"Alright, alright, stop being stingy. Let's go, we'll meet at the usual place. " Before San could finish his sentence, Kin Chuyang interrupted him.

"Sure enough, Kin Chuyang is not a person who values his friends more than his friends." Shen Yuchang laughed and said, "Then hurry up. I will go downstairs and wait for you in the lobby."

"Got it, got it." Kin Chuyang nodded.

When she hung up the phone and looked up, she found that he had unknowingly stood beside her and she did not even notice.

"When did you come over?" Kin Chuyang glanced at him and asked casually.

"Mrs Yan, you are not a person who values his friend more than his friend, but a person who values his friend more than his friend!"

Yan Bai looked down at her with a smile that was not a smile. He said with a thought-provoking voice, and there was a hint of sourness in his voice.

"Pfft!" Kin Chuyang laughed lightly and stood up from the chair. She glanced at him coldly and said.

"Young Master Yan, then please think about it and reflect on why I value friends more than women. Hmm, when you figure it out, perhaps there will be an unexpected surprise."

After saying that, she smiled at him meaningfully. She took her phone and walked past him.


Before she could leave his side, he stretched out his arm and scooped her into his arms.

Tu Xu's actions made her nose bump into his chest, causing some pain.

She sniffed at her own nose, but before she could say anything, a big palm landed on her nose and rubbed it.

"Mrs Yan, although I am looking forward to it, I am also very happy to see you throw yourself into my arms. However, while taking the initiative and being enthusiastic, you should also consider some parts of yourself."

These words had a deep meaning, and there were words in them, especially when he said the words "some parts." He deliberately slowed down his speed.

The gaze he looked at her with was very ambiguous and narrow, and the corners of his mouth curled up as if he had not had enough.

It was a touch of success and intent after successfully teasing her, as well as a trace of confidence.

The large palm was slightly rough, but it was extremely warm and warm.

He covered her nose and face, transmitting the warmth from his palm to her.

That familiar scent that belonged to him drifted into her nose and spread all over her body.

She could not help but feel a chill run down her spine. Then, a burning sensation came from her cheeks.

Kin Chuyang also did not know what was wrong with her. In short, as long as she had physical contact with him during this period of time, her face would turn red and her heart would beat.

Just like a woman in love, her heart and body would not be controlled by her brain.

However, it seemed that she was more used to talking to him and opposing him.

Although her face was red and her heart was beating fast, her mouth did not hesitate to reply. "Director Yan, what do you mean by lying with your eyes open? I believe you have more right to speak than anyone else."

He was the one who held her in his arms, yet he was able to lie with his eyes open. Was it her who threw herself into his arms?

His skin was getting thicker and thicker, to the point of being invulnerable.

He pursed his lips and smiled, a smile that could topple cities and cities, "Of course, everything depends on Mrs Yan's preferences."

She gave him a fierce look and directly kicked him, "Don't use me as an excuse!"

When Kin Chuyang came out of the elevator, Shen Yuchang had already been waiting for her in the lobby for a long time.

As for why she came down so late, that was naturally something that she understood tacitly.

Seeing her come out of the elevator, Shen Yuchang gave her an ambiguous smile and then sized her up from head to toe.

"Chuyang." Just as the two of them walked out of the company door, a warm voice sounded.

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