His Wild Cute Wife/C133 If You Don't Understand Then Change It into Something else
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His Wild Cute Wife/C133 If You Don't Understand Then Change It into Something else
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C133 If You Don't Understand Then Change It into Something else

Tang Yiru's gentle voice entered Zhao Youquan's ears.

"Of course. Miss Tang invited me. No matter how busy I am, I still need to take some time out."

Zhao Youquan used an undisguised tone and said, "Where is Miss Tang? I came to pick you up?"

"No need. She's in the western restaurant on the third floor of the Jindu Hotel. I'll wait for you." After saying that, he decisively hung up the phone.

Her voice was charming, like a cat scratching his body and heart. Just listening to her charming voice made Zhao Youquan's entire body itch.

That fat and shiny face had long been filled with a strong desire. That pair of eyes that only saw a tiny crack revealed a fierce evil heart.

This woman finally figured it out.

As he had said, women were all very realistic. Seeing that Yan Shuo's side was no longer possible, why would she reject him?

She didn't think about it. With her identity, how could the Yan family possibly agree with her?

As long as he thought about getting Tang Yiru's body right away, Zhao Youquan's heart would itch.

He had been thinking about this woman for a long time. That curvy body would definitely be very intoxicating to enjoy.

The man imagined the wonderful feeling of pressing Tang Yiru down on him. He had a reaction in an instant.

Tang Yiru sat on her chair, playing with her phone in her hand. Her eyes were filled with a sinister and evil smile.

Yan Yi, don't you like Tang Hejue? Didn't you want to get close to him? Then I won't let you do as you wish.

As long as I'm here, you can forget about having a good impression in front of Tang Hejue.

Tang Hejue will never like you in this lifetime. He will only hate you even more.

Jindu Hotel.

When Zhao Youquan arrived, he saw Tang Yiru sitting in her seat from afar with a charming smile on her face.

That pair of eyes was as alluring as ever. As long as one looked at her, they would be attracted to her.

There was a cup of coffee in front of her. She held a spoon in her hand and gently swirled it in the coffee.

Every action, every smile, made Zhao Youquan deeply fall in love with it.

The way she looked at Tang Yiru naturally revealed a trace of vulgarity.

"Miss Tang, I'm really not embarrassed. I even made you wait for me." Zhao Youquan walked towards Tang Yiru with a smile that was like a deer's head and a mouse's eyes. Only two lines of saliva were left at the corner of his mouth.

Tang Yiru smiled sweetly. That smile was so charming that it made people lose their minds and get lost in it.

"Director Zhao, what are you talking about? I came early. This is the Azure Mountain that I ordered for you. I have added a bag of companions for you privately. I hope to meet your taste."

As he spoke, he pushed the coffee in front of him in front of Zhao Youquan.

"Of course, of course. As long as you order it, I like it." Zhao Youquan answered with a smile. He sat across from her and took a sip of the coffee.

His gaze had been locked on Tang Yiru the whole time. He did not leave for a moment. He was lecherous and full of desire.

He held the coffee cup with one hand and touched Tang Yiru's hand naturally with the other.

Tang Yiru did not withdraw her hand but revealed a shy and charming smile towards him. It was as if she was tacitly agreeing and more like encouraging him.

Seeing that she did not have any intention to object or take it back, Zhao Youquan naturally went wild with joy in his heart.

It seemed that she had finally figured it out, and even more so had this intention.

As expected, women could not leave money.

"Director Zhao, what do you want to eat? My treat." Tang Yiru looked at him with a charming smile. Her voice was as gentle as an oriole, alluring and seductive.

Zhao Youquan's heart had long been aroused by her flirtation. At this moment, he did not have the mood to eat!

His heart was full of love as he threw it all on her body. He only wanted to press her down and then roll over the tender love and love.

More than one hand touched her hand, put down the coffee cup, and directly grabbed her handbag with both hands.

That pair of lecherous eyes stared unblinkingly at her... collar and then fiercely swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Tang Yiru was wearing a V-neckline dress today. That scene was faintly discernible in front of him, it was all a kind of temptation.

Her skin was as white as snow. As she breathed, that color emitted a flirtatious luster that made people unable to stop themselves.

He had an impulse to pounce on her and explore the entire beauty from top to bottom. The beauty that he had thought of for many years would submit to him. Just thinking about it made him very impulsive.

It must be extremely wonderful. That kind of feeling would definitely make him want to die.

"What else do you want to eat? Looking at you, I'm already half full."

Zhao Youquan looked at her naked. Whether it was his eyes or his words, they all revealed an unconcealed desire.

"Director Zhao, what are you talking about? I don't understand." Tang Yiru lowered her head shyly, and a faint smile appeared on her face.

However, there was a vague temptation at the corner of her eyes. She even smiled at Zhao Youquan.

The hand that was held by his fat hand also scratched his palm.

This move lifted Zhao Youquan's already rippling heart in an instant. All the nerves in his body stood up in an instant.

This was a naked teasing, a secret signal for him.

"You don't understand?" Zhao Youquan's pair of eyes stared straight at her. His voice was clearly a bit low and hoarse.

"If you don't understand, then we will change it. As long as you understand. Right now, I don't want to eat anything. I just want to eat you."

As he spoke, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

"Director Zhao, I'll treat you to respect!"

All of a sudden, Tang Yiru heavily pulled her hand out of his palm. She glared at him with a face full of anger, and her words were filled with grievance and reprimand.

The tender expression from before instantly disappeared and was replaced with embarrassment and anger.

The eyes that were staring at him were filled with raging anger, as if they wanted to swallow him whole.

Zhao Youquan did not understand why he had come back, but he felt a burning sensation on his face.

Tang Yiru took the cup of coffee in front of him and poured it on his face without hesitation.

Zhao Youquan's face was stiff and confused. Of course, it was more because he was in a sorry state.

"Tang Yiru, what the hell are you doing?!"

Zhao Youquan flew into a rage and roared at her. He stood up from the chair and glared at her angrily with his small eyes that could barely see his eyes.

"You f * cking dare to pour water on me? Do you not want to live anymore? Ah! You b * tch, b * tch! "

Zhao Youquan used extremely filthy words to scold Tang Yiru.

"I'm sorry, Director Zhao. Forgive me for not being able to fulfill your request. I am not the kind of woman you think I am. Please respect me and respect yourself!"

Tang Yiru glared at him angrily. Every word she said was clear and proper.

"Tang Yiru, who the f * ck do you think you are? How dare you speak to me like that? I think highly of you because I am giving you face! Don't be ignorant and refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit!"

" Yiru, what's wrong? What happened?" A voice as gentle as jade came from behind.

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