His Wild Cute Wife/C141 How Long Have I Been Hungry?
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His Wild Cute Wife/C141 How Long Have I Been Hungry?
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C141 How Long Have I Been Hungry?

He glared at Young Master Yan and said, "Young Master Yan, how long have you been hungry?"

Son of a b * tch, she was tortured so badly that she almost lost half of her life.

Not only her legs were sore and weak, but her waist also did not seem like hers.

It was almost broken by him.

This damn man, how long has it been since he last had sex?

He smiled and put his right hand on his head. He looked at her devilishly and said unhurriedly, "Thirty-one years."

The corner of Kin Chuyang's mouth twitched. She did not expect his answer to be like this.

Suddenly, a question rang in her mind, "What's the date today?"

How did she come back?

"Number Nineteen."

Suddenly, she understood why he asked that.

He was giving her a hint.

Her 12th relative came to visit her on the 19th, which was exactly seven days.

Her relative had gone far away.

He also said, "There's a good show tonight!"

It turned out that he had planned this long ago.

It couldn't be that he was drunk on purpose, right?

"Yan Bai!"

Kin Chuyang sat up and glared at him angrily.

At this moment, she forgot all the soreness in her body.

However, as she sat down, the blanket that was covering her body slid down with a swoosh.

Thus, she appeared in front of him in her original state.

Yan Bai was so calm and composed as he brazenly looked at her beauty.

He even had a teasing smile on his lips, and even threw a coquettish glance at her.

However, his deep and shallow marks were all left on that jade-like white skin.

It was a little too horrible to look at!

A touch of coldness hit her and coupled with his naked eyes, Kin Chuyang's face instantly turned red.

She quickly pulled over the blanket to cover herself.

The scene and scenes from last night were like a replay of a movie, playing in her mind.

He was like a motor, running tirelessly.

He grabbed the blanket with one hand and covered his chest with the other, twisting his arm heavily. "Bastard, are you pretending to be drunk tomorrow?"

He smiled without saying a word, but his smile was meaningful and thought-provoking, with a strong desire.

She could not be more familiar with his gaze.

When she thought of her almost broken waist, Kin Chuyang used a warning look to glare at him.

Then, the pain that she had forgotten hit her again.

She could not help but grin again. That hand that was still holding his arm pulled back and supported her waist.

However, that angry gaze didn't let him go. It continued to stare at him, as if wanting to shoot a hole in his body.

However, he had an indifferent and indifferent appearance, still smiling calmly and with a ruffian expression as he looked at her. He said unhurriedly, "After drinking the sobering tea, you will naturally wake up."

This sobering tea was naturally referring to Kin Chuyang, who was currently glaring at him with round eyes.

These words had already been said last night. The sobering tea was not as effective as her.

To Yan Bai, Kin Chuyang was his everything. She could cure all of his difficult and complicated diseases.

"Bastard!" Kin Chuyang glared at him angrily. She grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around herself. She planned to get off the bed.


As she pulled the blanket over, the man on the bed appeared in front of her naked eyes.

"Oh!" Kin Chuyang instinctively reached out and covered her eyes.

However, as she covered her eyes, the blanket slid down.

She faced him honestly in her original state.

"Baby, so you like to be honest with him. Hmm, I like it too." His bewitching voice rang out.

Kin Chuyang quickly squatted down and picked up the blanket to cover herself.

However, a red mark on the bed pierced her eyes.

Kin Chuyang only felt her eyelids twitching and her temples also jumping.

No wonder it hurt so much last night. It was as if her whole body was torn apart.

So that's how it was.

But, what was with the red color on the hotel bed sheet?


Kin Chuyang only felt anger rising from the bottom of her feet. She did not care about that much and threw herself at the man lying on the bed in a very elegant position.

"Didn't you say that I have been hooking up with you for a long time? Then what is this? What is this? What is this?"

With one hand on his neck, his other hand was pointing at the dark red stain of blood on the bed.

Obviously, this was her first time.

Bastard, he actually lied to her, and even lied to her so easily. She actually didn't have the slightest bit of doubt.

There were so many marks left on her body that she didn't even think about going in another direction.


Kin Chuyang was furious. Moreover, he used that matter to threaten her from time to time and even said that he wanted to tell her father.

Unknowingly, Kin Chuyang actually returned to him.

At this moment, the two of them were completely naked.

Hence, it could be imagined that she returned to his body just like that.

This posture... it was so unimaginable.

This was definitely the rhythm of a female strong male being weak, forcing him to be strong.

Of course, at this moment, Kin Chuyang definitely did not realize this problem. She still wanted to settle old scores with him!

He looked at the angry ___ on his body with a face full of enjoyment. He revealed a smile with endless aftertaste and even put on a very cooperative expression.

Unhurried and unhurried, his voice lightly overflowed from his lips, "A prostitute? Treasure, did you leave behind the money for whoring?"

Money to buy money?

The corner of Kin Chuyang's mouth twitched again.

Speaking of this money, it reminded her of another matter, that promissory note.

The promissory note that paid for money and flesh for a lifetime.

"What is that promissory note?"

"Oh, the promissory note you mentioned?"

He had a leisurely and happy expression on his face. He looked at her like an old fox and then slowly said, "Money, debt, and meat pay for a lifetime! Mrs Yan, we are currently in progress."

After he finished speaking, he wrapped his hands around her waist and very easily flipped Kin Chuyang off his body.

As for him, he did not slow down as he turned around and climbed up, still smiling as he pleased.

"Good boy, you are already asleep. Stop messing around. Anyway, money is paid for flesh for a lifetime, and I won't chase after your debt for the rest of my life. Or else, I'll just create a small person. That way, it'll be more practical and safer. "

She pinched his neck with both hands, looking furious." Bastard, tell me honestly, what did you do to me that day! "

He curled his lips and gave a dazzling smile. "Baby, didn't you do something to me? My back was scratched by you like a wild cat, full of sharp claws!"

Kin Chuyang angrily glared at him, wishing she could bite him.

He laughed recklessly again, that smile carrying a touch of evil, "Don't deny it. I have evidence. Why don't I show it to you? Un!"

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