His Wild Cute Wife/C146 Thank You We Won't Make an Appointment
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His Wild Cute Wife/C146 Thank You We Won't Make an Appointment
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C146 Thank You We Won't Make an Appointment

Shen Yuchang angrily walked out of Yan Shuo's office.

"Manager Shen, what happened?"

Shee Meijiao, who sat in Tang Yiru's seat, saw her angry look and asked kindly.

Shen Yuchang glanced at her unhappily, "If you get scolded, what else can happen? Be careful that the next one will be you!"

After saying that, she glanced at her again and walked towards her own office, rubbing and rubbing.

"Me?" Shee Meijiao snorted with disdain. "How is that possible?"

She was Zhao Youquan's woman. Elder Zhao had said that according to seniority, Yan Shuo still had to call her "uncle."

Even if he did not look at the monk's face, he still had to look at the Buddha's face.

Shee Meijiao raised her head and puffed out her chest again. She twisted her beautiful snake-like waist and walked towards her office.

However, just as she sat down on the chair and her butt had not even warmed up, the phone on the desk rang.

"Hello." Her voice that was so coy that it made one's bones go numb rang.

"Come to my office immediately!" Yan Shuo's voice came from the microphone. It was cold and gloomy.

"Manager Yan..."

On the other side of the phone, Yan Shuo hung up.

"He hung up so quickly? Is it really as Shen Yuchang said? Is it my turn?"

Shee Meijiao held the microphone and muttered to herself.

Although she sat in this position because of Zhao Youquan, if she really did not have any ability, Zhao Youquan would not really let her sit in this position.

Some women had abilities and physical bodies.

Only when the two of them were combined would she be able to rise to a higher position.

In Yan Shuo's office, Shee Meijiao looked at Yan Shuo with a charming smile. Her seductive eyes were filled with temptation and seduction.

"Manager She, this is the company, not a man's bed. Please stop seducing men!"

Yan Shuo stared at her coldly and said expressionlessly.

Shee Meijiao's face immediately showed a touch of shyness, "Manager Yan, I did not."

"Humph!" Yan Shuo coldly snorted at her and threw a report heavily onto her face, "I don't care if you have it or not. You can take a look at your performance over the past half month!"

As he threw it at her, the paper cut across her face. There was a faint sense of pain.

A touch of wronged and innocent tears immediately appeared in Shee Meijiao's eyes. She looked at him pitifully.


"Don't explain so much to me. What I saw was that you did not add a new customer!"

Yan Shuo directly cut off her words, his eyes staring at her fiercely like blades.

"I don't care who recommended you. If you continue to have zero customers, you can go wherever you want!"

"Manager Yan..."

"Get out!"

Shee Meijiao still wanted to explain, but Yan Shuo pointed at the office door and roared at her, not giving her the chance to explain at all.

No matter how unwilling and aggrieved Shee Meijiao was, she could only leave helplessly.

Then, Yan Shuo's gloomy voice came from behind, "I will give you two days. I don't care what method you use, you must get this client from Kunting."

Shee Meijiao turned around and looked at him in surprise, "Manager Yan..."

"You can't do it. Get the hell out of here right now!" Yan Shuo said with a cold face. He could not refuse.

In the finance department, Shen Yuchang continued to check the data on the computer.

You think I will give you the chance to take revenge for your personal gain?

What she clearly wanted in the morning was the monthly report. Just now when she handed the monthly report to him, he actually said that he wanted the seasonal report.

He even gave her a scolding without any explanation. He even ordered her to calculate the previous seasonal report as well as the comparative within an hour.

What was even more excessive was that he wanted a total report and a customer's score report.


He was obviously targeting her.

You want to make a mistake on me, right? It's not that easy!

It's just a report. It's rare for her to be the financial manager?

Fortunately, she had this habit. At the beginning of every month, she would organize a whole set of reports.

If you want a month, there will be a month. If you want a quarter, there will be a quarter.

There is only one thing that you can't say, and there is nothing that she can't take out.

Half an hour later, Shen Yuchang printed the report, loaded it with nails, and put it in the folder. She went to Yan Shuo's office again.

"Manager Shen, wait for a while before you go in."

Shen Yuchang had just walked to the door of Yan Shuo's office when she was stopped by his assistant.

She looked at Shen Yuchang with a serious expression.

Shen Yuchang understood what he meant and smiled at her. She sat down on the chair opposite her. "Okay."

Twenty minutes later, the door of Yan Shuo's office was still closed.

Shen Yuchang smiled and said to her assistant, "Sorry, I need to borrow your phone."

As she spoke, she picked up the microphone and dialed Yan Shuo's internal line.

The phone rang for a long time before it was picked up. "Hello."

Yan Shuo's cold voice rang.

"Manager Yan, may I come in now? I have prepared the report that you need."

Shen Yuchang said coldly with a trace of ridicule.

On the other side of the phone, Yan Shuo was slightly stunned. He seemed to be slightly surprised by Shen Yuchang's speed and then said in a deep voice, "Come in."

Shen Yuchang hung up the phone and smiled at his assistant, Xiao Ji. She got up and walked towards Yan Shuo's office.

She pushed the door open and entered. She thought she would see a scene that she should not have seen in the office.

Even if there was no inappropriate scene for children, there should at least be a woman.

For example, Yee Jie.

Otherwise, why did Little Ji stop her from entering just now?

However, there was no Yee Jie in the office. Instead, there was a man sitting there.

This man was none other than Yee Jie's elder brother, Yee Zifeng.

When he saw Shen Yuchang, Yee Zifeng stood up from the chair and said to Yan Shuo, "See you later. I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first."

Yan Shuo nodded, "Okay, see you later."

Yee Zifeng stopped next to Shen Yuchang and looked at her meaningfully. A playful smile appeared on his lips. "This young lady looks familiar. Have we met before?"

Shen Yuchang replied with a smile that was not a smile. "Sir, your move is very outdated. Now you don't need to use this move to talk to girls."

"Oh?" He looked at her with interest, "Then what should I use?"

Shen Yuchang turned her eyes to Yan Shuo. "You can ask Manager Yan. He seems to be quite experienced."

"Shen Yuchang!" Yan Shuo scolded her angrily.

"Shen Yuchang?" Yee Zifeng repeated her name. His face was full of interest. He slightly turned his head and looked at her. "It is a good name. I will remember it. I will ask you out next time."

"Thank you. We will not ask you out!" Shen Yuchang rejected him without hesitation.

She walked towards Yan Shuo and put the folder on his table. "Manager Yan, this is the report you wanted."

After saying that, she turned around and left.

"Miss Shen, please stop!" Yee Zifeng called her from behind.

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