His Wild Cute Wife/C154 I'm Happy Now?
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His Wild Cute Wife/C154 I'm Happy Now?
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C154 I'm Happy Now?

The moment Yan Shuo saw Kin Chuyang, it was as if he had seen his father's murderer.

His eyes were filled with raging anger.

He shot towards Kin Chuyang like a sharp sword.

The corner of his mouth was faintly twitching. The hands that were hanging by his sides were tightly clenched into fists.

Kin Chuyang acted as if she did not see the anger bursting out of his body at all. She greeted him with a very professional tone, "Manager Yan."

Then, she walked to Shen Yuchang's office in the opposite direction.

Everyone lowered their heads and busied themselves, as if they did not see Kin Chuyang and Yan Shuo.

"Secretary Kin, what a rare guest!"

When Kin Chuyang turned around and took two steps forward, Yan Shuo's strange voice came from behind her.

"Ever since Secretary Kin was promoted to the CEO's office, I haven't seen you in the shipping department. What, are you here to help Director Yan patrol?"

Yan Shuo walked towards Kin Chuyang with a strange smile on his face.

Kin Chuyang stopped and turned around. She still had a professional smile on her face. She said to Yan Shuo unhurriedly, "Do you need to patrol Manager Yan's work? It seems that Manager Yan's ability really needs to be improved."

"Since it is inspection work, then let Secretary Kin come to the office."

Yan Shuo didn't get angry. Instead, he smiled at her and then gave a meaningful smile. "Could it be that after Secretary Kin got promoted, she doesn't remember the direction of my office?"

As he spoke, he drew a line in the direction of his office and continued to say with a smile that was not a smile, "Secretary Kin, my office is over there."

"Since it's an inspection, it's naturally in the meeting room."

Just as Yan Shuo finished speaking, Yan Bai's cold voice came from the door.

Then he walked over with big steps. He did not have any expression on his face. He just glanced at Yan Shuo indifferently.

Behind him was Shen Yuzhao, holding a notebook in his hand. He looked like he was going to have a meeting.

"Director Yan, Special Assistant Shen."

Everyone called out to Yan Bai and Shen Yuzhao solemnly.

"The department manager has a meeting." Shen Yuzhao looked around the huge office and said in a deep voice.

When they heard that the department managers were having a meeting, the employees of each department immediately went to their respective department managers' offices to inform them about the meeting.

Yan Bai walked to Kin Chuyang's side and looked at her. He said softly, "A document. Is there a need for your CEO's secretary to personally deliver it?"

"Didn't you say that you were in a hurry to use it? If I don't send it, do you want to send it? "

Kin Chuyang looked at him and said with an innocent face.

Yan Bai smiled with satisfaction. Very good. Under his guidance, he had already shown no flaws in lying with his eyes wide open.

"Manager Yan, don't you need to prepare?" Shen Yuzhao looked at Yan Shuo who was grinding his teeth and said indifferently.

"Director Yan, may I ask what meeting you have today?" Yan Shuo looked at Yan Bai and asked expressionlessly.

Yan Bai glanced at him casually. "As the manager of the shipping department, you don't even know what meeting you are holding. Should I consider changing the person? "

After saying that, he strode towards the meeting room.

Shen Yuzhao kindly reminded him, "Manager Yan, today is the seasonal meeting. It should have been held in the morning, but considering that you should be very busy in the morning, the meeting will be postponed."

Yan Shuo's face alternated between gray and white. He could not understand what Shen Yuzhao meant by busy.

"So, Director Yan cares about me so much?" Yan Shuo stared at Yan Bai's back and said coldly.

Yan Bai stopped and slowly turned around. He looked at Yan Bai coldly and said unhurriedly, "I care about every company's staff."

Kin Chuyang tried very hard to hold back her laughter and did not want to laugh out loud.

He really did not blush when he lied with his eyes wide open.

At noon, he even told her that his sense of responsibility was only that little, and that he was only responsible for her.

This was actually good. He actually said that he cared so much about every company's employee.

The way he cared about her was really unique!

However, of course, she wouldn't expose him.

At this moment, Kin Chuyang actually felt that this man was also quite cute sometimes.

Although it was a little childish, but no matter what, he would always stand on her side.

Everything he did was for her.

It was just like this time, although he didn't say that there was a meeting, he followed her down and said that there was a meeting.

It was clear that he wanted to back her up, so that she could straighten her back even more.

Actually, this man wasn't that detestable. He was quite cute.

As she thought, a flower bloomed in Kin Chuyang's heart. It was very beautiful and brilliant.

The corner of her mouth could not help but curve into a faint smile. It was a kind of smile that belonged to a happy little girl.

It was the kind of sweet smile that belonged to someone who found someone to rely on.

However, this smile was so dazzling and heart-piercing in Yan Shuo's eyes.

Although the smile on her face was so faint, he could see it clearly.

That kind of smile, she had never revealed it in front of him.

Even if there were only two people in the past, she had never revealed it in front of him.

And at this moment, she revealed her sweet and happy smile in front of so many people.

Yan Shuo's heart was filled with jealousy and resentment.

It was as if there were tens of thousands of ants gnawing at his internal organs.

It was an indescribable discomfort.

This smile should have belonged to him, but now it had nothing to do with him.

She had already snuggled into another man's arms, and that smile was only for him.

The hands that hung down on both sides of her body were tightly clenched into fists.

On the back of his hand, twisted and ferocious earthworms crawled and crawled, as if they were drilling into his heart and lungs.

He even found it difficult to breathe.

He just stared at Kin Chuyang tightly.

However, Kin Chuyang did not seem to see the painful and twisted expression on his face at all.

She turned around and followed Yan Bai's footsteps towards the direction of the meeting room.

Seeing Kin Chuyang's actions, a cold and sinister look flashed across Yan Shuo's face once again.

It was a kind of unwillingness and hatred anger.

"Manager Yan, if you are really too busy, you can also not attend this meeting."

Shen Yuzhao's indifferent voice sounded beside his ear, carrying a trace of mockery and provocation.

Yan Shuo returned to his senses and smiled coldly at him.

"Thank you for your concern, Special Assistant Shen. No matter how busy I am, I won't be as busy as Director Yan. Since Director Yan can spare time to attend the meeting, how can I be absent? I will go to the office and get a notebook. "

After saying that, he turned around and walked towards his office.

"What's wrong? Did you suddenly come down for a meeting?"

In the meeting room, Kin Chuyang asked Yan Bai.

Yan Bai smiled like an old fox and looked at her. He slowly said, "Are you happy now?"

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