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His Wild Cute Wife/C18 You Are Indeed Very Considerate
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C18 You Are Indeed Very Considerate

"Humph!" Yan Yi snorted coldly.

"What does that have to do with me? I am not very familiar with him! Him being with the person I hate is the best."

Yan Yi hated Kin Chuyang. It was because from the first time she saw Kin Chuyang, she did not like her and hated her. There was no reason or reason. In any case, she just hated her.

Ever since Kin Chuyang and Yan Shuo were together, the thing she wanted to do the most was to find a way to separate them.

As for Yan Bai, although he was also her brother, she did not have any siblings relationship with him. She did not care who he was with!

Even if he was with a beggar, it was none of her business.

What's more, Kin Chuyang was the best. In any case, the two of them were not people she liked. Who would care if they were piled up together!

"Brother, why don't I introduce you to a girlfriend!"

Yan Yi said with anticipation and excitement. When she said this, her eyes lit up.

Yan Shuo glared at her and pushed her face away with his big palm. "Don't meddle in other people's business."

"Brother, don't tell me you are still thinking about that woman?"

Yan Yi pulled a long face and said angrily, "Brother, can you have some backbone?! She has already hooked up with Yan Bai, can't you have some prospects?"

Yan Shuo simply turned his back to her and ignored her. He just wanted to stay quietly for a while, and no one wanted to speak.


"Dad, Mom, I'm going to work." Kin Chuyang said to Kin Xuenian and Wen Ling as she changed her shoes.

Wen Ling was washing the dishes in the kitchen. She stretched out half of her body and told Kin Chuyang, "Be careful and face every new day happily."

"Got it." She gave her a bright smile.

"Wait a minute." Just as he was about to open the door, Kin Xuenian stopped him.

"Dad, what else do you want?" Kin Chuyang turned around.

Kin Chuyang had a bad feeling when she saw Kin Xuenian walk out of the room with a few old laptops in his hands.

Kin Xuenian walked towards her and handed her a few books. He said seriously, "Take these notes to the small banquet."

Kin Chuyang looked at him, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. "Dad..."

"What? Dad's notes are embarrassing you!" Kin Xuenian looked at her seriously, then said confidently and proudly.

"My notes are not that easy to read. I won't give them to normal people! Alright, go to work. Don't be late."

Kin Chuyang looked at the notes in her hands and then looked at Kin Xuenian. She was really depressed. She wanted to reject it but did not dare to. In the end, she could only bring it with her.

He took her words seriously. He had really found all of his trump cards. He really didn't know what to say.


Kin Chuyang heavily placed the notebook on Yan Bai's table.

Yan Bai was lost in thought as he stared at the computer. He was stunned by her sudden movement.

He looked up and looked at her in confusion. He pointed at the notes and asked, "Secretary Kin, can you tell me what this means?"

Kin Chuyang glared at him and walked towards her desk. She said coldly as she turned on the computer.

"Didn't you say that you admire my dad? Didn't you say you were interested in his class?

Now that the curriculum you're interested in is in front of you, you can study hard. I hope you can improve every day! "

Oh, so that's what happened.

A faint smile appeared on Yan Bai's lips, and it was a very satisfied smile.

He said to Kin Chuyang in a rare serious manner, "Then thank Professor Jin on my behalf. Oh, no! In order to show my sincerity, I will personally come and thank you in the future."

"Sorry, our family does not welcome you!" Kin Chuyang said coldly without any euphemism.

"I did not say thank you. I am going to thank Professor Jin. It is not important whether you are happy or not." Yan Bai said casually with an indifferent face." Oh, and. "

Just as Kin Chuyang was about to say something, he seemed to think of something very important. He glanced at her and said slowly.

" On the first day of work, Secretary Kin did not do her job well. She actually arrived later than me, the boss. This is not a good performance or work attitude. I hope you can correct it. "

..." "

"[Coffee.]" Once again not giving Kin Chuyang a chance to speak, he pointed at the cup on the table, indicating that it was time for her to grind the coffee.

Kin Chuyang could only resign herself to fate and get up to take his cup. Then his leisurely voice came from behind, "Grind it now, don't melt it quickly."

Kin Chuyang turned around and gave him a very professional smile, "Of course, as your secretary, I know every hobby of yours very well. Discovery of the mill, no sugar added."

"Very good!" Yan Bai nodded with satisfaction. "Secretary Kin is indeed a very considerate and good secretary."

The word "considerate" was especially emphasized, and it even said with a deeper meaning. The smile on the corner of his mouth was even darker and deeper.

When Kin Chuyang was grinding coffee, she met Shen Yuzhao who came to make tea.

"Secretary Kin, morning."

Shen Yuzhao smiled gently and politely to greet her. He took out the tea leaves from the cabinet and said with a smile, "That guy didn't make things difficult for you, right?"

Kin Chuyang shrugged and smiled. "No."

Shen Yuzhao let out a sigh of relief. He skillfully brewed the tea and continued, "That's good. I was really afraid that he would make things difficult for you."

A mysterious expression appeared on his face as he continued to speak with great interest.

"You don't even know how difficult it is for this person to serve you. His preferences change according to his mood. His preferences for the first minute and the second minute are very different. "

The expression on Kin Chuyang's face froze for a moment.

"How is it? Is there a problem with work?"

Shen Yuzhao changed the topic and shifted his focus to work. "If there is anything you do not understand, you can ask me at any time."

"Yes..." Kin Chuyang looked at him as if she wanted to say something but stopped herself.

"What is it? Is there a problem? Tell me, let's see if I can help you."

Shen Yuzhao said with a friendly and generous expression, " Oh, right. Little Chang told me to take care of you more."

"Xiao Chang?" Kin Chuyang looked at him blankly.

Shen Yuzhao pursed his lips and smiled. "I am her brother. I kissed him." He deliberately emphasized the last two words.

"Oh, no wonder your names are so close. I thought it was just a coincidence." Kin Chuyang said with a look of sudden realization.

"So, you don't have to be so reserved and don't treat others as outsiders. If there is anything you don't understand, just ask me. I will definitely take care of you."

Shen Yuzhao said with a warm and considerate smile.

"Special Assistant Shen, I hired you with a lot of money to work, not to spend a month or two to talk about love!" Behind him, a gloomy and cold voice sounded.

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