His Wild Cute Wife/C182 Baby Don't be too Obsessed with Me
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His Wild Cute Wife/C182 Baby Don't be too Obsessed with Me
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C182 Baby Don't be too Obsessed with Me

"Yo, who pissed you off? You're so angry?"

What he heard was not the vicious voice of the lance, but the playful voice of Yee Zifeng with a smile that was not a smile.

Tang Yiru froze and the hand holding the phone was slightly stunned.

She instinctively took the phone and put it in front of her eyes. Indeed it was not Yan Shuo's number, but an unknown number.

Tang Yiru's brows knitted together. Why did Yee Zifeng have her number?

"Sorry, Young Master Yi. I didn't expect it to be you." Tang Yiru quickly explained and said with a slightly apologetic tone.

"I didn't expect it to be my phone number?"

Yee Zifeng's ambiguous tone entered her ears, "Miss Tang saying so, that really hurts my heart. Is she rejecting me? Or is she criticizing me?"

"Young Master Yi, you misunderstood me. I didn't mean that." Tang Yiru said helplessly.

"Since you did not mean that, it means that I still have the chance. Coincidentally, I passed by your library. It's lunch time now. You don't mind eating with me, do you?"

" No... "

"Miss Tang, don't worry. Tang Hejue and I can talk. I don't think he will object to his employees finding a good home."

Tang Yiru still wanted to say something, but Yee Zifeng did not give her a chance to refuse. He smiled and mentioned Tang Hejue.

Tang Yiru frowned. Suddenly, an idea flashed through her mind.

Perhaps this could really block Yan Shuo's path and make him speechless.

"Since Young Master Yi invited me so warmly, if I refuse again, I will not know what's good for me. Alright then, I will have to trouble Young Master Yi to wait for a moment. I will be back in a while."

Tang Yiru said to Yee Zifeng in a gentle tone.

"Miss Tang really has my heart!" Yee Zifeng's soft voice entered Tang Yiru's ears.

Tang Yiru sat on the chair with her back leaning against the chair. She held the phone in her hand and played it for a while, as if she had thought it through carefully.

Her eyes revealed a gloomy scheming look, and the corner of her mouth curled into a cunning sneer.

After a moment, she dialed a number again and said in a cold and lonely tone, "Help me do one thing."


Tang Yiru sat in Yee Zifeng's car and smiled gently at him.

Yee Zifeng closed the door for her and sat in the driver's seat.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." He put on his seatbelt and smiled at ___.

Yee Zifeng suddenly smiled. "Waiting for a lady is a man's business. It is an attitude and respect for a lady."

He put on his seatbelt, started the car, and drove out of the parking lot.

"Do you want to eat Chinese or Western food?" He held the steering wheel with both hands and looked at Tang Yiru with a gentlemanly expression.

Tang Yiru pursed her lips and smiled, "I don't care."

Yee Zifeng looked at her. "You said last time that your stomach is not very good. Then it's still eating Chinese food. Give me a few dishes to nourish the stomach. "

Tang Yiru was slightly stunned. Yee Zifeng's words were somewhat out of her expectations. She never thought that he would remember that her stomach was not good.

That was just an excuse that she casually said. It was not true at all.

However, he took it seriously.

Could it be that he was sincere to her?


Tang Yiru was a little conflicted and her mind was also a little chaotic.

In her mind, Yee Ziqian and Yee Zifeng's cheeks kept flashing.

For a moment, she actually did not know what choice she should make.

Yan Shuo walked out of the elevator and heard two people whispering in front of him.

"Hey, do you know? Tang Yiru of the Ocean Transportation Division used to be very close to the eldest young master of Yee family. Maybe they are getting closer to each other."

"No way? He is not..."

"Shh! That's because she has the ability. We don't have her ability."

The young master of Yee family? Yee Ziqian!

Yee Ziqian's face flashed across Yan Shuo's mind.

Tang Yiru, no wonder she dared to speak to him like this. It turned out that she had found a better place to stay!

Tang Yiru, do you think that our relationship can be stopped just because you say so?

If it wasn't for you, Kin Chuyang and I wouldn't have reached this stage. Kin Chuyang wouldn't have become Yan Bai's woman.

Now that you have found Yee Ziqian, do you want to distance yourself from me?

You think too highly of yourself.

Whenever Yan Shuo thought of Kin Chuyang's current attitude towards him, as well as Yan Bai's declaration of power to Kin Chuyang in front of him, his anger would surge like a raging wave.

He attributed all of this to Tang Yiru. If it wasn't for this woman, he wouldn't have needed to fawn over Yee Jie, much less marry that woman.

Now, she was actually together with Yee Ziqian. Was there such a good thing?


Yan Bai rolled up his sleeves and was busy in the kitchen.

Kin Chuyang stood outside the door and looked at someone who was busy in the kitchen. She asked with a face full of emotion, "Is there anything I can help with?"

Yan Bai turned sideways and casually glanced at her. "Just wait and eat."

Kin Chuyang gave a slight apologetic smile. "Why do I feel so uneasy?"

He skillfully cut the food, but his eyes fell on her. A wicked smile appeared on his lips. "If you know how to feel uneasy, then make it up to me elsewhere."

The words "other places" were especially emphasized. Moreover, the gaze that he looked at her shot out a touch of mischievousness and ambiguity. He even raised the tip of his eyes at her.

How could Kin Chuyang not understand what he meant by "other place?"

It had already been said that Brawlers were not scary. They were just afraid that Brawlers were cultured.

Kin Chuyang felt that the man in front of her was a very cultured man.

She gave him a charming smile, "Young Master Jin, don't worry. I will make it up to you in other places!"

The voice of the person who spoke was loud and clear. Yuan Yuan's long stream was like a clear spring in the mountain stream, giving people an unbearable itch.

Yan Bai's mind was drawn away by her sweet and lovely smile.

Her eyes were fixed on her.

However, she didn't stop cutting the vegetables.

That speed was simply comparable to the professional on television.

Kin Chuyang widened her eyes and looked at him in surprise.

This man, what else did he not know?

Why could he multitask?

"Baby, don't be too obsessed with me!"

Seeing Kin Chuyang staring at him in shock, Yan Bai looked at her and smiled, saying very proud and narcissistic words.

Kin Chuyang came back to her senses and glared at him again, "Yan Bai, you really can't change from eating shit!"

He stopped what he was doing and turned around to walk towards her.

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