His Wild Cute Wife/C184 I'm Not That Kind of Person
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His Wild Cute Wife/C184 I'm Not That Kind of Person
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C184 I'm Not That Kind of Person

The silver-gray Lamborghini stopped at Tang Yiru's building.

Yan Shuo and Yee Jie looked at the Lamborghini at the same time.

The car belonged to Yee Ziqian. Both of them were very familiar with each other.

Yan Shuo's eyes were sinister and cold. His eyes stared at the Lamborghini, as if he wanted to shoot through the car and pierce through the two people in the car.

Yee Ziqian got off the car and walked past the front of the car to the front passenger seat. He very gentlemanly opened the car door for Tang Yiru.

Tang Yiru got off the car with a sweet smile and said gently to him, "Thank you."

Yee Ziqian put one hand in his pocket and blocked the door with the other. He smiled at her and said, "It's my duty."

Tang Yiru slowly raised her head and looked in the direction of her house. "Why don't we go up and have a seat?"

There was a clear and attractive shyness in her eyes, as if she was inviting Yee Ziqian.

Yee Ziqian was slightly stunned and then smiled indifferently. "There will always be a chance next time."

Tang Yiru's expression was somewhat stiff and uncomfortable.

Her eyelids drooped slightly and she said in a voice as thin as a mosquito bite, "Don't misunderstand, I didn't mean that. I am not the kind of person you think I am."

"Ha," Yee Ziqian laughed softly. The hand on the side of the car gently knocked on the door. His eyes narrowed into slits as he looked at the shy Tang Yiru.

"You think too much. I really don't think so." Yee Ziqian looked at her gently and said slowly.

Tang Yiru raised a shy smile, "Thank you."

"Alright, you can go back. I will pick you up this weekend." Yee Ziqian smiled at her and said.

Tang Yiru nodded her head. Her face was flushed red.

Yee Ziqian watched Tang Yiru enter the elevator. From the beginning to the end, he had a warm smile on his face.

When the elevator door closed, Tang Yiru completely disappeared from his sight.

Only then did he sit back in the driver's seat. The smile on his face disappeared without a trace and was replaced by a gloomy and cold expression.

His gaze passed through the reflective mirror and landed on the car not far away. The corner of his mouth curled into an unfathomable and crafty smile.

He started the car and left.

Yan Shuo watched Yee Ziqian's Lamborghini leave before angrily opening the car door and walking towards the elevator.

Tang Yiru had just entered the house and was changing her shoes when the doorbell rang.

She subconsciously thought that it was Yee Ziqian and a charming smile appeared on her lips.

No man could reject her invitation, so why did she come up?

She pulled down her collar slightly, causing her alluring pride to be faintly discernible.

This had always been the capital she was proud of. Yan Shuo loved them dearly, always indulging in them.

A smile of joy and anticipation appeared on his face as he opened the door.

However, when he saw Yan Shuo at the door, all the smiles on his face instantly froze, and his eyes flickered with a strange astonishment.

"What? Are you surprised to see me? I'm not the person you're looking forward to?"

Yan Shuo stared coldly at her faintly discernible pride. He spoke words of ridicule and ridicule.

"Why are you here?" Tang Yiru smiled faintly. The way she looked at him was obviously not welcoming, but she had to pretend to care about him.

"Why am I here?" Yan Shuo sneered, "Of course you don't want me to come. You have already found a place to stay! Tang Yiru, why do you want to get rid of me so much?"

"What are you talking about?" Tang Yiru glared at him and reached out to pull him into the room.

"I am worried about you. You are going to be engaged to Yee Jie soon. What you need the most now is the support of Yee family. You can't make a mistake at this time and let the people of the Yee family catch you. I didn't contact you because it was for your own good! "

" For my own good? Haha!" Yan Shuo sneered again. He reached out his right hand and grabbed her chin.

That gaze of staring at her really wanted to eat her up. "Tang Yiru, you really know how to think for my sake! However, tell me, how did I get to where I am today? Yes!

If it wasn't for you, would I have broken up with Chuyang? If it wasn't for you, would Chuyang have married Yan Bai?

Tang Yiru, you messed up everything that was originally mine, but now you are leaving and climbing up another branch! Do you think there would be such a good thing?"

"Chuyang married Yan Bai?" Tang Yiru looked at him in disbelief," Impossible, my uncle will not agree! "

Yan Bai was Yan Shuo's elder brother. Kin Chuyang and Yan Shuo were once unmarried husband and wife. How could Kin Xuenian agree to Kin Chuyang marry Yan Bai?

The only possibility was that Kin Chuyang hid it from Kin Xuenian and Wen Ling and secretly got the certificate from Yan Bai.

She wanted to take revenge on Yan Shuo!

"Impossible!" Yan Shuo tightened his grip on her chin. He really wanted to tear her chin off.

"I heard it from Yan Bai personally. I saw how Chuyang got intimate with him. You said it was impossible! I heard it from Yan Bai personally. I saw it with my own eyes. I saw how Chuyang got intimate with him. You said it was impossible! Tang Yiru, you really deserve to die!"

He stared at her with hatred and anger.

Tang Yiru's chin was in great pain, as if her bones were going to be torn apart.

A layer of moist tears flowed out of her eyes and rolled around her eyes. It seemed that if she blinked her eyes, the tears would roll down like pearls.

This pitiful expression was undoubtedly a kind of temptation in the eyes of men.

However, at this moment, Yan Shuo's expression was filled with hatred.

Back then, she had used this kind of gaze to look at him pitifully and lovingly, then seduced him, and finally climbed onto his bed.

She even let Kin Chuyang know all of this.

He should not have been moved by this woman back then.

He was confused by her expression, so he lost Kin Chuyang.

"Impossible, it's impossible! My uncle clearly knows about your relationship with Yan Bai, how could he possibly agree to let her marry Yan Bai!

Even if it's true, she must have hidden it from my uncle and my aunt to secretly get the certificate from Yan Bai. However, the most likely possibility is that Yan Bai used it to provoke you!"

Tang Yiru endured the pain and looked directly at Yan Shuo as she said with a face full of certainty.

Yan Shuo's hand that was holding her chin loosened slightly, as if he was considering the possibility of her words.

Seeing him loosen up a little, Tang Yiru quickly struck while the iron was hot and said, "Lance, don't be fooled by Yan Bai. Besides, how long has it been since you and Chuyang broke up?

With my understanding of Chuyang, how could she possibly forget you so quickly? And turn to Yan Bai's embrace? That was not her personality at all.

You have to believe me. Otherwise, I will go and ask my uncle tomorrow. I am sure that my uncle will not know. If he knows, he'll definitely be furious."

" Do you know her well? "Yan Shuo suddenly stared at her with a stern face.

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