His Wild Cute Wife/C192 I Get Promoted and My Wife Dies
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His Wild Cute Wife/C192 I Get Promoted and My Wife Dies
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C192 I Get Promoted and My Wife Dies

Yan Shuo turned around and looked at her coldly and disdainfully. "Manager Shen, didn't you read the email?"

Shen Yuchang smiled casually. "Oh, from today onwards, I won't read it anymore. This is my resignation letter. I'll have to trouble Manager Yan to keep it. "

Yan Shuo frowned. "Shen Yuchang, are you sure you want to leave? Although your attitude is not very good, for Chuyang's sake, I won't argue with you. "

"Thank you," Shen Yuchang snorted with disdain and said without hesitation, "For Chuyang's sake, I will not stay to help a scum like you.

I have already packed all the jobs that should be handed over and sent them to your email. You can give it to whoever you want. Oh, I think Tang Yiru should be very suitable.

Alright, I won't disturb you from getting promoted and making a fortune for your wife... Oh, sorry, I forgot, you don't have a wife yet, you only have a few bed companions. Alright then, I'll wait until you have a wife before you die!"

After saying that, he gave Yan Shuo a cold glance and walked towards the door with his head held high and chest puffed up. He had a tsundere expression as if he was the only one in the world.

Yan Shuo's face was gloomy and scary. The raging flames in his eyes could burn Shen Yuchang to ashes.

However, no matter how strong the flames in his eyes were, they couldn't stop Shen Yuchang from walking with her head held high.

Pui! Pui!

Who was his sister?

How can this big sister bow down to a scum like you!

Chuyang had already left, and her chief eunuch had also left. How could she leave a message to help Yan Shuo, this scumbag, work hard?

She was simply overestimating herself!

Shen Yuchang's words were said word by word in front of all the employees, and it was spoken with great force.

Hence, at this moment, everyone heard her words.

Actually, even if Shen Yuchang did not say it, who would not know about Yan Shuo's matter?

One Su Yan Ke and one Tang Yiru were his bed companions!

Everyone in the company had seen Su Yan Ke's videos.

It was just that no one dared to say that.

The women who used to fantasize about Yan Shuo and treated him as their ideal lover watched the live video of Yan Shuo and Su Yan Ke.

Naturally, they no longer had any thoughts about him.

In addition, some time ago, the company had spread rumors about Yan Bai and Kin Chuyang, Yan Shuo and Tang Yiru.

They naturally stood on Yan Bai and Kin Chuyang's side.

Women were all emotional and emotional animals.

Especially when there was a comparison, it could be said that they chose to stand in a straight line.

They could change from a passerby to a fan, and naturally, they could also change from a passerby to a fan.

Under the strong impact of the two sets of CP, Yan Bai was naturally a passer-by to a fan, while Yan Shuo was a fan to a passer-by.

Another thing was that Yan Bai was indeed more beautiful than Yan Shuo, and it was pleasing to the eye.

Another thing was that this morning, the company group mail was sent. Everyone knew that Yan Bai had been squeezed out of the CEO position by Yan Shuo.

However, in reality, this matter had already been broadcasted and dispersed since yesterday. It was just that they did not get the confirmation.

When the document was sent this morning, once it was confirmed, it was as if it had exploded.

Everyone was defending Yan Bai for the injustice. In the end, Yan Shuo became the infamous schemer.

Hence, his fans once again fell. Other than the people Gu Yunting had arranged for him over the years, almost everyone else was saying that he should not have done it behind his back.

It was just that no one dared to say it in front of him.

But every word of Shen Yuchang poked at the fanaticism in their hearts.

Hence, when Shen Yuchang said it, although everyone pretended to be busy, there was actually a faint smile on the corners of each person's mouth.

It was just that they forced themselves not to make a sound or show it on their faces.

But in their hearts, they were shouting.

Yes, Manager Shen was right.

He had even abandoned such a good woman like Secretary Kin. Not only did he have Tang Yiru, he even slept with that off-star who had thousands of people sleeping on his bed. Was he not afraid that he would vomit out the night food?

So, in the end, he was not worthy of Secretary Kin. Only an outstanding man like Yan Bai was worthy of being with Secretary Kin.

If Yan Bai knew about this, he would not be able to tell what kind of smile he would have on his face.

How could Yan Shuo not see the stiff expression of the employees forcing him not to laugh?

He tore off the resignation letter that Shen Yuchang had tossed to him in anger, then glared in a certain direction and walked towards the door.

Lu's car stopped at the entrance of Yan's.

Gu Yunting did not have any intention of getting off the car. She took out her phone and called Yan Shuo.

Yan Shuo had just arrived at the CEO's office on the top floor. He sat on the chair Yan Bai had sat on and stared at Kin Chuyang's seat diagonally opposite him.

Unfortunately, that place was empty. There was no beautiful figure he was looking forward to.

His phone rang. It was Gu Yunting.

"Mom." Yan Shuo picked up the phone.

"Shuo Er, come down." Gu Yunting's slightly heavy voice entered his ears.

Yan Shuo frowned. "Mom, are you downstairs at the company?"

"Yes, at the company entrance. Come down. I have something to tell you."

"Okay, I'll come down now."

Ma drove the car and turned at the intersection across from him. He saw Gu Yunting's car parked at the entrance of the company.

"Master, Madam seems to be in the company." Ma looked forward and then looked at Yan Dingshan in the rearview mirror.

Yan Dingshan's face showed a touch of displeasure. His cold eyes looked through the windshield to look at Gu Yunting's car.

Coincidentally, Yan Shuo walked out from the inside. Lu got out of the car and opened the door for him.

"Don't go to the company yet. Stop by the road." Yan Dingshan said to Ma.

"Okay, master." Ma answered and drove the car to the side.

Yan Dingshan just stared at Gu Yunting's car with a cold and silent expression.

"Tell me the truth. You and that woman surnamed Tang are still in contact."

Once Yan Shuo got into the car, Gu Yunting directly asked. She did not have any intention of being tactful at all.

Lu was still sitting in the driver's seat in the front.

When Yan Shuo heard her say this, a faint trace of embarrassment flashed across his face.

Originally, after Shen Yuchang said this, his prestige in front of the employees could be said to be completely gone.

At this time, Gu Yunting asked this in front of another driver.

That was simply not giving him face at all.

"Mom, what are you talking about!?"

He looked at Gu Yunting with slight displeasure. The corners of his eyes slanted towards Lu in front of him. "Lu, you go down first."

Lu said very respectfully, "Okay, young master."

After saying that, he opened the car door and got out of the car.

"Mom, can you give me some face in front of the servants?"

After Lu got out of the car, Yan Shuo said to Gu Yunting with a very displeased expression, his tone carrying a hint of reprimand.

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