His Wild Cute Wife/C212 Am I a Beast?
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His Wild Cute Wife/C212 Am I a Beast?
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C212 Am I a Beast?

A calm but deep voice came into his ears.

Yan Bai frowned. His expression did not change. He coldly snorted with disdain, "Easy-to-Minimize is really well-informed."

Yee Ziqian dryly smiled again, "There are too few rewards for the feast. It was a pity that they could not have a small banquet if they did not receive an invitation from a small banquet. However, I gave you a big gift to celebrate your wedding. I believe you will definitely like it. "

"Oh?" Yan Bai snorted coldly and said casually, "That Easy-to-Minimize is really thoughtful."

"Oh," Kin Chuyang, who was in his arms, answered softly. She unconsciously rubbed against his chest and slowly opened her eyes. She looked at him with sleepy eyes.

Yan Bai put his hand on the phone and looked down at her gently. He said softly, "Did I disturb you?"

She shook her head and still looked dazed. But in Yan Bai's eyes, it was so scary and tempting.

He couldn't help but peck her lips.

Although Kin Chuyang had just woken up and her eyes were still somewhat blurry, her brain had already woken up by about seventy to eighty percent.

Seeing that he was still holding the phone in his hand, she naturally understood that he was still on the phone.

Furthermore, it was very likely that the phone was still connected at this moment.

So, this was not the time for her to express her anger and anger.

She smiled warmly at him and pointed at the phone in his hand, indicating for him to continue answering the phone.

She, on the other hand, obediently leaned into his embrace and did not have any intention of disturbing him.

"Then shouldn't I also prepare a generous gift?"

Yan Bai held Kin Chuyang with one hand and caressed her arms with his finger. His expression was so gentle that it could drip water, but the voice he said to Yee Ziqian was so cold that it could freeze into ice.

"Young master, are you not curious about what my wedding gift is?"

Yee Ziqian's slow voice rang in Yan Bai's ears.

"I'm not curious." Yan Bai said in a cold voice without hesitation.

"Oh, it seems that I have to tell you personally." Yee Ziqian did not feel unhappy at all because of Yan Bai's cold and distant tone.

Instead, he had a very interested look on his face as he came over.

"I gave a video of my cousin Yee Jie hanging out with men to my grandmother. I also copied a copy and gave it to Yan Shuo. Do you think the cooperation between them can still be carried out smoothly?"

It was indeed him!

"So, what do you want me to do?" Yan Bai's voice did not have any ups or downs.

"Haha," Yee Ziqian laughed dryly. "Young Master Feast knows me too well. Once I say it, you will know what I'm going to say next."

"Humph!" Yan Bai snorted coldly.

"... Young Master Feast, I think there should be no conflict of interest between us. To be more precise, our goal should be the same. Thus, I feel that even if we aren't friends, at least we shouldn't be enemies. Right?"

"And then?" Yan Bai asked expressionlessly.

"So, I want to ask you a favor. About that woman surnamed Tang, can you not let my grandma know for the time being?"

Yee Ziqian said in a serious manner this time. There was indeed a trace of request and expectation in his tone.

Then, he said in a very affirmative tone, "I believe that you plan to let my grandmother know by tonight at the latest. So, I took the liberty of disturbing your rest early in the morning. Please don't mind if you don't have a lot of banquets."

" Sure. " Yan Bai said coldly.

"Thank you." Before Yee Ziqian could finish, Yan Bai hung up the phone decisively.

He looked like he was the only one in the world.

"Yan Bai is Yan Bai. He is always so arrogant. How can Yan Shuo deal with him?"

Yee Ziqian held his phone and talked to himself coldly.

After Yan Bai hung up the phone, he dialed another number. As soon as the call was connected, before he could say anything, he ordered, "Cancel the plan. We don't need to do anything today."

"Huh?" Shen Yuzhao was stunned. Before he could understand what he meant by "cancel the plan," Yan Bai had already hung up the phone.

"So arrogant?" Looking at the hung up phone, Shen Yuzhao muttered to himself. He tried very hard to figure out what plan he was talking about to cancel the plan.

Yan Bai casually threw the phone on the bedside table and looked at Kin Chuyang with a smile.

Kin Chuyang was still thinking about something. Then, an enlarged face suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. It was so familiar that it could not be more familiar.

"Thick," Kin Chuyang called softly in shock. Then, she looked at him with resentment. "Can you give me a signal and make some noise? It is always so sudden!"

He reached out and gently pinched her chin. He said in a pampering tone, "What are you thinking about? Why are you thinking so deeply?"

She glared at him unhappily. "When are you going to stop being such a wild beast!"

He leaned over her chest and looked down at her with an arrogant smile. He said slowly, "Am I a wild beast? But last night, someone really liked it. "

She reached out and pulled the corner of his mouth. She complained, "Young Master Yan, I will tell you for sure. That person must not be me!"

He let her "mercilessly trample" on him. Instead, his smile became even more brilliant.

"Oh, then it seems that tonight I have to work harder. Being looked down upon by my own wife is not a good thing, but also a very shameful thing."

Kin Chuyang had an impulse to die of depression.

The leg under the blanket kicked his calf twice. "Get up. If you don't get up, you will be seen as a joke by your parents."

"Oh," he replied softly. However, the body that was lying on her body did not have the intention of getting up and continued to lie there motionlessly. It even looked like he was enjoying it very much.

Seeing his rogue and shameless appearance, Kin Chuyang rolled her eyes speechlessly.

The leg under the blanket kicked heavily twice again. "Yan Bai, get up."

He gave her a beautiful smile like the sun. Then he said slowly, "You have nothing to ask me?"

Kin Chuyang stared at him with her bright eyes. She wrapped her hands around his neck. "Young Master Yan, should I ask you something? Oh, yes, I do!"

She seemed to have thought of a very serious question. Even the expression on her face was serious and serious. "You gave me the ring and flowers yesterday. However, is there still one more sentence left? "

Shouldn't she ask, "Are you willing to marry me?"

She hadn't heard these words from the beginning to the end yesterday.

She only heard the priest ask her, "Are you willing to marry Mr. Yan Bai as your wife?"

Therefore, she planned to let him make up for it.

Kin Chuyang thought evilly in her heart.

He was slightly startled at first, but after a moment, he laughed out loud.

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