His Wild Cute Wife/C214 At Night Let's Give It a Try
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His Wild Cute Wife/C214 At Night Let's Give It a Try
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C214 At Night Let's Give It a Try

Kin Chuyang pursed her lips and smiled secretly.

These days were really getting more and more nourishing and nutritious. This man also became more and more intimate with the corner of his mouth.

Compared to the time when the two of them had just met, the current harmony and harmony was simply something that Jin Chu had never thought of.

No one knew where the confrontation had gone, and all that was left was his endless indulgence towards her.

Kin Chuyang felt that this was completely out of her expectations.

S City was a coastal city. Yan Bai's car drove into the seaside amusement park.

In the distance, through the front windshield, she saw a beauty wearing a sexy bikini on the beach. Kin Chuyang slowly turned her eyes and stared at him without blinking.

He smiled at her and then leaned over to help her unfasten her seatbelt. Only then did he unfasten his seatbelt and get out of the car.

Kin Chuyang almost opened the car door and got off the car at the same time as him, but the expression on her face was still blank and wooden.

What did he mean?

His smile was still mysterious and profound. He reached out his hand to hug her and walked towards the beach in large strides.

"Mrs Yan, I only brought you to the beach. Is there a need for you to be so surprised?"

She wrapped her left hand around his waist and looked at the boundless sea in front of her with a look of yearning. She asked with a somewhat expectant tone, "Can I watch the sunrise here?"

His hand that was hugging her waist ate the tofu very rudely, "Of course, it has been arranged for a long time."

Kin Chuyang smiled happily and raised her eyes to look at him with a bright and beautiful pair of eyes.

Taking off her shoes and stepping on the soft and thin sand, Kin Chuyang's mood was like the boundless sea level, relaxing and relaxing.

Fortunately, she was not wearing a skirt today. She did not know if he did it on purpose. In short, she was wearing a skirt in the morning. But before she went out, he pulled her back to her room and asked her to change into a T-shirt and shorts.

She held a shoe in one hand, and like a happy little bird, she ran on the beach.

Then, she left behind a string of her bell like laughter.

Yan Bai's hands were in his pocket and he had a faint smile on his face. His eyes narrowed into a curved line as he looked at her peacefully and contentedly.

The combination of handsome men and beautiful women always attracted the attention of countless people, especially when Kin Chuyang was waving her two beautiful white legs, which attracted more than just eyes.

Men looked at her with greed and infatuation, while women looked at her with envy and jealousy.

Of course, the woman looked at Yan Bai more.

This man was like he was carved by the heavens, perfect and flawless.

His angular face was almost 360 degrees with no blind spots. No matter where one looked at him, he would be mesmerized and unable to extricate himself from it.

There were even some women who had already walked towards him and started to flirt with him. They threw flirtatious glances at him and then all sorts of invitations to replace him in the open and in the dark.

The gentle expression on Yan Bai's face instantly disappeared without a trace. Instead, it was replaced by a hostile and cold expression.

His eyes were like two sharp blades, shooting at the female cats that were about to fall in love with him. Then, he walked towards Kin Chuyang with an expressionless face.

Behind him were all kinds of beautiful women whose hearts were broken. They were almost as pitiful as Xi Shi, but they also carried endless despair.

In the distance, Kin Chuyang had already bent over with a smile. Even her abdomen was faintly throbbing in pain.

He walked to her side and directly lifted her who was smiling and bending her waist. She was so pitiful that she became the pet that he was holding in his hand. She could be thrown into the sea at any time.

"Young Master Yan, when you throw it into the sea, can you kindly throw a rescue ring to me? I don't know how to swim!"

She smiled like a lackey and looked at him flatteringly. It was rare that she stroked his hair and did not want to anger him.

He raised his chin with an unruly face. Like a high and mighty emperor, he coldly threw her a corner of his eye and said slowly.

"Then remember to hug it well. You have the best rescue ring by your side, and it will be effective for the rest of your life. It won't leak."

"Hahahaha..." Kin Chuyang laughed out loud. Like an octopus, she put her hands on his neck and her legs on his waist. Just like that, she adhered to his body.

As Yan Bai's drowning pet became more and more shameless to her, Kin Chuyang became more and more unscrupulous in front of him.

Between the two of them, there was only the sweetness of torturing a person into a dog. There was no longer the collision and ridicule like before.

She hung on him just like that and did not show any courtesy at all.

She even deliberately hugged him tightly, and then used a provocative gaze to look at him with a face full of evil.

Regarding this, Yan Bai's expression was very satisfied.

His thin lips curled up into a sly, fox-like smile as he held her butt with one hand. With the other hand holding her waist, a mellow and slightly hoarse voice sounded. "Mrs Yan, if this is your invitation, I would be happy to wait until tonight to welcome you."

As he spoke, he gave her a playful smile and continued to speak unhurriedly, "Don't worry, I will definitely not disappoint you. I will satisfy you twice as much!"

Kin Chuyang's hands directly pressed on his face and then very rudely turned over and ravaged him. She angrily said, "Who said that I am inviting? This is clearly abuse, torture!"

That 360 degree face with no blind spots, under her "Demon Claw," was simply unbearable to look at. But, it did not affect his handsomeness at all, and even his domineeringness.

Kin Chuyang was furious. The heavens really treated this man too well.

Why was it that you could never see a sorry figure on him? No matter what, he was always high and mighty. His entire body was emitting a noble and extraordinary aura.

It was as if the adjectives of being in a sorry state or being in a bad state were isolated from him.

He will always be that gentleman, but only limited to his appearance.

In his heart, he was an out-and-out hooligan and ruffian.

Yet, he was always able to maintain his lofty and upright appearance.

His lips curled into a smile. That smile contained too much. Of course, the most obvious part was that he would never be able to finish playing hooligan.

His lips moved closer to her ear, and he softly exhaled into her ears. "Baby, you can torture and ravage her a few more times. I don't mind at all. Of course, I prefer you to torture and ravage me in other ways. Tonight, let's try!"


Kin Chuyang had an impulse to cry.

That was why, in terms of words, you would never be able to take advantage of him. He would always be the one who had the upper hand.

Because his shamelessness and hoodlums are always with him, he will never be short of goods.

Seeing his smiling and arrogant face that looked like it was worth twenty to five million, Kin Chuyang had the thought of tearing his face apart.

"Ah!" Kin Chuyang screamed.

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