His Wild Cute Wife/C223 Baby Give Your Husband a Few Points?
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His Wild Cute Wife/C223 Baby Give Your Husband a Few Points?
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C223 Baby Give Your Husband a Few Points?

Kin Chuyang laid on her stomach and looked at him. She was still holding her phone in her hand. It was obvious that she wanted to secretly take a picture of him.

He just looked at her and did not stop her. He also did not have the intention of snatching the phone from her hand.

But he also did not seem to want to cooperate with her.

His smile revealed a touch of intriguing teasing. His curved eyes narrowed into a fine line as he looked at her.

Kin Chuyang felt extremely embarrassed. Why did she feel like she was caught doing something bad on the spot?

Furthermore, why did the smile on his face look like he had plotted against her for a long time and was waiting for her to willingly jump down?

"No... No!"

She smiled stiffly at him. Even her tone was filled with guilt and lack of confidence.

It was just that she didn't say anything, but how could she explain the phone in your hand?

And at this moment, it was still facing his face?

Seeing that she was lying through her teeth with her eyes wide open, Yan Bai curled his lips and looked at her meaningfully and gently.

That pair of eyes seemed to have magic power. It was deep and bottomless, but it was clear and bright.

That sexy thin lips raised, and the corner of her mouth raised into a very charming arc. Then, she said softly and unhurriedly, This is..." Oh. Then it seems that you want to make a call."

Kin Chuyang saw that he was trying to give her a way out and quickly nodded her head in agreement. "Yeah, I want to make a call."

However, he suddenly stretched out his arm and took the phone from her hand. He glanced coldly at it and then waved it in front of her." Baby, do you use an image to make a phone call? "

Kin Chuyang looked at him with an embarrassed look.

He casually threw the phone to the side and easily flipped her over and pressed her down.

His elbow supported her on both sides to reduce the weight on her body.

His left hand was wrapped around her ten fingers on her right hand, and his right hand was on her cheek, nose, eyelids, and lips.

Kin Chuyang could not help but shiver. Wherever his finger went, there were clusters of raging flames.

Her face was hot as if it was burning.

Her heart was beating very fast, as if it was jumping out of her throat.

His eyes were warm and gentle, but there was a touch of flirtation in his warm eyes as he looked at her and said calmly.

"Baby, actually, I don't mind if you pat me. You don't need to secretly take pictures. You can totally take pictures openly and openly. I will definitely cooperate with you. "

Kin Chuyang's eyelids jumped twice. Just as she was about to say something, he said slowly, "Mrs Yan, are you satisfied with your husband? She woke up in the morning and looked at him for so long. Come, tell your husband how many points do you want to give me?"


Kin Chuyang widened her eyes and stared at him unblinkingly.

What did he say?

He woke up so early in the morning and looked at it for so long?

Does this mean that when she wakes up and looks at him, he will know?

Kin Chuyang once again felt guilty.

Then, she silently prayed. Could she pretend that nothing happened?

Could she choose not to wake up and continue sleeping?

The two of them gently pinched the tip of her nose and said in a pampering tone.

"Baby, in the future, when you want to see, just look openly. You have plenty of time to look at me for the rest of your life. Come, tell your husband now. Are you satisfied with everything you see? "

Kin Chuyang lifted her free hand and twisted it towards the intersection of his shoulder and neck. It was neither light nor heavy. She said angrily, "Not satisfied at all! Especially since your body is as hard as a rock. You don't even feel like touching it."

What made her the most angry was that it was so hard, so she couldn't pinch his flesh at all.

If he tightened his skin again, what she pinched would be her own fingers.

So, at this moment, she learned her lesson. She did not twist his muscles that could be tightened at any time, but her neck that could not be tightened.

This time, she finally managed to twist it.

Kin Chuyang felt that she finally vented her anger.

However, he had a slight smile of interest on his face. His eyes looked at her from afar and even rubbed against her.

Last night, there was naturally a huge love, so the two people under the blanket were completely clean and did not have anything to worry about.

He was just pressing on her body like that. It could be imagined how much patience he had to endure in order to not make any further moves.

As he rubbed against her, he naturally rubbed against the electricity. A strong electric current instantly flashed across her body.

In an instant, it caused all the pores on her body to expand.

Kin Chuyang felt that this man was simply an expert in flirting. In front of him, she simply did not have any ability at all and could only be manipulated by him forever.

No matter last night, this time, or every time, she would be paralyzed under his magic every minute.

Under the blanket, even Kin Chuyang's toes bent a little.

The electric current made her whole body numb, as if there were tens of thousands of ants crawling on her body.

It was an indescribable feeling.

Pain and happiness should be like this.

"Then it seems that I should work harder until you're satisfied"

His smile was extremely beautiful, like a graceful and elegant young master, but it also revealed a touch of evil ruffian from head to toe.

This completely contradictory word, when used on him, was not contradictory at all, and it was very suitable.

"Human Wolf!" Kin Chuyang looked at him with a face full of anger and spat out these two words at him.

However, he laughed even more arrogantly and recklessly. He held her slightly cute face with both hands. "Mrs Yan, can you explain why you are a wolf?"

Kin Chuyang rolled her eyes at him unhappily, "Rogue, beast do you understand? You, Young Master Yan, are in between these three. Oh, no, I think you have all three of them. "

"Oh?" He casually smiled and said, "Very good, so now I've decided to share all three of them together. I'll let you know what a beast among humans and wolves is, a rogue among beasts."

"Ah!" Kin Chuyang softly cried out with a face full of regret, "Young Master Yan, I was wrong. You are a human. You are definitely a good person, and also a good person. You are a good person who pampers his wife. "

"It's too late!" He stared at her and snorted disdainfully. "It's too late to please her now. It's too late. You've completely triggered the nature of a hooligan, so you have to be responsible for pacifying and extinguishing the fire! "

The fire was indeed burning more and more vigorously, and it was about to reach his eyes.

"Hey, sunrise, look at the sunrise. What a beautiful sunrise. You must not have the heart to ruin my interest in watching the sunrise."

Kin Chuyang pointed to the direction of the floor-to-ceiling window and said excitedly.

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